The Obama Show: The Syrian Alternative Reality

The US government, aided and abetted by mainstream media, has infamously tried to create alternative realities on all sorts of issues. Whether the topic is economic, social, or foreign policy, you can be assured that the media will keep the sheeple focused on the peripheral symptoms instead of the root causes of a problem – which most often emanates from govt itself.  Syria is no different.  However, as Jim Carrey’s character discovered in The Truman Show, even the most brainwashed person realizes that Obama’s Syrian reality is another hoax.

Obama as Truman

The Obama Show was exposed today during an interview conducted by Bill Hemmer of Fox News with Rep Bill Johnson of Ohio.  Rep. Johnson, a 26-year Air Force veteran, who just participated in the confidential briefing on Syria, disclosed that THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE PRESENTED TO HIM THAT THE REGIME OF BASHAR AL-ASSAD WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CHEMICAL ATTACK (you can jump to the 3 min mark if you want to cut to the chase). Whether people think that Assad needs “to go” or not is not the question, and the American people should not be dragged into de-facto support of their govt without Congressional approval, especially when they manufacture evidence.

Rep. Johnson did say the same thing that Secretary Kerry has been hard selling, that, “astonishingly”, chemical weapons were used by SOMEONE. Kerry’s revelation that it was Sarin gas versus some other chemical is somehow supposed to be significant.  As was the case with Saddam Hussein, the use of chemical weapons in the past is also supposed to be an indictment for this current use, even though we don’t know who used them now, and the US helped Saddam Hussein when he used them against Iran in 80’s.  The media and those in govt, that state so matter-of-factly that “al Assad used chemical weapons against his own people”, are disgraceful, irresponsible war mongers that should be held accountable.

The refusal of the majority in the media to even ask the question of WHO used the chemical weapons proves complicity with those who want war. Even though there has been more evidence proving that Assad did NOT use the chemical weapons than there is that shows he did, the press refuses to ask for the proof of WHO used the chemical weapons. Instead of providing true investigative reporting, the captured media parrot’s the wishes of govt, including the misperception that the President has the Constitutional authority to wage war even though there is no pending threat to the USA.  In fact, just minutes ago on Fox (around 12:45 pm), the host scoffed at the idea that the President did not have the authority to wage war (going back to wars since Vietnam).

Logic also supports that the rebels used the chemical weapons, especially since there’s evidence the Syrian rebels did have access to chemical weapons, possibly even provided by the Saudi’s. What did Assad have to gain?  Besides, why are we even supporting rebels that are affiliated with al-Qaeda, a sworn enemy of the US?  This sounds like treason to me!  Is it just me, or does anyone else find it odd that we are on the same side as the terrorist, the group the NSA uses as its justification to spy on us so they can protect us?  Why don’t “news” agencies investigate or discuss any of this? I think we all know the reason. Our leaders are truly insane. What’s next, are we going to invade Russia because of their stance on gays?

The majority of American’s do NOT support military action in Syria because they still care about truth. Most now realize they were bamboozled over Iraq, and don’t like being played for a sap, again. Allowing guest, including Senator McCain, to parade across so-called news programs to make their case for war without being contested is the reason viewership of these programs will continue to decline.

If Obama goes this alone, he would be an unambiguous war criminal (quite an accomplishment for a Nobel Peace Prize winner). Those in the media and Capital Hill that blindly support this criminal action should also be held accountable. If Congress votes against military action, and knowing how morally and intellectually bankrupt our govt is, I would not be surprised to see another chemical attack by our pawns in the Middle East.  Just like the TARP vote, will CONgress vote “no” twice, when they have been given such “compelling” cover?

If another sociopathic chemical attack takes place, there’s little doubt the mainstream media will once again be diligently rebuilding the set for The Obama Show (just like they did during The Bush Show).  However, make no mistake, the people responsible for the chemical attack and a subsequent war will have the blood of thousands innocent people on their hands – including our military kids that are used as cannon fodder.  The folks will not forget all those that participated in producing “The Obama (and Bush) Show”, even those that claim they were just doing their job.


Chris Hedges adds his Middle East experience in an interview with Paul Jay of The Real News.


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