When will we see real political change?

Eric’s insights and analysis are unique and honest, which is redundant in the talk-your-book world of financial advice. The ability to let the market and reality speak instead of your biases, beliefs, preferences is difficult, even for the most seasoned investors and political pendants. Bernie may want a revolution, but his type of revolution is about 75 years old, and it’s about ready to crash into two huge icebergs, called debt and taxes.

Trump’s revolution, whether he realizes it or not, is based on the cycles of history, which indicates we are at peak govt. Anyone that campaigned on govt fraud, corruption, and ineptness – the signs of a bubble in govt, would be leading in the polls. Trump just happens to be in the right place at the right time. On the other hand, Bernie and Hitlary are co-Captains of the ship called Govt Largess, and its barreling toward the two icebergs that have brought down every govt ship that has taken on too much debt ballast.

It would truly be a cycle inversion, like the one we are seeing in stocks, if voters actually voted on the consequences of their choice, instead of having to learn from their mistakes. I guess voters prefer the school of hard knocks.

There does exist a way to back-test decisions based on not only the largest database of economic influences, but also the ability to account for the interaction of variables and cycle inversions that makes history rhyme and not be exactly the same (i.e. the Great Depression was caused by the collapse of private debt, versus the coming collapse of public debt).

The tide of govt has been steadily moving out and building into a tsunami that will wipe out the unaware. Only after the rogue wave of govt passes will there be rideable waves of political change .


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