The Coming Changes Should be Crystal Clear

Whether it’s civil war that breaks up the USA or bankrupt states, like IL, getting dissolved into neighboring states, make no mistake, drastic changes are coming at home and abroad over the next 10-15 years due to govt’s self-centered mismanagement of our trust and taxes.


While the media keeps the sheeple preoccupied with the Russian boogieman, China and Russia are actively collaborating with others in the Middle East to build the New Silk Road through Syria, and preparing for life after the big reset. Meanwhile, examples are popping up almost daily that demonstrate how countries, states, and cities have reached their debt point of no return. Beyond the examples cited last week, we now have CT’s capital, Hartford, getting their debt downgraded to junk status; and Seattle is imposing an income tax on the “rich”, which will soon be anyone with an income, as if taxpayers cannot simply move, as they have in IL.

Over in Europe, the anti-capitalism riots have spread from Germany to Paris, and the chance of the Catalonia region of Spain breaking away from the rest of Spain is also coming to a head. As with all revolutions, the foundation is economic and driven by the idealistic youth. With youth unemployment over 40% in many parts of Europe, the European establishment has plenty of “useful idiots” to use as fodder for their globalist agenda. The irony that is lost on the youth and others is the reason jobs are nonexistent is small business formation, which is 70% of the economy, is being impaired by high taxes, regulations, and out of control health care costs, which is the result of self-interested career politicians that will do ANYTHING to maintain their job, perks, and power. Another example is coming from Australia, where the govt is tapping into everyone’s personal data to find every last cent for a broke govt that would never consider reforming. Welcome to the sovereign debt crisis.

Since the level of capital formation is directly related to the level of taxation, regulations, and the equal enforcement of the rule of law; it should be no surprise that the hot air bellowing from politicians has the windy city leading the way down the economic drain. Of course, Chicago is not the only city or country circling the drain of govt corruption. The deep state establishment, who directly benefits from the corruption game they run, are doing everything in their power to neuter Trump, who does not want to play their game.
Since the crash and burn economic reset is unavoidable, and within the next few years, the only questions that remain are who suffers the most and what system grows from the ashes. Since both sides must get something, my solution is to satisfy the Left with a one-time wealth confiscation from the 0.05% to pay for basic necessities (3 hots and a cot) for the most vulnerable during the depression that will result from deleveraging an economy that’s 40% dependent on debt. In exchange, the Left must allow a real free-market capitalist system to grow from the ashes – one in which short term-limits apply to all politicians and federal judges, who must also live by the same laws they pass and enforce. If the Bernie Sanders Utopian’s can dream, why can’t I?
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