The Lies about GloBull Warming & Guns Speak Volumes

The lies about global warming and guns harm the economy and violate our rights, while doing nothing to halt what they claim to prevent. These frauds do advance the agenda of the establishment, and it also demonstrates how easily the masses can be manipulated. What would be laughable, if it wasn’t so sad, is that the believers in globull warming and the abolishment of the 2nd Amendment will admit that the govt lies about all kinds of things. It just happens to never lie about their interests. It’s the same convenient logic that believes that taxing carbon will reduce carbon, but income and prosperity won’t be reduced when they are taxed. I guess if the increase in the minimum wage doesn’t kill jobs, then they should eliminate the “sin” taxes because they don’t cut smoking and drinking.

The govt lied about WMDs, the Pentagon’s misplaced $trillions, the theft of the Social Security “trust fund”, Fast and Furious (gun running) in Mexico and Benghazi, IRS-targeting of conservatives, our fraudulent involvement in Ukraine and Syria, and what the definition of sex is or what the meaning of is, is. Govt Regulators let major corporations (donors) lie about fraudulently packaging mortgage-backed securities (MBS), rating them AAA when they were junk, and then selling them around the world, only to have them blow up in 2007-2008. The govt lied about the harm of unregulated derivatives that caused the financial crash, and the use of $700 Billion in Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funds that bailed out the banks after the crisis. But, the govt would never lie about their motives behind wanting to confiscate guns or why they promote the idea that man can alter our climate, which has always been oscillating.

Govt Regulators let their banksters lie about manipulating municipal bond and LIBOR rates, lets big pharma lie about harmful drugs, and the FDA lies about the food pyramid and GMO’s. Govt prosecutors lie about evidence that falsely jails innocent people, and judges take bribes from the prison industry that sends kids to jail to keep the utilization rate above target. Bush lied about 9-11 and the Saudi’s involvement, and the Clintons lie when they say they care about the people, when in fact the two most devastating pieces of legislation were signed by Bill – Gramm-Leach-Bliley, which repealed the key components of Glass-Steagall in 1999; and the 1998 Amendment to HEA, that made student loan debt the only debt that cannot be expunged through bankruptcy.

The list of lies could go on and on, and most already understand that govt and their donors are one big cesspool of lies, fraud, and self-serving corruption, but somehow they are telling the truth about global warming and guns. REALLY?!

The govt wants us to believe the “preponderance of evidence” that says man is responsible for altering the climate, even though they made the same definitive claims about WMD’s in Iraq, and scientists have PROVEN that the climate change models are bogus, not to mention that the climate has been oscillating since well before the dawn of man and the invention of the internal combustion engine. The motivations and claims by govt about man-made climate change and their reasons for wanting to take away our 2nd Amendment rights are nothing more than more than self-serving lies.

In this age of corporate media, where the Fairness Doctrine has been repealed and Edwin R. Murrow’s warnings over 50 years ago have come to fruition, it should be obvious that the so-called news is nothing but propaganda. So, why do so many people still believe the BS?  I don’t know, but it should alert everyone to the power of propaganda, and the need to question everything – even audience questions for presidential candidates.

The Climate Change Hoax

Everyone needs to watch Henrik Svensmark’s documentary on climate change and cosmic rays, and then ask themselves, why was this research denied publication for almost two years? As Armstrong has documented, “The majority of the establishment in academics ALWAYS rejects anything that contradicts their theories. Change must always come from the outside in, and never from the inside out.”

As renowned physicist and Democrat, Freeman Dyson, recently stated in an interview with The Register, “Pollution is quite separate to the climate problem: one can be solved, and the other cannot, and the public doesn’t understand that.” So, why does govt intentionally conflate pollution caused by fossil fuels with climate change?  The answer is easy, if one understands the history of govt’s.

