The Propaganda Behind Guns

The latest propaganda on guns states that people on a no-fly or FBI list should not be able to buy guns. Ignoring the mistakes and politically-motivated reasons that would result in innocent people finding themselves on a list or that these people should already fail a normal background check, the Collectivist and naïve sheeple want sane people to believe that crazy criminals are going to stop buying guns if they are illegal. These are the same manipulative thinkers or non-thinkers that believe making drugs illegal will eliminate drugs, or caused prohibitionist to believe they could eliminate the drinking of alcohol.

The only thing that happens when you outlaw a human vice is the activity moves underground, the price and profit of the vice increases, and the resolution of grievances that comes with transactions are resolved violently instead of through the courts. In the case of guns, making them illegal will not keep them out of the hands of criminals, which by definition don’t respect laws. The only thing it will do is make sure law abiding citizens are made defenseless against criminals, and that citizens who refuse to be made defenseless will purchase them in the underground economy, which will grow.

The other nonsensical argument surrounding the propaganda of guns is law abiding citizens should not be able to buy a so-called assault rifles. First of all, just because a rifle looks like a military-style machine gun does not mean it should be illegal. You might as well outlaw Under Armour gear. Machine guns, which fire multiple rounds with one pull of the trigger, have been heavily regulated for decades and over-taxed since 1934. It has not stopped drug cartels and terrorist from possessing them, or our govt from providing them to these criminal organizations.

The popular AR-15 is not a machine gun. It fires one round with each pull of the trigger. It was made to look like a military-style weapon for marketing reasons, as people generally like what the military has, although true gun enthusiast shy away from what the military has because it is inferior to what is available in the competitive free market.

As a brief aside, the same bureaucracy that produces a $10,000 toilet that doesn’t work, also applies to armaments. It’s the reason the free market can more efficiently put a rocket in space, and produces more accurate and effective ammunition. The govt over pays and accepts inferior work because there is little or no consequence for not making the extra effort required for improved quality and cost. Trust me, I know first hand this is the case. If you don’t believe me, go to a gun show and ask if you can have the same 5.56mm or 7.62mm ammo used by the military. Ammo manufacturers will wonder why you want less accurate ammo that will not fire 5-15% of the time when it gets wet.

The Collectivist that want to rescind the 2nd Amendment, along with their useful idiots, will ask why does anyone need an “assault weapon”, which shoots like most semi-automatic rifles? How do these people think a citizen is supposed to defend themselves against criminals and oppressive govt’s that have these style of weapons, and worse? Do you think the ATF would have backed down at the Bundy ranch if the protestors were packin’ sling shots? How where the murdered people in Orlando helped by waiting for police to save them? The FBI  failed to track someone that was on their watch list, and  police chose to let them bleed out, waiting several hours  to intervene, even though they knew people were shot. All of the gun-free zones and cities around the world, like Paris, San Bernardino, schools, churches, and movie theaters did not stop gunmen from killing people. In fact, it allowed them to kill far more people than if citizens with permits were allowed to carry.

What is equally important to understand is that disarmed citizens are also at the dictatorial whim of politicians that tend to believe that anyone can be sacrificed when it comes to maintaining their perks and power. While many people understand how broke govt’s are, they fail to follow or appreciate how far those in govt will go to maintain their lifestyle. Companies and individuals have to downsize when the economy and their incomes drop. The govt on the other hand can destroy the economy with their higher taxes, fraud, and reduced freedoms, and instead of downsizing they continue their fraudulent ways, raising taxes and confiscating rights. When does it stop?

In countries where the govt has confiscated their citizens guns, any protest by the citizens get squashed. As we have stated many times before, our govt will try to confiscate our guns before the big consequences of govt largess hit the public – consequences like taking haircuts on retirement accounts, including social security, and having bank accounts bailed-in.

Only those that have never lived under totalitarian rule would be in favor of handing their guns over to govt. Our Founders understood this issue, which is why they made the right to bear arms the 2nd most important Amendment to the Constitution…and it had nothing to do with the right to hunt, which was as common as going to the grocery store today.

If you want to know what has been learned from the Orlando shooting, Denninger has documented it well.

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