The Star Spangled Banner – move over Whitney

Crank the speakers –

I think Whitney Houston’s version has officially been de-throned.  Now if we can just direct the flood of patriotism in the right direction, instead of allowing it to be hijacked by self-interested and sociopathic politicians.

The inspiration for the Star Spangled Banner came from watching the bombardment of Fort McHenry by the British Royal Navy during the War of 1812, which tied up some loose ends left over from the Revolutionary War.  If Francis Scott Key were alive today, I doubt he would have drawn much inspiration from the bombs bursting in the air over Baghdad, or the red glare from drone rockets blowing up innocent civilians in Syria.

I don’t see how the fabricated exploitation of patriotism that the govt is guilty of now can compare to the authentic patriotism felt by Americans fighting for their freedom and independence from the oppressive Brits.

From the Pentagon Papers to the disclosures made by WHISTEBLOWER Edward Snowden, it has been documented in black and white that our government has been consistently lying to us for over 60 years. Will we experience the same disappointment that Daniel Ellsberg felt when he was hit with the sobering reality that even after the American people were shown in the governments own words that they were lied to about Vietnam by four Presidents, they still didn’t care?

We are not being oppressed by foreigners, but by our own govt. Even though the Supreme Court ruled in the Ellsberg and Russo case that the govt could not suppress free speech, it has not stopped them from trying. If they cannot stop the presses, they will simply vilify, arrest, and intimidate the messenger. Daniel Ellsberg was set free for exposing govt lies. Today, Bradley Manning could get life in prison, Edward Snowden must hide in Russia, people want Assange taken out by a drone, and the UK govt simply pulverizes the hard drives of reporters and tries to intimidate others.

We will need inspiration after the financial system crashes and burns. I hope this rendition of the Star Spangled Banner will once again inspire Americans to fight for freedom from government oppression and not ignore what’s happening.

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