The Scottish Vote – a Sign of our Times

I’m not sure how many Americans understand the significance of the independence vote in Scotland, but I hope it at least causes some to ask why Scotland and why now. Just maybe, people will stop for a minute and ask themselves, why was British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and unelected European bureaucrats so happy that independence was denied the Scottish people?

One EU leader may have summed up the feelings for all the power-hungry politicians when he commented about the vote, saying, “Europe needs more Schottlander’s”, which is a historic reference to the people who declared their allegiance to nobles and princes, and would lend their influence in struggles for power and status. Maybe the name will catch on in the US to represent lobbyist and all those that blindly favor and support govt at the expense of freedom-loving citizens. Although, the “Judas” moniker is more convenient, as religion is always an easy scapegoat for govt, as witnessed by the propagandist assigning the YES vote to Catholics and the NO vote to Protestants. The Catholic-Protestant divide is alive and well in Britain.


You can bet the US political elite are preparing for when the economic crisis hits our shores, and are strategizing on how to portray the religious right as anti-govt, versus pro-freedom; and labeling the youth as lazy, versus simply wanting the same opportunity as their parents. After all, the template was already successfully tested on the Tea Party and OWS movements.

The reality is we are dealing with a sovereign debt crisis that is sweeping across the globe, and younger generations are being sacrificed to support govt’s ill-conceived, unsustainable economic system that has consumed Western society – not just Britain.

Based on the mainstream media’s misrepresentation and outright avoidance in discussing the motivating forces behind Scottish secession, I can only assume that our political leaders are well aware of the cycle of change that’s been under foot since a frustrated fruit vendor set himself on fire in Tunisia on December 17, 2010, which led to the Arab Spring. Granted, it could simply be hubris or sociopathic behavior that causes politicians to avoid reality or think they can alter or manage cycles, even though cycles (waves) dictates all the energy of the universe. ecm-2032 Everything in the universe has energy and therefore a wavelength, including the business cycle, war cycle, public confidence, and climate. It is no coincidence that the same people who believe man can control the world’s climate, also believe that govt can hold Adam Smith’s Invisible hand and walk the masses in whatever direction is best for govt. A similar “man is the center of the universe” ignorance is demonstrated by those who believe the Fed’s money printing is the primary driver behind the markets levitation – ignoring the MUCH larger global capital flows that are exiting less safe regions and currencies, for the relative safety of dollar-based assets. As Armstrong is fond of saying, if one acts like an Indian and puts their ear to the ground, it’s not hard to predict the future (1997 Edinburgh transcript). History provides the recipes for sucess and failure because the passions of man never change.

Americans living in their media-filtered, distracted cocoons are unlikely to grasp the significance of the Scottish vote for independence, even though the powder keg of conditions that motivated the vote, and is driving the separatist movements all over the world, and even in the US, lies directly under their feet.

The historic vote to break away from mother England after 307 years of political rule was much more than a referendum on the ageless choice between individual liberty and collective security. Like all the other separatist movements, it is a protest against govt fraud and the economic deterioration that ALWAYS results from the desperation of govt’s, that will suck their citizens dry, to maintain their own jobs, perks, and power. Is it that hard to understand that sustainable jobs come from economic growth and entrepreneur’s that  requires capital investment? Capital must come from savings, not debt and leverage. How can savings be generated if govt is confiscating an ever larger piece of incomes, and reducing purchasing power?

Obama vampire

The other battle that was crystalized by the vote count was the growing divide between the youngest voters, which voted over 70% in favor of independence, and the older generation, that voted NO by over 70%. The young people are holding their elders accountable for not minding the shop and letting politicians run their country into the ground, while the older people are simply trying to protect their pensions – sound familiar?

When the economy turns down, expect tensions to rise over which generation acts the most entitled. Maybe the elders should do the honorable thing and step aside, and admit they had their chance to hold politicians feet the to fire and blew it. After all, pensions are going to be asset stripped by the banksters anyway.

The other factor that says the independence movement in Europe is just getting started is the fact that the Euro did not bounce back after the NO vote. In fact the euro closed down again Friday, continuing the decline that started in May and accelerated as the polls showed the vote getting closer. It may also be due to the proof now being documented through video evidence that fraud was committed during the vote counting. As Stalin (and likely Florida Secretary of State, Katherine Harris) stated, “People who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”  Who knows, maybe the powers that be will let Britain’s High Court decide, like Bush-Gore. Don’t count on the EU or Westminster allowing a recount, even though that’s what 50,000 petitioners want.

vote rigging

There are consequences to continuously spending more than you bring in, and for fraudulently protecting the monopolistic powers in the healthcare, food, and military industrial complexes. The outbreak of protest votes, civil unrest, and wars around the world are simply the manifestation of economic decline, which broke govt’s continue to make worse by their desperate search for other people’s money. Anyone that has dispassionately studied history understands that these facts have always been the downfall of great societies, and Armstrong has unselfishly and tirelessly tried to disseminate the lessons of history in the hope of a better future.

People may choose to ignore the mathematical impossibility of paying the public pensions of a growing number of retirees while simultaneously paying for their replacements, but the taxpayers that are stuck with the bill will eventually revolt before they allow themselves to be hung by the rope provided by their govt.  Other countries have already reached the end of their rope, and the economic decline and govt fraud that is at the heart of these revolts can only get worse as govt’s dig in their heels to protect their self-interest. People, especially those in govt, like to quickly blame radical Muslims for all the turmoil and violence around the world. What you will never hear them discuss is the consequences of driving people into poverty.

James Baldwin

The mistake that government and their supporters make is that citizens living in poverty can be kept comfortable enough, and civil unrest can be sufficiently squashed so the destructive nature of a politically directed society can be maintained. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), the youth, which are being forced to pay for the unsustainable benefits of their unrealistic elders, have more energy and suffer less from cognitive dissonance. In Scotland and other parts of Europe where youth unemployment is 60%, as well as in the US and Japan, it is no surprise to see govt’s continuing to implement policies that benefit govt at the expense of the people.

If you think that our govt is detached from reality and the interest of hard-working taxpayers, imagine if there were another layer of govt that ruled over the US, Canada, and Mexico. This is exactly what happened in Europe with the sociopathic desire of the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels to rule over the EU. As the European economy continues its death spiral, and tax receipts with it, expect the draconian decisions emanating from the EU, IMF, UN, and NATO (i.e. financial transaction tax, NATO exercises in Ukraine, etc.) to increasingly drive countries like Scotland and Ukraine toward revolution.

The failed vote for independence in Scotland may give the socialist establishment a vote of confidence, but their victory party won’t last long. Civil unrest and the desire to break away from self-serving, repressive govt’s will escalate as govt’s continue to devalue their currency and raise taxes, which erodes the living standards of those expected to pay for socialism. As these centrally planned economies spiral downward, and the public realize the futility of govt, economic confidence will follow Armstrong’s model, which will produce a 2016-2020 decline that’s worse than 2007-2011, with an eventual collapse of western civilization beginning in 2033. Of course, there is a solution. Fire the bureaucrats in Brussels, follow the Constitution, demand term limits, and make sure politicians live by the same laws they pass.

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