Why a Lawless Hillary Equals the Greatest Depression

If anyone needs more evidence as to why our economy and free society are circling the drain, look no further than this Rasmussen poll, that shows half of those polled, and 71% of Democrats, think Hillary should still run for president IF INDICTED. Do these people not understand the impact of lawlessness on an economy? It’s not a coincidence that the poorest countries in the world are also the most corrupt. Maybe now that a former Secret Service Agent, that stood guard at the Clinton White House, has blown the whistle on how the Clintons operate, some might wake up. If Snowden is any example, Gary Byrne better be ready for his character to be thoroughly assassinated. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if the media pointed the finger at the wrong-doer instead of shooting the messenger?


Could it be that all of those surveyed believe the mainstream media – that the only thing Hillary was emailing on her secret server were details about her missed yoga classes, or her full knowledge of Bill’s secret trips to “Epstein’s sex Island“? What about all the facts detailed in Clinton Cash, that show how the Clinton’s sold influence all over the world, including to rogue nations that benefited from the Fast & Furious gun running through Mexico? People surely can’t believe her speeches were worth $21 Million, can they? Have they actually heard her speak? “Follow the money” became a popular battle cry during the Watergate investigations. The Clinton stain that leads to the Clinton Cash makes Watergate look like a friendly game of three-card Monte.

Why do people ignore the obvious? Have people become numb to their govt’s sponsorship of organized crime and terrorism, and the lack of accountability? After all, whatever happened to Oliver North and the others involved in Iran-Contra, which brokered arms to Iran, using the proceeds to fund Contra rebels in Nicaragua? After being blatantly lied to about WMD’s in Iraq and Saudi involvement in 9/11, why do people tolerate the gun running to Syrian rebels (that became ISIS) so Russian gas (that runs through Syria) can be replaced with Saudi gas? Hillary’s State Dept made Iran-Contra look like your local gun show.

Is it public indifference, or the classic case of benign neglect, like parents who conveniently ignore the obvious while their axe murdering son lives under their roof? Regardless of the reasons, people need to know the impact on the economy caused by their chosen ignorance.

The decades-long trend of govt officials and their donors getting away with murder is not news, but it still makes freedom-loving American’s ill, as well as many other citizens in the world who are rebelling against their fraudulent establishments. Many people are beginning to understand the link between govt fraud and a healthy economy. It even looks like the Brits are starting to see through the propaganda, that is getting obvious ahead of the Brexit vote in a couple of weeks. Will any of the people that think an indicted Hillary should still run ever figure it out?

The lack of accountability by govt officials and their donors produces the hubris, control fraud, and credibility trap we saw with Bernie Madoff and Allen Stanford cases. It leads to increasing fraud and corruption that capital abhors like politicians do the truth. Without capital investment, there are no new technologies and jobs that pay the taxes on which govt depends to squander and maintain their jobs, perks, and power.

The same economic ignorance can be seen in the debate over Obamacare and the $15 minimum wage. The Obamascare death spiral has been obvious from the beginning, but now that insurance companies are starting to significantly raise premiumsit is starting to dawn on people – Houston, we’ve got a problem. Do people not see the influx of robots, that do not demand cost prohibitive healthcare or unsustainable pensions? These costs, coupled with unproductive regulations are destroying job-creating businesses and are NOT attracting capital investment. Do people think business can act like govt and borrow indefinitely without any intention of paying anything back? Do people really have to wait for rates and the dollar to rise, and wipe out all the govt’s holding massive amounts of dollar-based debts, to realize there is no such thing as a free lunch. Unfortunately, like the Madoff investors, who expected risk-free, 10% CD returns, greed can be a powerful emotion.

Since Obamacare is a classic Collectivist tactic, that strives to remold [the world] nearer to the hearts desire, by first shattering it to bits, it warrants a few more words.

