Why Trump Does NOT Need a Big Campaign Budget

The establishment politicians and media have been crowing that the Clinton campaign budget dwarfs that of Trumps, as if wasting money on a borage of negative ads is a good thing. What they fail to realize is that they themselves are providing the fodder to gun down their failed and fraudulent policies and messages, which also proves how out of touch they are with the root problems destroying the world economy. Why spend money when your opponents are doing your job for you?

Take for example a recent Reuters article that says former Treasury Secretary, and Goldman Sachs CEO, Hank Paulson, who is a Republican, will vote for Wall Street’s puppet and speech beneficiary, Hillary Clinton.  I guess Reuters hopes the folks will have forgotten that Paulson is the one who rammed through the $700 Billion Toxic Asset Relief Program (TARP), misleading Congress by claiming that TAX PAYER money would be used to buy up toxic (fraudulently bundled and sold) assets, but instead was directly funneled to bankster banks, not only inside the US, but also to foreign banks. Paulson said a Trump presidency is unthinkable, without stating the real reason why – that Trump would have told the imprudent lenders and derivative gamblers, like Goldman, to file bankruptcy, as well as prosecute the fraudulent actions that Obama, Clinton, and all the other establishment politicians have ignored because they have had their campaigns financed by the banksters.

Another example of free advertisement for Trump is the revolutionary news that Moody’s came out and declared that a Trump presidency would be bad for the economy. Of course the establishment mouthpieces in the media run with the headline without asking any questions. Forgetting for the moment that this is the exact same scare tactic that the EU used to unsuccessfully scare Brits into staying in the fraudulently and wasteful EU, do these twits think we don’t know that Moody’s was one of the captured rating agencies that gave AAA ratings to the bundled mortgages, which Goldman brokers where caught on tape saying where “vomit” and “dogsqueez”?  BTW, it was these AAA ratings that enabled pensions, govt’s, and others that required this highest rating as a purchase requirement, to be stuck with worthless assets that FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board), another captured regulator that doesn’t regulate anything but their job security, said in April 2009 that banksters no longer needed to recognize their worthless assets at their mark-to-market value, which had previously been the standard.

It is this rigged system that people around the world are rebelling against, and these pompous prestitutes and entrenched bureaucrats don’t see it because their success is dependent on them, or you, not understanding it. They obviously don’t think the people can see behind the curtain, but Trump is smart enough to know that most people have seen the Wizard of Oz. So, why not let them continue with their fraudulent ways in plain sight, and pay for your advertising while they’re at it?

The painfully obvious tactic of parading GOP-dependent personalities across the Tele to rail against Trump, is also free advertisement for Trump, whose supporters are sick and tired of the GOP not doing what they said they would do. Trump could have run as an Independent, but he decided to take the establishment head-on, which is also a quality supported by believers in the Constitution who are not cowards.

Finally, the other free advertising example that has fallen on Trump’s lap is the predictable attempts by Democrats to conflate and deflect Trumps comments. For example, potential Democratic VP candidate and Virginia Senator, Tim Kaine, said on the Sunday propaganda circuit that Trump’s comments on Brexit where selfishly all about Trump, because Trump said he has been doing well in the polls for the same reasons that people voted for Brexit – they are fed up with the fraud, corruption and failed policies of the establishment class.

The inconvenient truth for the establishment hanger-ons like Kaine, Hillary, and the banksters that finance their deficit spending and campaigns is that Brexit is much bigger than Trump, and started before Trump even announced his candidacy. Trump is simply the US messenger for the anti-establishment movement that is sweeping the globe, because the bubble in govt debt is popping, and those whose jobs, perks, and power have benefited from govt largess are in jeopardy of losing it all. This includes the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels that would not have a job if the EU experiment blows up, as well as the US establishment who have enriched themselves at the expense of everyone else.

Tim Kaine coming out against Trump, is the same fundamental reason that McCain, McConnel, Speaker Ryan, the IMF, and UN officials are not supportive of Trump. He will upset their rigged gambit that pads their pocketbooks and allows them to live a life of luxury, paid for by other people’s hard work, while not having to do any actual work themselves, other than paving the path to Hell with their good intentions without any analysis of the consequences. It’s a good gig if you can get it, and keep it. Fortunately, the folks are reaching their limit.

Another talking point of the Left that will backfire is Trump’s comment about a lower Pound being good for the economy of Britain and Turnberry. This is a fact, but unfortunately for Britain, it will not last when investors realize the European economy and banks are in much worse shape than Britain and it’s banks. Of course, the EU may try to punish Britain to make her an example for those many other countries that want out from under the oppressive thumb of the EU, which the French opposition leader, Marine Le Pen, has already said was communicated to her by French president Hollande.

A devalued currency is part of the repair process that is necessary, and would be a big help for the periphery of Europe if they exited the euro. Why do Central Banks keep trying to devalue their currency? Britain and other troubled countries in the EU would increase their exports without having to print (create more debt). The PIIGS saw their debt explode when they got into the euro, because the euro (along with their euro-based debts) doubled within the first couple of years – a problem that was exacerbated by Pauson’s old company, who sold derivative to the PIIGS to hide their debt so they could qualify for euro entry. On the flip side, the Germans and their influential banksters, benefited tremendously, as their exports became cheaper as the euro was devaluation compared to the Deutschmark.

The establishment, especially on the Left, have tried to link the Brexit vote and Trump’s popularity to anti-immigration and discrimination. The influx of economic immigrants, that are less than 40% Syrian refugees, is a economic and security issue, not xenophobia, as the disoriented establishment would have us believe. Over 65% of the refugees flooding into Europe are young males who do not read, write, or speak any European language, which includes potential terrorist and fundamentalist believers that think women have fewer rights than a dog, and thus are perfectly within their right to rape.

Since this sales pitch may not be working, the media and their captured retired Generals, are now trying to convince the masses that Russia is behind the anti-EU movement. These people have no shame. After falsely accusing Russia of shooting down MH17 over Ukraine, and claiming Assad used chemical weapons on his own people (both events have since been discounted by serious investigators), the establishment now wants us to believe that Russia was responsible for Europe’s debt black hole. Is Russia responsible for our fiscal problems and Trumps rise? What about Japan’s coming debt implosion? The only thing left is the ultimate distraction, war against the foreign boogieman.

​The only money Trump needs to spend is buying up every Cairn Terrier he can kind find and let them loose in DC. BTW, the symbolism in the Wizard of OZ was based on the events that came out of the Panic of 1893, which led to Teddy Roosevelt’s Progressive movement and FDR’s New Deal. Truth is often stranger than fiction.
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