In the Forward published a week ago by The Global Warming Policy Foundation, Dyson wrote, “to any unprejudiced person reading this account, the facts should be obvious: that the non-climatic effects of carbon dioxide as a sustainer of wildlife and crop plants are enormously beneficial, that the possibly harmful climatic effects of carbon dioxide have been greatly exaggerated, and that the benefits clearly outweigh the possible damage”.

In these “hot words on global warming”, the author reminds us that it was not that long ago when all the scientist where aligned on the “science” of global cooling. As we have documented, on multiple occasions, our sun and the movement of our poles are the dominant forces on our earth’s climate.

The reason govt’s promote the hoax of man-made climate change is the same reason they want to rescind the 2nd Amendment. After briefly reviewing the lie about guns, we will explain why, but rest assured, it has nothing to do with saving the environment or your life.

The Gun Lie

As Kates and Mauser documented in their paper, murders and suicides around the world do not relate to guns the way govt and the media want you to believe. In fact, as the excerpt below highlights, the facts are often opposite of what we are told.

Since at least 1965, the false assertion that the United States has the industrialized world’s highest murder rate has been an artifact of politically motivated Soviet minimization designed to hide the true homicide rates.2  Since well before that date, the Soviet Union possessed extremely stringent gun controls3 that were effectuated by a police state apparatus providing stringent enforcement.4  So successful was that regime that few Russian civilians now have firearms and very few murders involve them.5  Yet, manifest success in keeping its people disarmed did not prevent the Soviet Union from having far and away the highest murder rate in the developed world.6  In the 1960s and early 1970s, the gun‐less Soviet Union’s murder rates paralleled or generally exceeded those of gun‐ridden America. While American rates stabilized and then steeply declined, however, Russian murder increased so drastically that by the early 1990s the Russian rate was three times higher than that of the United States. Between 1998‐2004 (the latest figure available for Russia), Russian murder rates were nearly four times higher than American rates. Similar murder rates also characterize the Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and various other now‐independent European nations of the former U.S.S.R.7

Regardless, our Constitution provides us the right to protect our life – period!  Just because govt’s do stupid and self-interested things, it does not give them the authority to violate our rights by erecting “sitting duck zones” where crazies know they will not face a serious deterrent. Just because govt jumps in bed with the out-of-control pharmaceutical industry that has created an influx of crazies, it does not give govt the right to strip me of the ability to protect myself from someone that does not value my life the way I do. If you have trouble understanding why criminals will always be able to get their hands on guns, and why gun-free zones make the law abiding public sitting ducks, then you should contemplate Denninger’s recent piece.

Our founding fathers made the right to bear arms the 2nd priority for our unique nation because they understood that when govt’s go broke, they will sacrifice their citizens to save themselves. People, like our Founders, who understand their history know that it was not the ability to hunt that the Founders were protecting, as hunting was as common as sleeping in the 1700’s. It was the right to protect ourselves from criminals that don’t care about laws, and govt sociopaths that will do anything to hold on to their perks and power.

GloBull warming has always been about collecting more taxes for a broke govt, and gun control has always been about eliminating the right of people to prevent a desperate govt from imposing their out-of-control will, just like Germany did before they started rounding up the Jews . If you don’t understand it now, you will, as govt is getting broker by the day, and their tactics to save themselves at the expense of everyone else will be getting increasingly desperate. The latest example comes from Illinois (again), where they not only cannot afford to pay lottery winners, but pensioners are also getting IOU’s. Just because pensioners can’t do 5th grade math, and they should have known that the political promises where in fact lies, it does not mean they will not become restless when their precious govt withholds their payments.

There is a reason that municipalities and Federal Departments have been arming themselves like a military battalion. The EPA even spends millions on military-style weaponry. There’s also a reason the govt wants the public defenseless. As stated back in January 2014, “prior to the next financial crisis there will be aggressive tactics to outlaw and confiscate guns”. The govt simply cannot have citizens standing up for their rights when the govt comes calling – as occurred in April 2014 at Cliven Bundy’s ranch in Nevada.

