The Immigration of Tyranny is the Only Kind of Migration Your Government Wants

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Do you want to be forced to possess a National ID Card that contains your fingerprints and retinal scan? What about being required to present this National ID Card to get a job, travel, or conduct financial transactions? Well, this is what you’re going to get if you allow the current “Immigration Reform” Bill to pass through the alimentary canals of Congress. In a vacuum, some may believe these abuses of our freedoms are mere inconvenience, like the Patriot Act and being felt up at the airport. I’m reasonably sure that many Polish and Czechs citizens didn’t mind showing their National ID’s for a while either.

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There had to be more to this Immigration Bill than what was being discussed in the mainstream media. After all, why was this Bill being pushed so aggressively with the country facing so many pressing issues? Now we know why this False Flag of caring for illegals was being planted to distract you from the true intent. Ron Paul has a short video that explains the potential abuses in this Bill, and he provides an easy way for you to sign an electronic petition to stop this National ID Card.

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If this abuse of your rights is not evidence enough that the road to tyranny has crested and is on a downhill glide path, please understand that your military now says that no presidential authorization is needed to quell “civil disturbances”. You would think that our military would have their hands full fighting the 74 wars around the world, that they publicly admit. No worries. If the government runs out of troops, especially those that may not want to shoot their fellow citizens, they have plenty of dispassionate dronesrobot troops, and foreign “freedom fighters” being trained in the U.S. that could care less about you. Do the new detention centers, and unjustifiably large purchases of domestic tanks and ammunition make a little more sense now? If a “conspiracy theory” falls in a forest of misinformation and no one hears it, does it still impact your life? I can promise you this – ignoring these problems is not going to make them go away!
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Has anyone noticed the transformation of our police over the last five years? Has violence in our cities suddenly exploded or are we expecting an Arab Spring in Time Square? It would be one thing if our municipalities were rolling in doe and just wanted the latest cool gadgets. However, last I checked, most of our cities and state governments are bankrupt.

The entire DOD document is contained in the link above. It seeks to override the Posse Comitatus law, which forbids the military from being involved in domestic law enforcement “except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress.” If military commanders determine that there are “extraordinary emergency circumstance” and local authorities “are unable to control the situation”, then the military is authorized to act.  Why would the military be needed to “quell large-scale, unexpected civil disturbances”, especially when local law enforcement is already equipped like the military? It couldn’t be because they are expecting people to get a little ticked off over having their dollar-based assets obliterated and food, gas, and healthcare cost go through the roof? Nah!

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Allow me to pass on a personal experience to drive home the point. Last week my company attended the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa. Drone technology and manufacturers were everywhere. From the multinationals to the specialized small businesses like mine, they were all after one thing – government money. It doesn’t matter who the government is going to target and kill with our money, as long as the manufacturers are winning the contracts, then everything is justified. It is relatively understandable why the population accepted the profits of the behemoth’s of the military industrial complex in the past, when the destruction was out of sight or mind (even though we were warned about their abuses). However, when the products of this industrial complex start destroying the liberty, property, and lives in our backyard to maintain and increase their product sales, I pray our fellow citizens will draw the line.

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The recent financial collapse was proof that anything, no matter how corrupt, can be justified if the profits and bonuses are big enough – even if it risks destroying the economy. Does anyone believe the military industrial complex will voluntarily downsize if the overseas business has been saturated? As highlighted above, the military business is already in 74 markets around the world, minimum. When the products they sell are at risk of declining because the users or recipients are stagnant or dying off, what’s a business man to do? How ’bout inventing drones to deliver your products? They consume less manpower costs, and you get paid for building the application equipment – it’s a win-win. It’s no different than a pharmaceutical company developing a drug that needs to find a consumer, regardless of the harm done to the recipient. Unlike the economic destruction of the past frauds, the consequences of increased revenues and bonuses for this fraud are just a little more severe.

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The time has arrived for a simple FIVE-STEP PLAN TO TAKE BACK THE COUNTRY. Denninger documents why this Administration is the most corrupt ever, and how the Rule of Law has been used as toilet paper. Ideally, everyone that understands these problems would be a leader. The reality is, the majority of people are followers. However, it only takes 5-10% of the people to take action, and there are plenty of people that understand the big issues. The FIVE-STEP PLAN is simple and it’s coming withing 24 hours. Please disseminate it to the people you think are leaders.
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