The Hemisphere Project Implicates AT&T, Big Time

It’s easy to become numb over the almost endless stream of disgraceful revelations involving government and some of our biggest corporations. Therefore, I’ll provide my succinct conclusion to the latest spying scandal, the Hemisphere Project, in which the government paid AT&T to place its employees in drug-fighting units around the country. Those employees sit alongside Drug Enforcement Administration agents and local detectives and supply them with the phone data from as far back as 1987.

While I won’t be as harsh as Karl Denninger, I will recommend the same action – BOYCOTT AT&T

The bad news, as cited by Zero Hedge, is very clear:

America is now officially an authoritarian state, in which personal privacy no longer exists in any capacity, in which the public-private complex collaborates against its citizens without express prior public knowledge or permission, and in which “some” have access to all private information merely “for the greater good.” Naturally, any abuse of the greater good, is at the fault of the “isolated” perpetrator, not the enabling behemoth government which has George Orwell spinning in his grave.

In conclusion, and clarification when Obama said, “You can’t have 100% security, and also then have 100% privacy and zero inconvenience”, what he really meant was “zero privacy”  in perpetuity.

Obama Mad Spy_1

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