Freedom-loving people, who are busy going about their lives trying to provide for their families, don’t think they need a plan for freedom. After all, it’s supposed to be an inalienable right guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Unfortunately, Collectivists do not believe in the rights of the individual. They don’t believe in our Constitution, which was constructed as a negative/defensive document, designed to protect and defend our individual rights from Govt, which the Founders understood from history, always grows increasingly totalitarian.

One of Obama’s economic confidants, along with the useful idiot, Larry “negative interest rates” Summers, was Frances Fox Piven, of Cloward & Piven, who wrote the handbook on how to collapse govt through crisis, so the deception of good intentions could be used to sell their Socialist Utopia, which fails everyone, except those in power.

From the beginning, Obamacare has been designed to destroy the private insurance business because many would be forced to cancel their insurance, which will accelerate at the start of 2017. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas’s 60% increase in rates is just the tip of the iceberg. Govt, in their infinite wisdom that is never wrong, believes they can “officially” take over healthcare, as if passing anti-competitive laws and not enforcing existing anti-trust laws on its donors is not bad enough, and raise taxes to pay for inferior healthcare. Some say we can pay the exponentially increasing cost of healthcare, if we cut the military. Will Hillary cut the military, when she has demonstrated she is just as much a part of the military industrial complex as McCain? Secondly, by definition, exponential increases in anything are unsustainable, and healthcare spending, after 35 years of 9.3% average yearly increases, has already entered the parabolic portion of the cost curve.

Republican’s also have their blind spot, which has been created by govt keeping the nationalistic pride and patriotic feelings associated with the World Wars squarely in the rear view mirror. The distraction of the Korean and Vietnam wars can be seen in the side view mirrors, but the political motivations behind the endless Middle East wars and false flags are conveniently hidden from view. Anyone that is interested in a great historical summary of the Middle East conflicts, this guest post from a former military officer whose father is in a veteran’s cemetery is highly recommended.

If Rasmussen would have asked if Snowden should be prosecuted as a traitor, it’s possible that 70% of Republican’s would have said, sure, even though he was blowing the whistle on how govt abuses of our Constitutional rights.

What all citizens need to understand is that anything that reduces our freedoms and the equal enforcement of the rule of law, reduces economic activity and our standard of living. Not enforcing anti-trust laws has driven healthcare cost to unaffordable levels. Not jailing banksters encourages more of the same fraudulent behavior that causes capital to stay on the sidelines. Of course, the establishment on both sides of the aisle that have benefited from the bribes, don’t want the game to end, which explains why Bill Kristol is digging in his heals.

None of the establishment will go down without a fight, which is why the Clintons need to be jailed for selling favors to dubious countries. What do you think will happen if Hillary were President? Can you say, Banana Republic? If one is told that the penalty for bank robbery was to return 10% of the take, what do you think happens? If Trump were to pull the same self-interested con on the people, he should also be thrown in with bubba.

The hunt for cash by broke govt’s is already in full swing. When their debt blows up with increasing rates, hold on to your wallet. Under the façade of stopping money laundering, which big bankster banks have already paid huge fines for facilitating, govt’s are quickly trying to move to electronic money to force their way on top of us all. HSBC is also setting the trend toward civil asset forfeitures of safety deposit boxes, which will be SOP when bail-in’s kick in, because tax-payer bailouts can never again be sold. The smart money that’s needed for business investment knows that game that is afoot, which is why it is parking in safe assets, meaning the wealth divide will only grow. It’s too bad all of our money paid into Social Security hasn’t been invested like the 0.1%, instead of being swapped out for soon-to-be worthless Treasuries.

While the popping of big debt and fraud bubbles will not be stopped by any of the Presidential candidates, what rises from ashes will determine if our children and grandchildren live free. The Collectivist central planners like Clinton, Sanders, Ryan, Kristol, and their mouthpieces in the media do not believe in individual freedoms and liberty. I’m not 100% sure if Trump does either, but I know that his career and lifestyle are not dependent on maintaining the status quo.
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