US Tax Payers Deliver 1st $500M Payment to GCF

This is the biggest boondoggle since the Clinton Foundation Slush Fund, with the added pain of being paid for by US tax payers – all $3 BILLION worth.  It’s a relief to know we have so much spare change sitting around. Although, I would have preferred to give the GCF the same treasury IOU’s that make up our Social Security misTrust Fund.

If this fraud does not exemplify why voters have turned against the establishment, nothing will, but I’m certain the establishment media will put lipstick on this albatross of a pig, and try to sell it as Obama saving the planet. Whether one believes in man-made global warming or not, a free country does not confiscate money from its citizens for anyone’s pet project, or preferred donor class.

Prosperity creates disposable income that can be donated to the preferred cause(s) of individuals, and increased prosperity follows the level of freedom and individual rights of a country. It is the loss of freedoms that is destroying the free flow of information, ideas, money, and thus economies of the developed world. The loss of freedom is occurring because broke govt’s are getting increasingly desperate to maintain the jobs, perks and power of career politicians. As Twisted has been documenting, the NSA is not about finding terrorist, but all about finding money.

Even though the FATCA should have been proof enough, by going after all the loose change of all American’s around the world, even if they haven’t lived in the US for decades, Obama has just inserted his foot in his mouth when talking about Apple giving the govt access to everyone’s cell phone. Obama actually made the argument for gaining access to everyone’s phone by stating, everybody is walking around with a Swiss Bank account in their pocket.”

And, if you think that these hubris-filled sociopaths are not serious about transferring US wealth abroad and fraudulently funding their donors with more Solyndra-like wasteful projects, think again. OUR Justice Dept is seriously trying to make it a criminal offense to criticize the globull warming scam. I guess they should start by shutting down and arresting the publishers of The Next News Network  or Twisted for exercising their 1st Amendment rights.

Either through a carbon tax (cap and trade), or the Global Climate Fund (GCF), or both, Obama and the establishment govt’s worldwide will destroy the world economy in their selfish attempt to save their lifestyle. Broke govt’s around the world are going after their citizens in increasingly oppressive ways. Britain, France, and Germany, coupled with the refugee crisis, caused by the colonialization dreams of France and American energy interest in Syria, are in the process of destroying the EU.

The collapse of the EU and the euro project, which has been doomed from the beginning when, for political reasons, they failed to consolidate the debt of all participating countries, will be the precursor for the US economic reset. When the big money in Europe (followed by Japan) seeks the relative safety of the US dollar, the dollar will rocket higher, along with the dollar-based debts held by countries all over the world. Eventually, the dollar will collapse and give way to the next world reserve currency, likely a GDP-weighted SDR controlled by the unelected IMF, but first the sovereign debt crisis needs to produce another Bretton Woods emergency meeting, which could also result in the confiscation of gold, again.

Just as major economies are participating in the race to the bottom with their currency depreciation scheme to capture each others exports, broke govt’s will fight to be the most auster in their austerity policies in order to pay back interest to donor banks and temporarily save their own bacon.

This is like two guys that see a mountain lion while walking in the woods. One quietly slips on his running shoes. The other looks at him and asks, “Do you really think you can outrun him?” His friend replies, “No. I just have to outrun you.”

Since it is Congress that approves the funding, not even Trump can stop this crap until all establishment politicians and the power they sell are thrown out on their ears, which should happen in 2018.

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