The FBI is Lying – What a Surprise

Denninger has documented the FBI lies, repeatedly, regarding Apple’s lack of cooperation in iPhone-gate. Anyone that understands the FBI’s involvement in the so-called terrorist attacks, and many other frauds throughout their history, should not be surprised. However, a majority believe the propaganda, at least that is what the polls tell us we should think.

The NSA is also deeply involved in the govt’s fraud to hunt data, money and dirt for many years – even collaborating with Google, who was created by the CIA. Speaking of the CIA, they have been the muscle behind the asset stripping of resource-rich countries across the globe for decades, as documented by one of the Economic Hit Men, John Perkins. Why are people so shocked that the FBI is lying in this case?

Denninger accurately warns about the ability of hackers to gain access to our bank accounts, and other private data that can be sold on the black market, once that govt requires the capability to access our phones. However, he fails to ask the bigger question, why does the govt want access to all of our cell phones, which they have been after since the NSA developed Clipper Chip in the early 90’s? It’s certainly not about stopping the bad guys. If it was, then the govt certainly wouldn’t be permitting the biggest banks to be the biggest money launderer’s, or they wouldn’t be arming and funding ISIS and drug cartels.

It’s about power, control, and money – specifically, the money to feed an ever-expanding govt, which is required to protect the jobs, perks, and power of career bureaucrats. Just as the police have become the tax collectors for cities, the NSA is about hunting money for a broke Federal govt, and collecting dirt on powerful figures to use when the time is useful. NSA whistleblowers have discussed in public how the NSA has bugged Supreme Court justices, Secretaries of State, military leaders, politicians, and more.

The NSA’s data center in Utah is the largest in the history of the world, with the capability of holding all the data that mankind has ever produced, and then some. Yet, the head of the NSA, General Alexander, has testified under oath that they have possibly thwarted one terrorist attack, and that one was orchestrated by the FBI. It’s the same reason we cannot seem to take out ISIS or their oil convoys into Turkey (who sell the oil to Israel and other “allies”), using the excuse that it may cause environmental damage, while demonizing Russia for taking it to ISIS. Things are never as they appear, because the establishment wants it that way.

First they came for the Jews

For those that say, “so what, I have nothing to hide”, please read our post from Aug of last year. There were many people in Nazi Germany that also had nothing to hide. The more the govt takes away our freedoms and privacy, the more the economy declines, as capital and the free flow of ideas and money gets off the grid. This is exactly what has been happening for more than 12 years, and it’s the exact same reason that all great societies have collapsed.



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