The Consensus and Controversy of Climate Change

Dr. Judith Curry, the former chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, says that climate science has become politicized – do you think? In this revealing interview, she also says that the current climate models do not reflect reality, the artic ice is expanding (not contracting), and the current rate of rising sea level is the same as it has been for 10,000 years. In other words, the theory of man-made global warming is debunked by scientific facts.

As should be obvious by now, facts do not matter to those with political agendas, and if you are unclear who benefits from political agendas, it’s those that are dependent on maintaining a career in govt and getting handouts from govt.

The COP21 agreement from Paris is a perfect example of govt waste. Forgetting the waste involved in sending the thousands of propagandist and useful idiots to Paris on their carbon-spewing jets, the agreement does NOTHING towards their stated goal of reducing carbon emissions, but it does enable govt’s to dole out billions of hard-earned tax-payer money to their donors all over the world.

The only thing that is enforceable is the reporting, which knowing the way GDP, inflation, and other govt statistics are reported, should give everyone a warm and fuzzy feeling. My biggest beef is that instead of just targeting a maximum temperature increase of 2 degrees, why didn’t they write a law that forbids humidity to increase above 80%? While there at it, I also like my ocean temperatures between 78-82 degrees.

What’s even more comical is that global temperatures in the coming decades are projected to trend downward toward a Maunder Minimum, that will produce another mini ice age. It’s too bad these demagogues didn’t impose a red line 2 degrees lower, then we could prevent global cooling, which will do much more harm than warming. No doubt, the bureaucrats will take credit for reducing temperatures, even though the evil plant food (CO2) levels will continue to rise as the millions of people without electricity and running water have the audacity to desire an increased standard of living.

The so-called science behind Global Warming, Climate Change, and what might as well be called Seasons, has been allowed to be propagandized because most people do not click and read the reference stories or question their beliefs and biases. Even if they did, they would need to be statisticians to sift through the intentionally convoluted data to separate fact from fiction. Don’t worry though, the govt and their surrogates in the media do not have any ulterior motives behind their obfuscations.

Unfortunately, these deceptive tactics work extremely well on a complacent society. They have enabled the unique ideals that founded this country to be hijacked by powerful elites, which results in the frauds and abuses that waste the blood and treasure of our country for political favors, like those that SKerry and the Obamanation plan to dole out in the name of helping poorer countries. BTW, if the science behind man-made global warming was so sound, why do they have to message the data and try to destroy the reputation of those that disagree with their message?

Real scientist, like Dr. Curry, question everything and maintain objectivity no matter where the data leads. It’s not about making the data fit preconceived beliefs. Objective-minded people have to be sickened by those that call themselves scientists, who have chosen to be owned by the political establishment – just like a corporatist crony. This sickness is directly corrolated with peak fraud, and also helps explain the insane belief that govt lies about everything, except the pet projects of ideologues.

The selling of global warming to consolidate power is the same fear tactics used to sell the invasion of Iraq, the bail-out of the bankster banks, the passing of the Patriot Act and FATCA, and the never-ending extension of the debt ceiling façade. Since this propaganda technique has worked so well, one can count on its continued deployment to sell another war in Syria, confiscate guns, and default on political promises, like pensions, Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.

I chose to highlight the abuses and fraud associated with the Global Schooling behind climate change because it’s the same propaganda techniques that the establishment has used to railroad our economy over the last four decades by convincing the public that debt is the same as real growth, and exponential increases in govt spending is linear and sustainable. Just as 5th grade math has taught everyone that exponential increases do not remain linear and ALWAYS go parabolic, any human being that would actually think longer than the time it takes to say “Dancing with the Stars” would realize that the earth’s activities – be they hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, and of course, temperatures, are cyclical in nature and have been oscillating long before man walked upright, and certainly before the invention of the internal combustion engine.

Some see our problems being related to the “credibility trap” (when lies and corruption become so widespread and embedded in a system that they become self-sustaining to the point of moral bankruptcy), and others assign the problems to “control fraud” (when a trusted person in a high position of responsibility in a company, corporation, or state subverts the organization and engages in extensive fraud for personal gain), but no matter what you call it, if a society does not remain diligent, our Founding Fathers have taught us that govt will run roughshod over the citizens they swear to protect. If you don’t want to read about control fraud or the credibility trap, all one needs to do is think about the mindset of people that allowed Jerry Sandusky and priests to get away with abusing children for so long; or the convoluted logic of “Too Big To Fail”, which says the documented fraud of banks can’t be prosecuted because it might harm the confidence on which our economy depends.

