What We Don’t Know About Malaysian Flight 17?

If you listen to the President, UN Ambassador Powers, and the Presstitute media, you should be protesting the US Govt to lead a worldwide boycott of everything Russian, especially oil and gas. Oh ya, our govt is already doing it. Well, then, why not start protesting for the opening of internment camps for every Russian-American? The only thing worse than the predetermined indictment of Putin for shooting down the passenger jet was the bs about Benghazi, Syria, Obamacare, Hope & Change, and the intentionally destabilizing actions of Israel in Gaza (which will be the topic for another day, but would someone at least ask Netanyahu if he is upset at the US for creating Hamas (to challenge the PLO), like it created al-Qaeda to combat Russian aggression in Afghanistan, and ISIS in Syria)?

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If the consequences of the propaganda were not so devastating, it would be hysterically laughable. Almost 100 years ago to the day, Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated, which started the dominoes of countries lining up behind Serbia and Austria-Hungary that led to WWI. Sinking ships have been the more convenient excuse to fraudulently drag countries to war. From the USS Maine that led to the Spanish-American war, and the sinking of the Lusitania, which dragged the US into WWI; to the Gulf of Tonkin, which was the needed excuse President Johnson used to send troops to Vietnam; countries have been using false flags since the days of naval commanders flying flags other than their own war flags prior to attacking the enemy. What is so disturbingly sad is that people still fall for this crap.

The latest non-investigated report from USA Today had nothing meaningful to say, except this one sentence about who took down the jetliner?

Although Russia and separatist leaders have denied responsibility for shooting down the plane, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday there was mounting evidence that a Russian-made missile, an SA-11, brought down the airliner.

Forgetting for the moment that Sherpa Kerry’s back must be getting tired carrying the lies of the establishment, and how much of our weaponry has been sold all over the world and given directly to known bad guys like Al-Qaeda (turned ISIS) in Syria; how can anyone with a bit of logic make the leap of desperation to indict Russia? The latest talking point is that Russia is guilty because the Russian separatist in Ukraine could have been trained by Russia. Really?!? How many radicals have been trained by the US, which have gone on to kill innocent people all over the world? Desperate logic is the sign of an alternative agenda. What could that agenda be?

First, can anyone identify ONE benefit to Russia for shooting down a civilian aircraft? On the other hand, what does the US have to gain from vilifying Russia? What if the US can turn the world (at least Europe) against Russia so greater sanctions can be imposed on Russia? What if European sanctions included oil and gas? Could such sanctions open a rather large market in Europe for currently-abundant US fracked gas? It’s amazing (not really) that no one in the media are asking these questions, especially after the lies in Syria.

Everyone, at least outside the US, knows our foreign policy could be renamed our energy policy. What we should be very scared about is that we have insulated, inexperienced leaders with myopic vision that do not understand how inter-connected the world is, especially financial markets. Isolating Russia will create economic dominoes much worse than isolating Iran, which has already driven alternatives to the petrodollar and accelerated the creation of a development bank by the BRICS to rival the IMF and World Bank. Why in God’s name would the US want to corner a more powerful Russian bear? It couldn’t be that our fearful leaders need a foreign boogeyman to point the finger at and another war to distract the masses from inept policies that sacrifice the economy to protect govt jobs, perks, and power? What are our leaders fearful of? The truth!

Like Syria, Ukraine is a primary corridor for Russian gas to Europe. In Syria, US interest in Saudi Arabia want to replace Russian pipelines with their own. For this to happen, Russian partner, al-Assad, must be removed from power, thus the funding of the rebels that produced ISIS, which are now taking over Iraq. The US tried to vilify Assad by blaming him for chemical weapons attacks, which where later proven to come from rebel-held territory. Since this false flag failed, eliminating the opportunity to bomb Assad into the stone age, the US used a legitimate disgust of political fraud in Ukraine to destabilize this important country for Russia by backing EU-leaning separatist in Kiev.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again to turn two wrongs into a right. Like the chemical weapons that were found to be launched from rebel territory in Syria, it now looks like the video showing the missile transport truck, which the media said was a smoking gun because it was headed back across the Russian border, was actually in Ukrainian-controlled territory (not in the territory of Russian separatist). There is also unanswered question about the Ukrainian fighter jet that pulled up to the same altitude in the same area as the passenger jet. The only thing our dishonest media and govt have to say, without evidence of course, is they don’t believe it.

At a minimum, everyone needs to reserve judgement until more questions get answered, and the media should be demanding answers.  Like a philandering spouse taking their lies to their grave, the govt will never tell the truth. I suggest doing your own research and drawing your own conclusions, always asking yourself – cui bono? Below are a few perspectives to start your search that you may not have seen in the news.

– Russia Says Has Photos Of Ukraine Deploying BUK Missiles In East, Radar Proof Of Warplanes In MH17 Vicinity

– What Happened to the Malaysian Airliner? 

– Ron Paul: What The Press Isn’t Reporting About The MH17 Disaster

Echoes of 1914 (podcast)

Guilt By Insinuation

Holier than Thou: Why Should Anyone Believe the US, Ukraine, or Russia? What is the US Attempting to Hide?

The rhyming of history and war should be noticeable by the end of the year, and like the financial news back in 1914, we may find out that market complacency is a bit naive.


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