War Propaganda is the Worst

The propaganda surrounding the presidential election is important to understand, as it exposes the perpetrators and the desperation of the establishment. However, the Middle East propaganda and the villainization of that convenient foreign boogeyman, Russia, is much more consequential, especially when one understands the state of the world economy and how govt’s use war to distract the masses from their economic mismanagement, fraud & corruption.

General Wesley Clark confirmed the nation building plans in the Middle East, when he disclosed the plans to take over seven (7) countries in five (5) years. John Perkins first documented the US asset stripping tactics in his book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman, which is being flawlessly executed in Brazil right now. The Syrian war is the confluence of both strategies, as Syria is one of the seven countries Clark said was on our hit list, and it just so happens to be the hub for Russian gas that flows to Europe, which the US wants to replace with gas from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. All of the senseless killing of innocent people, the growth of ISIS, and the refugee crisis that is collapsing the economy and culture of so many European countries is the direct result of bureaucratic sociopaths that are hell bent on executing their nation building strategy, and for energy that we can produce (with jobs) at home.

The lies and propaganda surrounding the war in Syria are off the charts. Our govt gets away with it, because if you think our citizens are clueless about domestic issues, the complicated Middle East and the fact most Americans don’t even know where Syria is, makes lying easier than selling a toddler on Santa Claus.

Many independent journalists have documented the reality on the ground for those that care. Most recently, Ron Paul’s Liberty Report interviewed journalist Vanessa Beeley on “Why Everything You Hear About Aleppo Is Wrong“. A German journalist also recently interviewed a terrorist that explains how the US and our surrogates support them with weapons and money.

The obvious question, which has an obvious answer, is why don’t these reports make it into the mainstream media. It’s the same reason it takes a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request to find out the truth about the Vietnam War and the Gulf of Tonkin lie, or the advance warnings about Pearl Harbor and 9/11, or the gun running lies in Mexico (Fast & Furious) and Syria (Benghazi), or the lies by Obama and Hillary about her private server, or Snowden and other whistleblower accounts of how the NSA UNCONSTITUTIONALLY vacuums up all of our personal information (not to find terrorists, but to track and find money they need to feed the beast of govt largess).

The bottom line is our support of rebels (terrorists) to overthrow Assad, just as we did with the Mohagadine and Bin Laden in Afghanistan, and the lies by our govt and media, is putting us on the precipis of WWIII, not to mention the thousands of innocent people that have been murdered to achieve the objectives of insane bureaucrats. Since Hillary was directly responsible for executing the Middle East plan while Secretary of State, and managed the gun running from Libya to Syrian “rebels”, which had a little hiccup in Benghazi, it is obvious that Trump would dramatically reduce the chances of another World War, especially since he would not cut off diplomatic relations with Russia, as Kerry is threatening to do, because Russia is making headway against the terrorists.

Kirby and Kerry continue to double down on the propaganda by villianizing and threatening Russia. This propaganda needs to be seen for what it is, or we risk being dragged into another devastating World War, that could very well be nuclear. The political BS is no longer just entertainment to be sold to the unassuming masses. The consequences are too severe to be ignored. For those that need to get caught up, below are a few previous posts to get you started:


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The first day the US bombed Syria they dropped more ordinance than they had in 6 weeks protecting Kurds and Yezidis in Iraq. All of it landed on bridges and infrastructure of the Syrian state, not on ISIS. The US, together with 26 coalition partners (representing >80% of global military spending) have relentlessly pursued ISIS in Iraq, while all new international jihada’s, training, weapons, and supplies comes across the open border with NATO ally Turkey. The effect of this onslaught is that ISIS expanded its territory!
These jihadis are either super men to a man, or Allah really is on their side. Their is no other explanation. A few tens of thousands of hapless jihadi recruits prevail against almost the entire globe!!! Assad is slaughtering the civilian population, but these guys remain untouched, and except for executions of kafirs, they are noble too, sparing the civilians, unlike the ruthless presidential pretender Assad (who is about 3× more popular than Obama — let alone Hillary).
I have no idea when people will wake up, but it should be obvious to anybody that al-Qaeda and ISIS are US assets (al-Qaeda is Arabic for data-base, i.e., the CIA database with useful jihadi terrorists). The fact that these people are being supported, armed, trained, furnished with intelligence, etc., tells us a lot about whose side the US is on, despite the public narrative about fighting the enemy perpetrators of 911, who kindly left al-Suqami’s passport on top of the vaporized remains of the twin towers, hint, hint…

Russia has no intention of giving up it’s naval port in Tartus Syria…in fact… Putin is going to expand the Russian presence in the country with airfields and other military facilities… in addition… Russia is also negotiating another air base in Egypt… there are now Chinese soldiers on the ground as well… Syria will likely become a laboratory for testing the budding Russian/Chinese alliance… and… as the foreign military presence increases… so will the number of Chinese boots on the ground… I suspect the new facilities will be shared…and both countries will test their metal in the middle east… the Russians have no interest in allowing Saudi Arabia and Qatar to trans-ship natural gas through Syria… it is not in their best interests to allow competitors into the European market… the Russians will do whatever is necessary to secure the country and retain Bashar al-Assad as president… Putin is also mending fences with president Erdogan of Turkey with good results… and the Chinese are perusing long term commercial relationships with Iran… just now… the Russians have little concern for collateral damage from military actions in Syria… Putin insists on results… and he is not a shy about using military force… if the U.S. intervenes with air power… we will find out just how good the Russian 400 series anti-air platform really is… {probably something we do NOT want to know…} granny Clinton’s idea of enforcing a no-fly zone in Syria is preposterous… and would likely lead to the downing of multiple U.S. air assets… and it has the potential of starting WW III…
another issue is refugees… there will be substantial profit to be made from seeing to their needs… a fact that has not escaped some international financial interests… these folks have called in some political favors… in order to insure that substantial numbers of migrants are to be re-settled in Europe… and of course… our friends get the contracts… provide the services… and pocket the cash… a humanitarian compassionate display for the naive masses… and taxpayer cash in the pockets of the elite… then of course there is the Brussels wet dream that Muslim migrants will work diligently and peacefully to provide generous pensions for elderly infidels… and save the European welfare state… from demographic disaster…

but that’s another story………..


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