Trump to Release Hidden JFK Assassination Documents

What is the govt hiding? Not releasing the docs is a travesty of justice and democracy, just as it is not showing all the surveillance footage from inside Mandalay Bay. It’s the same self-serving logic that has prevented banksters from not being prosecuted for the biggest financial fraud in history, so far (outside of the frauds in pensions, Social Security, and health care).


The establishment argues that transparency will hurt confidence in our banking system and their corrupt relationship with govt. The reality is not prosecuting corruption results in it spreading like a cancer, which systemically erodes confidence much worse, and causes the smart money not to invest the capital needed for job growth. All one needs to do is look at the economies of countries with systemic fraud and corruption. This is the primary reason for the anti-establishment movements, stagnant economies in the west, why the financial capital of the world will move from NYC to the east, and why we are headed toward another civil war in the next 15-20 years. We either get off the couch now, or we will be forced off later.

Kennedy, Reagan, and Trump all took anti-establishment positions. Trump should know that his assassination is on the table, if blackmailed politicians fail to vote their wallet. Releasing the Kennedy docs will make CIA involvement undeniable, making it more difficult for the establishment to get away with knocking off Trump, and maybe it will shine the light of truth on govt to force the reforms that are required, if we hope to cut out the cancer.

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