While all the establishment candidates for President promote the self interest of govt over the people, Bernie Sanders may be the worst. Not only does he think globull warming posses the greatest threat to America, his economic/socialist policies reduce economic growth and therefore tax receipts, and he wants to take away the means to protect ourselves from people and govt that will become increasingly desperate as they move toward insolvency.

Sanders also thinks raising the minimum wage has no consequences. Maybe it’s due to him being in a cushy govt job too long. Although, one would think that he would have noticed Wal-Mart’s $21 billion dollar loss – attributed to raising the minimum wage, and a stronger dollar – due to capital exiting the periphery (i.e. Europe, EMs, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Russia, ME, etc.), because of debt, US foreign policy, and declining commodity prices due to dismal economic demand caused by govt largess all over the world. One would also think he would have noticed how businesses can replace workers with robots when their expense makes them unprofitable – a trend that has accelerated due to the Fed keeping rates artificially low for so long to prevent the interest expense from blowing up their budget, but making it cheap to finance robots.

Establishment candidates like Bernie are either naive, stupid, or propagandist that will say anything to get elected. Some may suffer from the inability to understand that the world/universe is not linear or choose not to learn from the past, but I think most know exactly what they are doing and play dumb as a fox to capture the votes. This makes the voter either naive, stupid, or complicit by voting for these selfish fraudsters. Either way it results in repeating the same mistakes that produce economic death spirals that lead to totalitarianism.

The globull warming hoax has always been about collecting more taxes, just as the NSA and FATCA are about finding and tracking money for a govt that is already bankrupt. These oppressive actions do nothing for what they portend, but they do send capital underground and off the grid, which only further contracts the economy and jobs.

I suppose the root of the public’s gullibility on these issues emanates from the fact that everyone dislikes pollution and innocent sitting ducks getting murdered in gun-free zones. The masses have also been brainwashed into believing that govt’s good intentions are somehow noble, even if they most always lead to Hell. What is bewildering is do environmentalist think that if people discover that our solar system and sun dictates our climate, they will suddenly not care about pollution? If gun-free zones are eliminated, causing the crazies to question their desire for control, do 2nd Amendment haters think we will go back to settling grievances by duels?  Govt knows that sane people know the truth, but they also know that their objectives are not met by telling the truth.

Just as the individual is the best steward of their money and not govt, the same applies to people’s water, air, land, and their life. It is the “lack of ownership” mentality that infects everything the govt owns or regulates that causes the most damage. Govt lovers complain about special interest, even though it is govt that subsidizes them. What’s even more hypocritical is that govt is the biggest special interest group and biggest welfare recipient. So, when candidates talk about eliminating the special interest and reforming welfare, how about starting with the entity that produces no wealth and only creates interest payments that won’t be reduced, and will blow up balance sheets when interest rates revert to the mean.

BTW, about 40% of our so-called growth since 1980 has been due to increasing amounts of debt, facilitated by a downward trend in rates since they peaked in 1981, which enabled more debt to be rolled without increasing the interest payment. With rates at a 5000 year low, and govt and businesses unable to take on more debt without increasing their interest expense, is it any wonder the economy is stagnant. What do you think happens when rates start their trend upward? Where will govt get the money to pay the increased interest? Do you think the govt’s banksters will accept defaults or haircuts, or will they demand austerity (higher taxes and less services) to insure their interest payments are made in full? If you don’t know the answers, ask someone living in Greece or Chicago what happens when govt goes broke. It’s not govt that is forced to reform, it’s always the people – at least until the people are driven to revolt.


Just as our founding fathers understood the link between freedom and prosperity, other intelligent forefathers figured out the best solution for the pollution problem long ago – likely because they kept their ear to the ground instead of their eyes glued to the tube.

Milton Friedman – Population and Ecology

– Friedman’s Legacy for Freedom and the Environment

– The Libertarian Manifesto on Pollution

BTW, if we did act like Indians and put our ear to the ground, do you think we would hear the govt comin’ or going?

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