This is “Democracy” in the EU

Spain is going back to Franco fascism, which last abolished Catalonian autonomy in 1938 after the Spanish Civil War. The Catalan State had their first political victory in 1922, when Francesc Macià won a dramatic victory in municipal elections. As broke establishment govt’s continue to crack down on their citizens to save themselves instead of reforming, the grassroots movement in Catalonia is once again seeking its independence from the oppressive Spanish govt. Of course, the unelected EU bureaucrats, that think they always know best and favor a one world govt, supports the establishment in Spain.


If anyone wants to understand how out of touch establishment govt’s have become, look no further than Spain, which is why the establishment media in the US has remained virtually silent on the Democratic movement in Catalan region. The clash that will inevitably happen on Sunday could get ugly, as the establishment central govt is sending in troops and ordering local police to stop Catalan’s from exercising their right to vote. As happened in East Germany, which enabled the wall to fall, local police are ignoring orders from the elite, so far.

If local police stand with the people, we will see another victory for the anti-establishment, that got jump-started with Brexit, then Trump, and has continued with AfD’s growth and Merkel’s declining power in Germany. If the pro-fascist in Madrid crack down on Catalan’s and halt the democratic voting process, it will only enbolden anti-establishment movements around the world and draw in more sympathetic supporters, just as happened when police cracked down on peaceful civil rights protestors in the 60’s. Where are all the Collectivist that supported democracy in the Arab Spring?

Now that The German elections are over, which continued the anti-establishment trend, look for Germany to start increasing taxes, which will hurt their economy. The long term trend of the euro will continue to decline, and Catalan’s, along with any other European country that doesn’t want to be dragged down with it, should break away and re-establish their old currencies and independence.

The people never matter, when elite bureaucrats need tax money to maintain their perks and power. The productive Catalan region provides over 25% of Spain’s taxes and receives far less in return. As we are seeing all over the world, freedom-loving citizens are tired of govt fraud, that cannot take enough of their citizens money to cover their abuses and perks. The Scots voted to leave the UK. The Brits voted to leave the EU. Americans continue to vote out the establishment – the latest occuring in Alabama, which should give Trump confidence to stand strong against the backstabbing Republican establishment. The Kurds just voted to leave Iraq, and now the Catalan’s want to vote to leave Spain…and the Spanish govt is threatening to arrest anyone that tries to vote. This is the definition of democracy in the EU

Historically, when economies turn down, govt’s blame foreign boogymen and pit their citizens against each other to keep the focus off themselves. Minorities always make a convenient scapegoat, which is why the trend of civil unrest around the world will continue. When govt’s lose power they always become authoritarian, which is why this trend of govt aggression will not stop until the govt debt bubble pops, taking away govt’s means of funding their fraud. This govt debt bubble will pop in Japan next year, following by Europe, and finally the USA.  Resist the propaganda, and send your politician a mirror.
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