The Two Most Dangerous Ideas

I suppose it is a sign of our times that an another academic economist, with no practical experience, can rise to No.1 on Amazon’s list of Best Selling Books, by lecturing the workers of the world that if they only gave more money to govt, their lives would be so much better. However, since Thomas “Riketty” Piketty is predictably getting so much attention by the establishment media, it is everyone’s responsibility to understand the harm that he, and the people of his ilk, want to inflict on the world with their good intentions – no matter how many times it has failed in the past.


These People are Part of the Real Conspiracy to Take Whatever You Have to Sustain Their Power – Martin Armstrong

The Secret Agenda of Obama, and the other “leaders” of broke govt’s, is to confiscate money from the private sector to keep from having to reform themselves. It’s no different from your state and local govt raising your car registration fee from $100 to $225 in 2009, after the recession reduced their tax revenue. Instead of reforming, the way families had to do with a lower family income, the govt simply takes everyone else’s money so they don’t have to downsize themselves.

The hidden “Cadillac tax” in Obamacare is just the latest example of what’s in store when the economy turns down again due to broke govt’s confiscating the capital needed for growth. Having Obama sic the IRS on you, or your local govt cutting your pension through bankruptcy, will be the least of your concerns. It will not only be the wealthy that get dogged for more money, and everyone will see their liberties and freedoms eroded, as govt’s always find it impossible to downsize themselves.IRS

The fact that govt would drive its citizens into serfdom to save their own job, perks, and power should tell you all you need to know. However, some still believe that govt provides help to those in need (i.e. food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.), even though the money printing and debt taken on to pay these benefits erodes purchasing power and increases the excuse for war as govt grasps at distractions for their failed policies. It’s unfortunate that human nature always causes revolution to follow economic collapse, instead of the other way around.

For those that care to open their eyes and connect the dots, the two giant neon billboards on the road to economic destruction and war are flashing brightly. The old way of expanding a country’s wealth by taking it, like Russia is trying to do now; and the idea of wealth redistribution, with govt  “conveniently” inserting itself as gatekeeper (as Obama, French President Hollande, IMF Chairwoman Christine Largarde, Piketty, and other Socialists advocate), are the two most dangerous ideas throughout history.


In the UK, the govt is proud of their new ad campaign to hunt down tax evaders’, wherever they may hide, no matter how much it collapses their economy and reduces tax receipts. What will they do after they raise taxes to 70% and chase away everyone that has money, while interest expense consumes the tax revenue that can be collected? With no competition or incentive to deliver value, there are no limits to the waste, stupidity, and destructive power of govt.

Russian interest rates are already rising to dangerous levels, and the UK is also expecting high rates that will further hammer these weak economies. As Armstrong has documented ad nauseam, when countries get between a rock and hard place (a weak economy on one side and on the other side a weaker economy dictated by govt actions that do not involve the govt reforming), then their political leaders take their countries to war to point a finger at a foreign boogeyman instead of at themselves.

Russia is quickly being dragged into this quagmire by Putin; Ukraine, led by leaders appointed by the West, is ready to fight (with the manipulated West participating of course); Obama is ready to impose counter-productive sanctions that could only be supported by people that want to see a military conflict (similar to Iraq) or are in favor of collapsing Europe due to not having sufficient energy to run its factories. Also, we must not forget Japan/S. Korea versus China, where their “leaders” are also going to need an excuse to make their citizens forget about their fraudulent, self-interested policies.

With the abuse of our military kept hidden from the majority not directly involved in the undeclared/unsupported conflicts, it is more than unfortunate that so many military families do not understand the war propaganda that puts their loved ones in danger … and for what? It certainly is not to protect our homeland or interest that we could not provide ourselves. The record suicide rates by our veteran’s has less to do with what they saw and more to do with what they were forced to do.

Two separate studies have come to a similar conclusion – the USA is more of an Oligarchy than a Democracy:

US Is an Oligarchy Not a Democracy, says Scientific Study

Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens

People that can process their own experiences did not need these studies. Clivan Bundy and his supporters certainly did not need a study to tell them how to think. We are also not obliged to roll over and accept everything the Feds say as Gospel. They are proven liars, and it’s not anarchy to peacefully protest against the “War on Terror”, “Fast and Furious”, Benghazi, Obamacare, mass surveillance by the NSA, unprosecuted fraud by the big banks, etc, etc.

Unfortunately, all govt’s are just getting cranked up, because the broker they get, the more over-reach and abuse we will see. The more aggressive govt gets to hunt down money under every cow patty and mattress, the more oligarchical we become, and the more people will reach their limit – just like Clivan Bundy. Let’s pray that Eric placeHolder departs before he has another chance to orchestrate another Waco or Ruby Ridge.

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