The Govt Death Spiral

If this report of govt waste by the Pentagon does not drive home the problem with govt, nothing will. After a commissioned report revealed $125 billion in waste by the Defense Dept, they then tried to hide the results for fear of having new money denied. This is our military, who many think are the most ethical, disciplined, and responsible. Now, imagine how much is wasted across the hundreds of other Dept’s of Govt at the Federal, state, and local level.

Medicare alone waste $60 billion. Add up the cumulative waste and your talking serious trillions that could be used to fund the ideas of entrepreneurs that produce jobs and improve living standards.

This waste, fraud, and abuse is so pervasive in govt because there is little incentive to fix the problem. Unlike small businesses, which provide the majority of jobs, govt has no competition or fear of business failure to force the correct behavior. Big business wants the same benefits as govt, which is why they bribe politicians to pass laws that make it virtually impossible for new entrants to enter the market or comply with the mountains of regulations. Both of these problems increase our cost of living.

Add in the taxes that are increasing to pay for govt pensions that guarantee yearly increases, no matter if the economy expands or contracts, and you have a formula for economic collapse. All of this wasted and entitled money comes out of the pockets of everyone else, reducing their standard of living.

As this siphoning increases, the economy continues to decline, along with tax receipts, resulting in govt sucking harder on the hose until the natives reach their limit. If the voting booth does not deliver the needed change, civil unrest eventually ensues, as the people end up with nothing left to lose. Instead of govt reforming to bring their cost in line with the economy, they try to impose their lifestyle on the rest of society.

This death spiral has occured throughout history to destroy all great societies. The war on guns, free speech, and cash are clear signposts. There is a reason that the freest countries are the most prosperous, and poorest are the most corrupt, with the most govt oppression. It is also why the govt establishment attacks truth tellers like Armstrong. Why is this so hard for Democrats to see? Could it be they are doing the siphoning or getting the siphoned money? I guess if you believe that global temperatures will only rise, you can believe anything. Why can’t they just join the Church of Scientology?

Unfortunately, unless Trump can negotiate an Island or give them California, which the Socialist and climate cycle deniers should take, civil unrest will continue to escalate, as the govt bubble pops with increasing interest rates.

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