Time is Running Out for Banksters & Political Traitors

As long as the Too Big To Fail Banks could keep the fraud investigations within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Justice Dept, and the rulings in NYC courts that they own, then they could avoid jail time. The air of invisibility that gave the banksters the confidence to manipulate municipal bond and LIBOR rates is starting to become toxic. The independent and serious Swiss have launched an investigation into the manipulation of the largest market on the planet – the $5.3 trillion-a-day foreign exchange market. The “Untouchables” will become not only touchable, they will hopefully enjoy the warm embrace of sex-starved inmates when scapegoats are needed after the next financial collapse (and the Greeks are setting the precedent).


The Touchable Untouchables

The Banksters will not be the only parasites to fall on tough times starting in 2016. The establishment politicians like Reed and Boehner will lose seats to 3rd-party candidates, as the folks get fed up with business as usual. Any politician that stone walls transparency, investigations, and equal enforcement of the rule of law will be recognized for what they are – sellouts!

The disgust with self-serving politicians that keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result can be seen all over the world. In Ireland, they’re on the verge of sending their Senate packing to save money. The trend will not be the friend for the political establishment or the banksters.

There are many examples of politicians obfuscating and blocking the truth. One of the most despicable examples is the fraud behind Bin Laden’s supposed killing that led to the set-up and murder of the entire Seal Team 6. You can listen to Dave Jarda’s interview with the father of one of the Seal Team 6 members, and judge for yourself.

seal team 6

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