Why do Democrats / Socialists Ignore the Obvious?

A few years ago I posted the 1984 interview with Yuri Bezmenov, a former Soviet KGB defector, who tried to warn Americans about the subversion tactics that have been successfully implemented in the US since the 60’s. If you want to better understand the current political, educational, and economic craziness, and why your Democratic family member or friend is unable to see the facts staring them in the face regarding the massive systemic fraud and corruption in their precious Party, and the establishment in general, then watch the video. If you only have a few minutes, then jump to the 1:07:30 mark. The demoralization phase has come and gone, and we are within a couple of years of the short crisis and normalization phases.

Can some of the naiveté be explained by simple gullibility and ignorance? Of course. Look no further than all the people that recently bought the 14 billion euros worth of 50-year govt bonds from the bankrupt countries of France, Belgium, Italy and Spain. Heck, Austria just successfully auctioned off 70-yr bonds, and Ireland issued 100-year bonds. Does anyone actually believe these countries will make good on their lies? What’s worse, pensions and insurance funds have been pushed into these doomed investments in their search for yield. But I digress.

Everyone knows that a sucker is born every day, but the subversion tactics outlined in the video insure the maximum number of suckers are created, which should be more than obvious in the current political environment, where Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and boat load of establish collaborators, have been caught red-handed committing fraud and FELONIES. However, just as Bezmenov said over 30 years ago, the demoralization process will cause people to ignore the nose on their face, which I suppose explains why they so easily cut it off to spite their face.

In yesterday’s post, Ignoring the Obvious, I provided a link to the top 100 emails released by WikiLeaks, highlighting #1, which proves Obama knew Hillary had an unauthorized private server (and he lied about it). The “useful idiots”, that Bezmenov speaks about, still send me articles about “prominent” Republicans denouncing Trump, or the fraud/corruption committed by Republicans, as if this is supposed to justify the criminal actions by Hillary.

Let me be clear, THE REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATIC ESTABLISHMENTS ARE PART OF THE SAME SELF-SERVING POLITAL CABAL, which Trump threatens to dismantle. Conservative voters stepped up and did something about the Republican establishment by rejecting ALL establishment candidates. What have Dems done? Granted, some supported Bernie, who got railroaded by Clinton, Inc., but Bernie was certainly not an outsider, and as a Socialist, naively believes that bigger Govt can somehow be less corrupt.

What’s critical to understand is CORRUPTION IS BAD FOR AN ECONOMY. The poorest countries, that are also the most corrupt, are a testament to this fact. A Clinton presidency would send corruption off the charts, and cause even more capital to park in unproductive assets and get off the grid, collapsing the economy and jobs.

<b>Velocity</b> Of <b>Money</b>: Demand In The Current Moment by Miller Howard ...

 As previously documented, the velocity of money is already at 1950’s level, due to the financial crisis, euro turmoil, pending yen crisis, foreign hotspots, and a slowing global economy caused by excessive debt. What is Clinton’s plan to pay for the corruption and inefficient spending of our tax dollars? Raise taxes, of course. The establishment  would never consider reforming themselves, which is why conservatives had no choice but to throw the Trump Molotov cocktail into the middle of the DC swamp. If Michael Moore can recognize the obvious, who knows – maybe more people will snap out of their subversive nightmare before it’s too late.

Totally agree. A Coup D’Etat has been underway in this country by devious, dishonest sleazebags who support Hillary. And yes many of the Republicans are passive or even part of that coup (wittingly or unwittingly). BUT, a counter-coup is also underway: Assange, Project Veritas, Comey and of course Trump. It’s almost Trump against the world and Michael Moore has said that.


Love your comment about Trump being a Molotov cocktail. Totally true. And agree that Michael Moore can see that the election of Trump is the biggest “fuck you” in history. Just what this country needs!!

Keep ’em coming!

ideological subversion fits the situation… {though I don’t fully understand the mechanics of it’s implementation…} other than to assume that cultural Marxism has been an element of some of the changes… and a guide for politically correct ideology… it seems young people just out of high school believe that the united states invented slavery… that George w. bush killed more people than Stalin… and many of them can hardly read…. older Americans were caught flat-footed… they had no idea that our educational system had degenerated into little more than an indoctrination tool of the left… by-and-large they assumed our constitution was in place… and would survive in perpetuity as the supreme law of the land… they didn’t notice that the core values of their offspring were being shaped by international forces and alternative methods of ordering reality… few people noticed that the moral values that had guided the nation for generations were passing into history… religion was being replaced by a secular commitment to environmentalism… battling inequality… and the worship of technology… as this generation was dispersed throughout our society… those in the media presented the country with an alternate reality… as ideologues… they have struggled to interpret the events of the day with just the right spin… in order to reflect their world view and advance their ideologies and influence the masses… they remain the proponents of their teacher’s starry-eyed idealism… immediate gratification is their goal… with little commitment to community or country… in this politically correct reality… an oath to support and defend our constitution against all enemies… has been diminished…. the priority is to morn the injustice that has been perpetrated on generations of innocents by the insensitivity and villainous acts sanctioned by the American system… they seek to impose their vision of fairness on the rest of us… advance the cause of a social utopia… and create a workers paradise…

the obvious escapes them…

Sad, but true. However, if you search “solutions” on this site, you will find their is a path forward that does not require us to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Sheeple have always existed, as have the passions of man that are at the heart of the business cycle. Tools do exist that could enable society to actually learn from history and take that step forward, instead of following the crash and burn scenario of past great societies.


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