The Role of Today’s Media – Distract, Fib, and Confuse

Where did Transgender people go to the bathroom and who was complaining before this manufactured media/govt distraction?  The latest efforts of the mainstream presstitutes to distract the masses from the important economic issues that are literally distroying the world economy, and will produce civil unrest and destructive wars, is disgraceful, and is the primary reason so many people are turning against the establishment.

Who are the women that Trump has taken advantage of, or abused? How is it racist to control the boarders to decide who gets into our country and who should not? Besides, Muslim is a religion, not a race. Anyone that lives in Europe right now is learning first hand what happens when you have open boarders in a socialist country. The desperate Syrian refugees now represent only about 15% of all the people flooding into Europe. People like Nigel Farage (leader of UK’s Independence Party), and Hungary’s leader, who speak out about the uncontrolled immigration are also called racist by the establishment, who depend on people becoming dependent on govt. Is it possible that politicians, who have so disastrously mismanaged the economy, need distractions to keep the masses from noticing where the blame lies?

As professional sports teams and their fans have demonstrated, Americans will overlook transgressions, as long as you perform. Govt has not performed for the people they swear to protect and serve. They serve to protect their own jobs, perks, and power, and it has become increasingly obvious that even Joe six-pack has noticed.

The other thing that sports teams demonstrate when they excuse and overlook bad behavior is they get more bad behavior, which is a root problem we face in this country. For example, when the justice Dept does not equally enforce existing laws, it basically endorses more law breaking. An obvious example is the financial fraud that led to the financial crisis, that has gotten worse because the abuse of unregulated derivatives has been allowed to grow. A worse example that has done more harm to the economy is the lack of enforcement of anit-trust laws that have enabled the healthcare industrial complex to impose monopolistic practices that have contributed to the unsustainable 9.3% per year exponential growth in healthcare spending over the last 35 years.

Since the curtain will only be pulled back further as the govt gets more desperate to fund their lifestyle, the media should be more thoughtful on who they support – govt or the people. History has repeatedly shown that the establishment does not fare well when the bubble burst, especially when the bubble is in govt bonds, which destroys govt’s ability to fund itself.

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