Those That Used Trayvon Martin Should be Prosecuted or Thrown Out of Office

I usually refuse to wade into these manipulated political false flags, but the stupid burns too much, and the hacks need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law (especially those in the media). For those that understand what our govt has become, the process and verdict was easier to predict than whether or not Bernanke will continue printing or Obama will exploit this case to erode the 2nd Amendment.

If you’re trying to create as much racial tension as possible, was there a better way to manage the outcome. The facts and the law where on Zimmerman’s side. All the political and racial whores had to do was build sympathy for Martin. Fortunately, an increasing number of people understand the tactics of govt and media, and haven’t fallen for the bs.

For those that don’t agree with the verdict, you should be angry at all those that used you for their own purposes. I urge you to join the rest of us and throw them out of office and force them to get a real job. I would also ask that you think for yourself, and start by honestly answering these questions:

1. If  Zimmerman was profiling Martin and hunting him down to kill him, why was he on the phone with 911 all that time?

2. Why was the fatal shot at point-blank range? If  Zimmerman intended to kill Martin, would he have allowed him to get that close?

3. How did Zimmerman get his injuries? Do you believe a person has a right to defend themselves when attacked?

4. If  Zimmerman did not have a gun, would he be alive today or would he have brain damage?

5. Why was the police chief and IT Director fired? They should sue for wrongful termination.

6. Why did the media always show pictures of Martin that were not recent pictures, instead showing pictures that were many years younger?

7. What would your response be if someone followed you, or questioned you about being on their property? Would you talk to the person to explain your situation? You may even choose to tell the person to go fly a kite, but would you then jump them… or walk away?

Martin and his sympathizers may not have liked the fact that Zimmerman followed him, but it’s not against the law, and it does not give anyone the right to jump a person who follows you. Martin’s big mistake was jumping someone who had a gun. Will this verdict cause people to think twice before assaulting another person? That is one of the benefits of a “carry law”, and the reason crime is lower in States that have one. It’s also why psycho killers pick schools and movie theaters to go on their rampage. When a crazy person or thug knows they will not face a serious deterrent, what stops them from acting on their corrupted nature?

If you don’t like the circumstances that caused Zimmerman to follow Martin, or you don’t like the corrupted nature that made Martin think it was acceptable to jump Zimmerman, I suggest you investigate and analyze why the circumstances exist. Have the actions taken by people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson over the last forty years helped or hurt the people they claim to support? These political opportunist may have started out fighting for a righteous cause, but whether due to selfishness or blackmail, their “cause” is almost always turned into manipulative self-interest – and this applies to virtually every politician.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in Tunisia, Egypt, Greece, Spain, or Sanford when people lose everything (especially hope), they lose it. When people or economic opportunities are suppressed, are you surprised that people lash out or fight back? In all the cases of injustice around the world, the causes and results are always the same – govt power grows and economic enterprise contracts, which is the source of the societal death spiral (or what I call the Economic Tornadicane). The managed manipulation of people by govt is always for the benefit of those in govt. As people get oppressed in the ongoing need to feed government, it inevitably degenerates into riots and war, either because the citizens become desperate to feed their families, or the govt becomes desperate to cover-up their lies.

It’s never justified to become unlawful when combating injustice. Therefore, the first step is to recognize that voting for people who promise you hand-outs is self-destructive for the simple fact that mathematics is never wrong. It doesn’t matter if the promise is for free medical care, free food, or a pension that is paid for with tax dollars that must also pay for the replacement – it is mathematically impossible and eventually will implode on itself like any Ponzi scheme.

So, who is to blame? The politician who lied to get/keep a job, or you for not knowing 5th grade math (precisely, exponents)? Allow me to use healthcare spending as an example. Start with a figure, say the cost of government spending on healthcare in 1980, which was around $87 billion. Now, keep multiplying that amount by 1.092 for 33 years (9.2% has been the annual growth rate of govt healthcare spending).

$87 x 1.092 = $95.00 x 1.092 = $103.55 x 1.092 = $113.08, etc., etc., for another 30 years. If you don’t feel like punching it into your calculator 33 times, just use the compound interest formula, which if you’re only considering annual increases is: P = C (1 + r) ^t; where P = future value, C = initial value, r = rate of growth, and t = # of years. Therefore, P = $87 billion x (1+0.092) raised to the 33 power = $1,588 billion or $1.588 trillion, which is where we are in 2013. In another ten years the figure grows to $3.83 trillion, and by 2033 it would be $9.2 trillion. The function does not grow linearly. It grows exponentially, and we are in the parabolic part of the curve.

This is healthcare alone!  Add in Defense and the other entitlements, which have been growing almost as fast, and the fact that 40% of our GDP is the result of debt pumped into the system (which I remind you has interest payments associated with it), and you begin to understand the boldface lies told by politicians. 

The simple fact is this level of spending cannot be paid for, no matter how optimistic you think the growth rates are – which are all based on pumping more printed money (which is interest-bearing debt), that reduces the value of the dollar and your purchasing power. This “formula” has been going on for over thirty years and incomes have continued to decline over this period, which is why families added a second income and more personal debt. The sooner everyone recognizes the truth, the sooner we all can band together and eject the self-interested politicians. Former US Treasury Official, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, may help you realize the challenges ahead.

Thank goodness we still have jury trials, although the Fed’s will do anything they can to undermine the decision. It is well documented that bribery, threats, and political favors dominate all three branches of our government. If it was up to the media, Executive Branch, and the State of Florida the verdict would have been based on emotion and not the law. The discarding of the rule of law and Constitution over the last five years has been astounding, and as Denninger highlights, it is destroying Capital formation, which is the foundation of real economic growth.

Peacefully protest and vote incumbent politicians out of office every election to implement de facto term-limits until it becomes the law of the land. This reduces the money in politics and until this is done, nothing will change. Trayvon’s case should motivate everyone to tell the establishment media, race-baiters, and politicians to shove it where the sun don’t shine!


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