Why Does Judicial Watch Need to Sue to get Climate Change Documents?

First, a House committee unsuccessfully subpoenaed the Dept of Commerce for documents that detailed the communications, and methodology for collecting and interpreting data used in the climate models of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). After the request was ignored, Judicial Watch requested the information through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Once again, NOAA (a component of the Dept of Commerce) thumbed its nose at the tax payer. Finally, Judicial Watch had to resort to filing a lawsuit on Dec 2nd to force NOAA to give up what they should be proud and obligated to report. The references cited in this Judicial Watch piece further corroborates what we have relentlessly tried to communicate – the govt is full of sh*t. I know, big shock – the Obama Administration puts politics above science, and all else. Who would have thunk it?

To be fair, it is not just this Administration that places the welfare of govt ahead of the folks. It was Clinton who rescinded Glass-Steagall, ushering in the era of “transactional banking” (versus relationship banking), where banks can use derivatives to speculate with grandma’s savings; and for the younger folk, Clinton also eliminated the ability to expunge student loan debt through bankruptcy. How did he know the student debt bubble would blow through a $1 Trillion? Eisenhower may have warned us about the military industrial complex, but it was Bush who showed the world how to put words into action, with the invasion of Iraq over a well thought out lie – take it from the retired Colonel, and Bush military official, who wrote Colin Powell’s infamous UN speech on WMD’s.

Obama has continued the destabilization strategy in the Middle East; and now that we know a massive oil field has been found in the Golan Heights by Genie Energy, whose board consists of a literal Who’s Who of evil doers (Cheney, Woolsey, Richardson, Rothschild, Murdock, Summers and Steinhardt), it would appear that the war genie is out of the bottle.

Obama, with the assistance of Hillary, armed ISIS to overthrow Assad in Syria so Saudi Arabia and Qatar could replace Russian gas that flows through Syria to Europe. Now, it looks like Israel can take care of Syria’s western front, which helps explain why Israel is buying ISIS oil supplies from Turkey, and why the US supports Turkey shooting down Russian jets and rescue helicopters that are trying to halt ISIS’s biggest funding source.

Domestically, expect Obama to go for the trifecta of lies in 2016. Obamascare and Globull Warming are based on a foundation of lies. The Holly Grail for oppressive govt’s is the confiscation of guns from the citizens. Just as the military has been buying ad time from NFL teams to recruit unsuspecting soldiers, the NBA is now the latest venue for the anti-gun propaganda.

Even though govt lies about virtually everything important, and the believers of man-made global warming are typically quick to point out all other forms of govt-complicit fraud, abuse, and neglect; for reasons that can only be explained by willful neglect and political convenience, these same people believe that govt would neeever lie about this massive taxing opportunity.

Selling the global warming tax scam is easier than most frauds, because who likes pollution. The problem is pollution does not cause the climate cycles to change. But hey, who cares. All’s fair in love, war, and pet projects. With this warmer than normal holiday season, one can fully expect to hear the phrase “global warming” uttered more times than Merry Christmas or Happy New Year.

This propaganda technique is the same used to sell Obamacare, for who doesn’t think people should have healthcare. As is always the case, the results of fraud are much different than advertised. Unlimited healthcare at a lower cost is impossible, especially when the free market is replaced by govt. As long as we have career politicians, govt will always have an agenda. Why do people think the globull warming hoax is any different?

The sad reality is this “ends-justifying-the-means” approach will not only not produce the desired results, but the consequences will make them worse. Improved environmental conditions are proportional to prosperity, as rich countries have the means and luxury to improve pollution-generating improvements to society.  The coming ramp in taxation and hunt for money to sustain the perks and power of those dependent on govt will insure prosperity in the developed world will decline, and the heavily polluting rest-of-the-world (i.e. China, India, etc.) will seek to become more prosperous. Those that dislike the task of thinking through consequences might favor going back in time to when we all got around on horseback … at least until they calculated how high the horse crap would be piled in all the major cities.

God only knows how much better off society would be if govt stopped wasting money, and resources were focused on what can be done to live within the business and climate cycles. Man does not have to continue repeating the mistakes of the past. If we could break free from the gravitational forces of ignorance and insanity, then we could stop tryng the same flawed ideas and expecting a different result. I believe that Armstrong’s Socrates model could provide that first step forward in helping mankind actually learn from past mistakes. One thing is for sure, as long as career politicians remain in power, the chance of moving forward is ZERO.

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