What’s Really Behind Mandatory Vaccines, and the Govt that Endorses Them?

Okay, so we know the FDA is a collaborator with the pharmaceutical industry and not an enforcer of frauds. This is certainly not news to anyone that pays attention. After all, the same is true of the SEC, CFTC, and the other financial regulators that have allowed the banksters to continue their epic run of fraud. The same is true for the govt regulators and accountants that oversee the Pentagon’s budget, and promote the global warming hoax in order to collect more taxes. One could literally fill these pages with govt abuses, ineptness, fraud, and other self-interested actions. What is newsworthy is that all the establishment candidates and at least half the country still wants more of this insanity. Why?

This must-see interview with a former pharmaceutical sales rep should be very concerning to everyone, not just the people with children, who will be forcibly injected with three times the number of vaccines than we had as kids, which do not even face the same flawed efficacy standards as prescribed medications. What should be equally concerning is that we have allowed ourselves to become so delusional, so divorced from the principles that made this country unique and great, that we will take the word of someone simply because they hold a position of power. Who doesn’t think that the people in power do not prioritize their own self interest?

Our founding fathers understood that ALL men and women are flawed, especially when they obtain power, which is why they believed in a citizenry govt, one void of career politicians, and one where those in govt have to live by the same laws they pass. The fact that non-establishment candidates are leading in the Republican race is indicative that many not only understand the system is broke, but they also understand who broke it. What about the Left? Not so much.

This story of collaborative fraud between the govt and pharma overlaps with another story about how the top 500 US companies that keep $2.1 billion in off-shore accounts. The knee jerk response is to believe this is unfair, and that if these corporations just paid their fair share, then our debt and fraud problems would vanish, and we could find gold at the end of the rainbow being shat from the Unicorns dancing around in the minds of Liberals.

From a practical standpoint, why would any prudent company or individual choose to hand over even one dollar more than they were forced to, when the money only goes to the most wasteful, corrupt, and selfish entity on the planet?  Why destroy real capital that can be used to make loans to the small businesses that create jobs?  Ben Carson recognizes this fact with his plan for Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s), which would take the money normally given to the bureaucracy that pretends to oversee the healthcare industry, and gives it directly to the people, which makes them prudent consumers of health care, instead of conduits of unconstrained cash to the healthcare industry. Now, if Ben would tear down the anti-competitive walls built by the lobbyist and politicians, then the actual health care costs would drop by a factor of 10.

The world economy is spiraling down into a black hole of govt largess, and govt will relentlessly do ANYTHING to find and confiscate other people’s money to protect their jobs, perks, and power. It is every sane persons responsibility to wean their govt’s off of interest bearing debt. Only a govt bureaucrat who wants to fund their pension and perks, or someone with blind faith in govt, would be in favor of taking money from the productive class and giving it to the class that produces no wealth, while increasing the nation’s interest expense, which is going to blow sky high when rates rise (which is the reason the Fed’s have artificially suppressed rates and sacrificed those trying to live on fixed incomes).

Wake up and force reform of the system, or risk being consumed by it. Eliminate the career politician, Federal income taxes, and deficit spending. Force the govt to live on 5% of GDP, and print the money to run the govt, instead of creating more debt. The current insane system has resulted in accumulated interest that is almost 70% of our total debt. When interest rates revert to the mean and interest expense exceeds defense spending, where do you think govt will look to save themselves? Sadly, our govt-dependent culture is going to learn the hard way what our govt’s word is worth. There are solutions, but it will not come from the same politicians that created this mess.

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