Who Is Paranoid?


People like myself are considered paranoid, conspiracy nut jobs for wanting transparency and independent reporting on government activities. Who is it that’s tapping phone calls, forcing DNA swabs on anyone that even commits a minor traffic offence, wanting National ID cards that include iris scans, and then storing ALL this digital data in a massive NSA database? Who is paranoid? Why are they paranoid? It couldn’t be because those in government fear for their jobs, perks, and power when the house of cards they built collapses? Nah, that couldn’t be it?!?

The latest news on the Verizon wire taps, that the President has now admitted is true, involves about one-third of all Americans. The official said such information is “a critical tool in protecting the nation from terrorist threats to the United States”. Go listen again to the report on the NSA data base (Stellar Wind) above, which will go live soon. If you think the governments actions are about protecting you, then the subversion tactics (particularly propaganda and undermining education) have been a raging success. So much for the Land of the Free.

People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both”– Ben Franklin

youth unemployment 2013.png

Instead of monitoring every step you take and every word you say, and buying ammo and tanks for every street corner to smash every uprising because youth unemployment will be going from 20% to 30% over the next few years (Europe’s already there); don’t you think they ought to be concerning themselves with the policies THEY implemented that got us into this financial hole and continues to make the hole deeper? They don’t do this because they can never see themselves as the problem. This is what makes government so dangerous. They care about the people the same as a Pharaoh cares about the pyramid laborers. It’s all about protecting their jobs, benefits, and power. Put your ear to the ground like the Indians used to do…are they coming or going? Wake up America! This is NOT a Republican or Democratic problem, it’s a government problem!

We should never forget that everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was “legal” and everything the Hungarian freedom fighters did in Hungary was “illegal.”             –Martin Luther King, Jr., “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” Why We Can’t Wait, 1963


Congress has started putting on a show regarding the ammo purchases by DHS to satisfy their constituents, but at the end of the day nothing will happen, just like Benghazi, the IRS, and AP/FOX reporter cases. Why would Congress want to stop government agencies from stockpiling ammo? Last I checked, the approval rating of Congress was less than 10%. Who does Congress think are going to protect them from the restless natives?

There is no more rule of law. The law is what they say it is!

I am paranoid about what all governments are capable of when their power is threatened. That is why STEP-5 should be taken.

Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty is drawing the line in the sand with their Liberty Protection Directive. “No more assaults on our gun rights.  No more assaults on our civil liberties.”

No more standing by silently while the statists build up their prison walls all around us with outrageous schemes, including:

–  Unmanned, armed drones flying overhead to spy on us

–  Department of Homeland Security-approved “Fusion Centers” issuing warnings about people who might have the “wrong” presidential candidate’s bumper sticker on their car; 

–  Mandatory groping and naked body scans just to board an airplane

–  Warrantless wiretapping and snooping, enabling nameless, faceless bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. to listen to our phone calls and read our emails; 

–  Looking the other way while the President claims authority to assassinate American citizens on a whim

–  The NDAA’s “indefinite detention” provision allowing our federal government to lock us up FOREVER without so much as a trial.

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