It is the bankruptcy of morals and ethics, along with control fraud, that causes climate scientists to not speak out against their funder’s, just as most employees are afraid to constructively criticize their employer. We highlighted the documentary, Chasing Madoff back in 2013, as an example of how these flaws in the human condition produce the cyclical uptrend in fraud and corruption, that eventually leads to peak govt and the re-setting of societies. October 1st of this year marked the peak in the socialist dream of Marx, and the biggest bubble in the history of the world is set to be popped as the defaults begin to propagate like a nuclear reaction when interest rates and the dollar rise. (Corporations and govt’s around the world have borrowed trillions of US dollars over the last seven (7) years during this period of artificially-suppressed interest rates. When the dollar rises, due to distressed economies seeking a safer haven, the total debt rises in their home currency, which gets exacerbated when they go to roll their debt at higher rates. Even with the recent pullback in the dollar, it and dollar-based debts are up 22% in the last 18 months).

For those that check their biases and beliefs at the door, the fog will clear. It will become increasingly obvious that broke govt’s are digging in their heels as their oppressive actions further erode the world economy and tax base. The latest example comes from the govt down under, whose commodity-dependent economy has become so desperate for tax revenue that it is tracking the source of funds provided to those evil rich kids that go to private schools. Not to be out done, Barry signed a Bill during the distraction caused by the terrorist attacks that will confiscate your passport if you owe the IRS too much money.

The Socialist mind set, that sells the “fairness” of taxing the rich or everyone deserves to pay their fair share, and usually much more (except for those in govt), conveniently ignores the consequences on the economy. You see, the money that govt wants to confiscate to save itself, is no longer available in the banks, which are the source of loans for small business creation and growth (thus jobs). Instead, govt wants to squander it on mal-invested political hand outs, and to support govt jobs and perks that do absolutely nothing to increase the prosperity of a nation.

Some even have the gall to justify imprudent govt spending by being broken window fallacy deniers, which believes that breaking windows or blowing up cities creates jobs. This simple-minded thinking obviously ignores the improvements that could have been made to society, if the funds were not wasted. As Dr. Curry and Denninger highlight, instead of wasting time and resources fighting the global warming ghost, the rest of the world is pressing ahead trying to develop and bring to market legitimate alternative energy sources, like thorium-based nuclear reactors.

There is a sustainable alternative to Socialism and Corporatism, but it will likely require objective computers to see through all of our hard-wiring in order to make decisions that are not just good for the establishment. The goal of Martin Armstrong’s life-long work is to put the power of lessons from the past in the hands of the people, which would expose the BS and snake oil being sold behind the political curtain. He has been able to make incredible discoveries by observing the actual data, versus forcing it to conform to his beliefs and biases. Combining his programing skills, understanding of how different economies actually function, and the largest historical database of financial-related data (that includes climate, currency, pandemics, and many other factors that impact an economy), Armstrong has uncovered the secrets of how the world economy is connected, and its cyclical nature (like all energy in the universe).

This knowledge of how the world really works, coupled with the technical feasibility of real Democracy, may just allow society to take the next big step forward, instead of repeating the same mistakes of the past. The first phase of Socrates is just now being released, and can be evaluated for $10. This model is what the govt and the banksters wanted, and when Armstrong would not give it up, he found himself in jail and therefore incarcerated for the longest sentence of any prisoner NOT FORMALLY charged! (see The Forecaster documentary for an introduction).

If you want to validate the Socrates model for free, it has forecasted extreme volatility in markets on Tuesday, 12/15, which is the start of the Fed meeting, in which they are expected to announce on Wednesday the first rate increase since 2006. There are other events occurring next week that could feed the volatility, including “Quadruple Witching” on Friday (when all four options markets have maturities on the same day). Also, the Senate just extended a govt shut down until next week, and a large junk bond fund (Third Avenue Mgmt) just cancelled redemptions. Do you think the other investors desperate for yield might want to get out of their high-yield bonds (< investment grade – BBB), now that this market has collapsed?

Finally, as Denninger has articulated, those dependent on the establishment are, at best, indifferent, to the things that seriously threaten our well-being. Trump is exposing this truth and it scares them to death. The climate change scam is just the latest in a long line of abuses that will only get worse so long as the establishment stays in power. That is why the best thing that any freedom-loving citizen can do is vote out EVERY incumbent, EVERY election until they get the message – which is exactly what is happening all around the world.

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