What No One Wants to Hear About Benghazi…or the IRS and DOJ

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There’s nothing wrong with a little wishful thinking. It would be a good start, but if equal justice prevailed their hands would be cuffed behind their back. Don’t count on it. What you can count on is a “coincidental” distraction in the very near future.

Regarding Benghazi – I can’t say it any better than Ron Paul. It should be clear why Dr. Paul was black-balled during the Presidential campaign. Our government is run by a bunch of narcissistic sociopaths who could care less about who they kill. While Dr. Paul may provide the most honest report on Benghazi, Jon Stewart exemplifies why many a truth is said in jest.

As we should have learned with Fast & Furious, when you hand guns over to bad guys, they do bad things…and when you’re an Indian giver with really bad guys, very bad things happen, especially when you give them really big guns. Just like with banksters, when you feel untouchable, there’s nothing you think you can’t do. The biggest problem, beyond the useless loss of life, is the U.S. population suffers the blow-back.

For all you Hillary lovers out there, may I remind you that even innocent looking woman can be sociopaths. Whether you kill one man or four, you’re still a killer. If you want to get a better understanding of what Hillary Clinton is all about, I recommend reading this little bit of history from the Watergate-era Judiciary Chief of Staff that hired (and fired) Ms. Clinton for lying and unethical behavior.

Over the weekend we heard of the IRS strong-arming citizens, who’s only crime was they loved this country. That should be scary enough, but now the government thinks it’s okay to eavesdrop on individual reporters conversations – at least 100 AP journalist to be exact. What was the DOJ going to do with the information they were collecting? If the media is not incensed enough to go after this Administration now, they never will. Regardless what the media does, U.S. citizens should be outraged. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press is under direct attack. If people don’t think other rights are fair game, they will be sadly mistaken. If we make it to the Sunday news shows without a False Flag, I will be relieved.

“Open your eyes. Put your ear to the ground like the Indians use to do. Are they (govt) coming or going?” — Martin Armstrong

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