Why You Should Care About the French Election

As we have been documenting for years, the establishment is failing its citizens around the world. In their selfish attempt to save themselves, govt’s are destroying their economy and society by increasing taxes, confiscating assets, lying, and reducing freedoms to avoid reforming themselves. These ignorant, self-centered actions are causing the capital needed for growth to park on the sidelines or head underground.

What’s happening in France right now is the result of the same govt abuses that produced Brexit and Trump. Like the US elections, all of the establishment candidates lost in the first round of French elections last week. The run-off this Sunday will be between Marine Le Pen, who some call LeTrump because she captured anti-establishment sentiments like Trump; and Emmanuel Macron, who Pepe Escobar calls “the candidate of the EU, NATO, the financial markets, the Clinton-Obama machine, the French establishment, assorted business oligarchs and the top six French media group”. Like Clinton, Macron is promising to maintain the status quo, while Le Pen wants to turn it upside-down.

Macron is the last ditch effort of the EU establishment to hang on to power and advance their globalist agenda, which of course has them sitting on top to rule the world. Le Pen recognizes the reality that the French will never be Germans or Italians, and they certainly don’t want their laws superseded by Sharia Law or Merkel, who unilaterally opened the refugee flood gates that has produced a huge increase in terrorist attacks and rapes. Le Pen supporters cannot understand why anyone would support the system that has created the current mess, which is also driving the division in the US. As Twisted and others have documented, the answer is govt propaganda, which we will show later, was documented as far back as 1931 by Herbert Hoover.

The only thing more certain than death, taxes, and career politicians willing to sacrifice their country for more perks and power, is the mainstream media becomimg increasing desperate to defend the status quo. Establishment propagandists, like WaPo, hope the “populist” wave is ebbing due to Macron edging La Pen in the first round. What they fail to realize is the problem is economic, and part of the normal business cycle, which is made worse by central planning – Collectivism.

Nigel Farage, the father of Brexit, says Macron is the enemy because he believes in Collectivism. The establishment wants citizens to believe the debt can be kicked down the road indefinitely, and will ignore the fact that the longer reforms are postponed, the harder the landing will be. During an interview in France almost two years ago during the release of The Forecast documentary, Armstrong warned the French and Europe what was coming, and he was dead on, AGAIN.

It’s human nature to wait for something to break before fixing it, and Armstrong learned from studying history and consulting world leaders for 30 years that it is doubly true for politicians. Career politicians around the world find it easier to win elections by waiting for a crisis and blaming it on someone else, and then they can promise to get the guy who did the damage. Hopefully, voters will send their politician a mirror to inform them of where the problem lies, and keep voting for anti-establishment candidates that will start the reform and drain the swamps of corruption. It doesn’t seem so hard, especially if one considers the alternative results in a crash and burn scenario.

​During the interview linked above, Armstrong twice mentions the eye opening experience he had from reading Herbet Hoover’s Memiors. There are many revealing facts in the memoirs that you won’t find in history books, which includes the govt propaganda machine and Collectivist efforts to rule the world. However, the most impactful lesson that Armstrong learned is the powerful influence of global capital flows and the harmful effects caused by govt’s that try to manipulate the business cycle and society. Hoover said that capital “behaved like a loose cannon on the deck of the world in a tempest-tossed era”, as it searched for a safe haven.

In the years leading up to the ’29 crash, capital was flowing into the US from Europe due to financial problems caused by WWI. Combined with the financial stimulation provided by the Fed (encouraged by foreign govt’s), US stocks went into a major bubble. If this doesn’t sound familiar, it should.

Currently, foreign govt’s are begging the fed not to raise rates, for fear of blowing up their balance sheets, bloated with massive amounts of dollar-based debts. Capital flows into dollar-based assets have been ramping up since 2010 when Greece first showed signs of defaulting. Stocks have been climbing the wall of worry ever since, as the big money seeks assets that are backed by more the political lies. What do you think will happen when the euro and EU actually do go belly up?

Everyone keeps worrying about a stock market crash, but like the ’29 crash, stocks should be the least of our concerns, as they make up a small fraction of invested capital. After the ’29 crash stocks and the economy started to recover normally. It did not cause the Great Depression. Instead of being caused by greedy corporate speculators, as the establishment would have you believe, the Great Depression was caused by the reaction and loss of confidence due to the 1931 bankruptcy of Credit Anstalt, the Austrian bank partially owned by the Rothschilds. When word got out that the Rothschilds were burned, there was a bank run that rippled across the globe. It would be like Goldman Sachs getting sacked. If they could get hurt, nobody was safe and confidence was lost.

The history books written by the establishment would never blame themselves for the failed interventionist policies of govt. Instead, they paint the picture that Roosevelt saved the day. Govt meddling turned a normal depression into a great one, and they are doing the same thing today. More people are figuring out the emperor has no clothes, which is steadily eroding trust and producing anti-establishment movements. The French people are just another group that has reached their limit of govt abuse, fraud, and corruption…and capital continues to anticipate where the anti-establishment movements will lead.

What starts the next bank run? Could it be the Canadian subprime mortgage lender that just requested an emergency loan from a pension fund, “coincidently” run by a board member of the lender? Maybe its the underwater Italian banking system that blinks first, the French or German elections, or could it be that Greece actually decides to declare bankruptcy and go back to the drachma. Nobody knows for sure, but we do know it’s coming, and like 1931, it will come from outside the US. Are you monitoring international news?

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