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Confusion and frustration over geopolitical and economic events stems from a foundation of intentionally erroneous information presented by the establishment to maintain their power and control. Below I have assembled a few critical sources of information that will begin your process of empowerment.

The fog clearing cannot begin until you understand who creates money, and how it is created.  Shortly after starting my deep dive into the root causes of our economic problems I read G. Edward Griffin’s voluminous book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, which provides a comprehensive understanding behind the creation of our Federal Reserve System. Learning the history of the Fed is an essential first step in becoming empowered, and now one can simply view James Corbett’s great new video entitled, Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal ReserveOnce you realize that the Fed is a private entity that creates leveraged money through debt creation, which benefits its member banks with interest income and fees from selling the debt, the fog will begin to lift immediately.

The second pearl of wisdom comes from realizing the incestuous relationship between the money creators and govt, and their intention to tax and borrow without ever paying anything back. Politicians need the Fed and money center banks to finance their unsustainable promises, and the secretive Federal Reserve system needs politicians to maintain the illusion and fraud. Just as Gov. Perry could declare a state of emergency and deploy the National Guard to address said emergency at the Texas border, Congress has the authority to de-fund what ever program they want and stop the deficit spending that grows the gravitational pull from the ever-growing black hole of interest bearing debt.

The simple truth is neither group wants to end a system that rewards them personally. The Governor gets to maintain the flow of illegal aliens that can be exploited by his donors without any recourse, and Congress gets to pretend they care about their voters by spending money it borrows from itself (with interest flowing to their bankers), and confiscates from producers and job creators – neither of which is good for America.

For those Socialist that believe everything will be solved by simply paying people for not adding value (be it welfare, increased minimum wage, or a “dividend” because they live on earth), I would suggest they focus on the purchasing power of the devalued money being supplied into economy (i.e. cost of living). When one understands why food, gas, education, and healthcare cost are rising much faster than incomes, then one will begin to understand why handing out money only drives up cost at a faster rate and always destroys society, especially when there are interest payments associated with the handouts (i.e. treasury bonds, student loans).

For over 30 years the U.S. (and other western govt’s) has put around 40% of its spending on a credit card and falsely called it GDP growth. As Americans learned over the last decade, you can pull your income forward by borrowing as long as interest rates decline and asset prices continue to rise. However, when the trend eventually reverses (and it always does), the debt cannot be rolled to pay the piper. The following educational piece by Martin Armstrong will provide further insight into our economic and political problems, and how to fix them:

Debt is Destroying Everything, by Martin Armstrong

Finally, all the puzzle pieces will fall into place when one realizes that career politicians will never look in the mirror and admit they are wrong. All they care about is preserving the system that provides their jobs, perks, and power. The desperate hunt for cash to fund political promises only produces increasingly creative ways to confiscate wealth to avoid having to reform, which chases the capital needed for growth off the grid and out of the system.

No meaningful reform will ever occur, including financial reform, until term limits exist (ideally of 2-year terms). Until politicians get the message, enact de facto term limits by voting out every incumbent, every election.

– Understanding the Extremes on Both Sides by Martin Armstrong 

If one needs further proof of how the govt ignores the rule of law and due process to maintain the status quo, simply look at the latest example of the govt’s desperate hunt for cash.

EPA has quietly claimed that it has the authority to unilaterally garnish the wages of individuals who have been accused of violating its rules… without first obtaining a court order. 

Who needs due process and a court order in the land of Obama … and we all know the govt never makes mistakes?!? For those that choose to see, the signpost along the road to totalitarianism are now being lit up with advanced LED lights.

As Machiavelli said, history repeats because the passions of man never change. There’s a reason the establishment suppresses and corrupts civics and history education. If you care to understand where we are headed on the current path, read as much history as you can. In my opinion, Martin Armstrong has amassed the largest repository of economically relevant historical data on the planet.

Luckily, he has been working over 30 years to overlay a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence model called Socrates that sits on top of the data to help the masses find the solutions from the recipe’s of history. History also identifies the recipes for failure. My hope is that we do not act like inexperienced teenager’s that refuse to learn from the experience of their elders, and instead choose the knowledgeable side of the trade.

Everything in the world has become increasingly connected, just as an earthquake on one side of the ocean can cause a tsunami on the other side. The most important warning that Socrates can provide is to prevent you from being caught unaware on the beach when the economic tsunami hits.

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