The Trump Blind Spot

I have often written about the blind spot of Socialists/Collectivists, that allow their Utopian beliefs to displace logic and undisputable math. I have also discussed the blind spot of patriots, that allow their love of this country to be exploited by career politicians that only love their privileged and perky lifestyles. It is this patriotic blind spot that gave us the rights-abusing Patriot Act, the Iraq war, the Vietnam war, and could bring us Martial Law and WWIII, if we don’t hold Trump accountable.

Trump supporters elected him President primarily because he was not a career politician, meaning he might do what he actually campaigned on, including draining the cesspool of fraud that the establishment calls DC, and Trump calls the swamp. People came out in record numbers to support Trump because he said in politically incorrect terms what many people wanted to hear, and most of the other Republican candidates were from the hated establishment, and most importantly, the Democratic opponent was the perfect villain. The storyline that no one saw this coming is itself fake news, which has helped build the wall of identity politics higher. If your objective is to “divide and conquer”, then the plan could not be going any better. What if the globalist are using Trump just like the establishment?  Don’t forget, the govt needs civil unrest and civil war to impose Martial Law, and based on the fact that friends are at each others throat over Ivanka Trump’s line of clothes, it tells me plenty of people are itching for an excuse to grab their pitchforks and muskets.

Obama supporters should have learned that hero worshipping has flaws. If Trump supporters don’t want to also be duped, then they should be acting like contrarian investors, which means you force yourself to think differently than the majority, because the majority is always wrong. It also means you do not gloss over something simply because it does not fit your idealistic view. You should at least find it odd that Trump thinks Snowden is a spy that should be executed, while most independent-minded people know he is a patriot; and that Trump has said nothing about enforcing EXISTING anti-trust laws against the healthcare industry, while Rand Paul actually tries to exempt the industry from the law; and that Trump is allowing the vampire squid (Goldman Sachs) to maintain its grip on the economy, and he has not indicated that the well-documented frauds by Wall Street will be prosecuted.

The most troubling blind spot for Trump supporters is the one created by patriotism. Trump supporters understood that Hillary was a war monger, and that she played key rolls in the CIA-led coup in Ukraine, and the attempted overthrow of Assad to displace Russian gas lines with those from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which resulted in weapons going to the rebels that became ISIS. Obama was handed the Nobel peace prize for his deadly foreign policy, and Dems wanted to hand the Presidency to Hillary for running guns from Libya to Syrian rebels (ISIS), so Russia could be harmed at the expense of millions of innocent Syrians. Hillary, like Germany’s Merkel, only think of their own political careers, thinking they can manage the sheeple of the world, instead of understanding that everything is connected and not able to be manipulated, especially by inexperienced politicians. Ironically, Israel wants to nominate Trump for the Peace prize.

A sad irony is that the Syrian atrocities, that produced the European refugee crisis, resulted in the Brexit win, and a likely win for Le Pen and a loss for Merkel, and will doom the EU and euro, which will be the catalyst for the economic reset (Big Bang), possibly changing the US forever. Our interconnected world will cause capital flows to accelerate out of the EU countries into dollar-based assets, which is already the biggest reason stocks continue to rise in the face of a stagnant world economy. The euro was haphazardly created to provide competition for the dollar in the late 90’s, so the dollar could be weakened to help exports. If the euro collapses, where is capital going to park? Some think gold is the answer. While gold will benefit from the collapse in confidence, the Precious Metals markets are miniscule compared to the trillions parked in investments, which is 10-times that of trading flows.

Trump cozying up to Abe may lead some to think that the bankrupt basket case, Japan, could provide sufficient supply of govt bonds for all the capital looking for safety. Unfortunately, bond vigilantes understand Japan’s demographic and debt-to-GDP problems, and will only exploit investors that think traditionally. With the euro in free-fall and Japan’s interest rates being driven higher, tanking bonds, the tsunami of capital will be headed to our shores. If you think this is good, go back and look what the flood of money out of war-torn Europe did in the 20’s. Yes, it created the Roaring 20’s, but it also concluded with the great crash and Great Depression. The difference this time is that instead of private business collapsing, it will be govt’s and the other entities holding US Treasury bonds, like pensions, insurance funds, and Social Security (which actually only holds Treasury IOU’s).

The inevitable rise of the dollar, that not even Trump will be able to talk down, will cause an economic tsunami the world has never seen. The reason for the big reset is the world is flooded with dollar-based debts, which will explode as the dollar rises, and the currencies, that need to make payments on the debt, decline. This currency problem is one of the big reasons that Greece is in debtors prison, being forced to pay back German banks. When Greek politicians were being bribed to get Greece into the euro, they hired Goldman Sacks to structure derivatives that masked Greek debt, which qualified them for entry. What the short-sighted Greek politicians failed to realize is their debt burden would quickly double in the first few years, as the euro doubled. The other irony is that Merkel’s strong hand of austerity against the Greeks caused a political backlash, which many believe is the reason Merkel wanted to show a “human side” and opened the EU boarders to refugees.

Everything is connected, and Trump’s threatening of trade wars and currency wars will only exacerbate the problems and push us closer to another World War. Trump’s ego will likely lead him to believe that calling China a currency manipulator will help, when the reality is China is doing everything in it’s power to keep capital from leaving, including shutting down Bitcoin, which has been a new method to get money out of the untradeable Yuan. The brains behind big money is always smarter and 10-steps ahead of govt’s, but the hubris of bureaucrats is endless, so expect more craziness in the years ahead. The big one will be the attempted elimination of cash, which India has already started and the EU is trying to implement as quickly as possible to stop the coming bank runs when the SHTF. The politicians are waging their war on cash under the pretense that they want to make it easier for you to shop (even though they also make it easier for hackers), and they want to shut down the terrorist and drug trade, which they fund and protect, so you know it’s BS. The real reason govt wants to eliminate cash is unlimited taxation and bail-in’s. As documented many times before, the NSA, Patriot Act, Bail-in’s, Govt Lies, & Poor Economy are All Related!

We must make sure that our desperation for a savior to end govt corruption and undeclared wars does not create another blind spot. Granted, anyone was better than Hillary, but maybe the puppeteer’s of global governance knew we would choose the hero over the villain. For someone that ran on not wanting to get into battles that don’t concern us, Trump is sure stirring the pot with Iran and in the South China Sea, which may be another reason Trump says he’s 100% behind Japan, even though Japan makes it much more difficult for us to sell them goods. How will you know that Trump is not owned by the military, healthcare, and banking industrial complexes? So far, I have not seen any signs that he is not. We must ignore the distractions and keep Trump’s feet to the fire.

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