The REAL Impending Danger

The desperation of the elite is reaching new heights, as the new scare tactic is that global warming could cause job losses, recession, and heaven forbid a tumbling stock market. What happens if the planet cools instead of warms? Would it mean that we’re headed for a booming economy? I wish it were true, as more evidence has surfaced from a research report , authored by a group of European scientist, that claims we are headed for a decade-long freeze as the sun slows down solar activity.

This discovery is not news to Twisted readers, as we reported back in March that we should be preparing for the coming mini ice age, which has a much more devastating effect on food supplies and the economy than periods of warming. Even if one did choose to believe that the earth will endlessly warm as long as man drives cars and warms his home to keep from freezing to death, it would be 50 times more practical to invest in ways to live with the warming than trying to fight it.

The global warming fraud has been perpetrated on a thesis presented by well-funded, government ‘scientists’ using manipulated observations, that on a geological time-scale is similar to basing long-term stock market forecasts on one days worth of data. We have presented endless cases of documented manipulations that fit the data to the argument the earth has been abnormally warming due to man’s exploitation of earth’s natural resources. Now, new evidence shows that NASA has also been part of the fraud.

Denninger pretty much nails it in his review of the coming cooling cycle and the real agenda of politicians. These findings should put an end to the politicization of the climate. However, when you are dealing with broke govt’s that will do anything to protect and fund their power, then you can count on the propaganda machine assembled in Paris this week to ignore the facts in pursuit of their sick agenda.

As George Carlin hilariously noted a while ago, only self-important, narrow-minded arrogance can lead one to believe that man’s short stay on this planet can do more harm than hundreds of thousands of years of cosmic bombardment and natural disasters – all of which have been caused by the pulse of the universe that creates all of the cycles – from the way sound and light travel, to climate and business cycles, and the cycles of war and civil unrest, which coincidentally peak together in 2017 for the first time since the 1700’s when we got the French and American Revolutions. It and we are all connected, and the real impeding danger is politicians that will do anything to hold on to their jobs, perks, and power.

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