Things are Never as they Seem

Things are never as they seem, but too many people believe the propaganda anyway. As the Corbett Report documents, technology can be used for all the wrong reasons, especially when in the hands of a Govt that is paranoid about losing its power and perks. In China they want to data mine all personal data collected on people so they can imprison them before they might become terrorist. I’m fairly confident the DHS will steal China’s idea, saying if China can steal our secrets, so can we.

Some naively say, “if you don’t have anything to hide, what do you have to be worried about? How do you know you’ve done anything wrong, when the technology or your buying habits indicate it’s in your DNA to be evil?  While it may be true that if you don’t have anything the Govt covets, like money or dirt on someone, you could avoid the Fed’s grip. However, what’s naïve is the lack of understanding of how oppressive actions by a govt impacts its economy. As we are seeing across the globe, the capital that is required to create businesses and jobs flees locations where it is not treated well, and the more govt’s try to prevent the free flow of capital, the deeper it retreats underground, which is why govt’s are now proposing to move to all electronic money. And sorry, it’s not to provide convenience for shoppers or thwart money laundering.

Thirty-five years of deficit spending has produced accumulated interest that is over 50% of the total debt. The escalation of the debt has been facilitated by declining interest rates on govt debt during this time that allowed more debt to be rolled for the same interest payment. The historic and artificially low rates have produced an average interest rate under 2%. When rates revert to the mean, which they will in the next few years (since markets set rates, not the Fed), interest on the debt will explode and surpass spending on defense and healthcare.

Where do the Fed’s think they are going to get the money? It’s going to come from higher taxes, fees, and more debt-based money printing that devalues the money left in your pocket after they have picked it. The govt’s attempt to create more inflation to devalue its debt has only punished savers, reduced our purchasing power, and created a bigger house of mal-investment that will collapse in a Category 5 deleveraging Tornadicane.

Since the Govt knows that one day the masses will wake up and may not be willing accomplices in their own demise, Govt’s in the West (and also China) are pushing for a cashless society, converting local police into armies, and positioning the unelected IMF as the center of a new currency system. Do you think these sociopaths are going to let Trump get in the way of their fantasy to control the world?

These incompetent bureaucrats may not know what they do, but it is still not an excuse to forgive them. This may not be a Christian belief, but these nut-jobs are in the process of not only pushing the world economy off a cliff, but burying it under tons of govt malfeasance that could create another Dark Age that would have no room for religious freedom.

While Govt’s self-destruction will result in a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions that still will not prevent climate cycles and another mini ice age, it cannot stop the trend that is already in motion, and one that has destroyed all great societies – Govt largess. The only question that remains is what do we want to spring from the destruction, and who will lead it – the establishment Democrats and Republicans that gave us the current crisis, or a new system that places the power and responsibility with the people?

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