The Chinese Trump, Another Sign of the Times

Ren Zhiquiang is not only channeling his inner Trump because he is a real estate mogul, but more importantly due to his outspoken criticism of “the party”, that has found widespread support across China.

The Donald of China has used his 38 million Internet followers, many times the number of Trump’s Twitter account followers, to publicly chastise Chinese President Xi Jinping’s demands for Communist Party loyalty from the Chinese media.

The quotes below from Ren could easily have come from Trump, who is in a battle against the US political establishment, and their bought and paid for mouth pieces in the mainstream media.

“When did the people’s govt turn into the party’s govt?”

“Don’t use taxpayers’ money to do stuff that doesn’t provide sevices to the taxpayer”.

“The people have been tossed into a forgotten corner”.

Like Trump, Ren has used his connections in high places to avoid being squashed like a pesky bug, which the Democratic establishment has been hoping to do with Bernie Sanders, who is only a threat to the establishment  because he has no chance of winning the general election.

Establishment govt’s around the world are coming under attack by their citizens because they have been tossed into a forgotten corner – at least if they have no money to confiscate. The citizens with money are being increasingly sucked dry by broke govt’s that refuse to reform, for fear of losing their jobs, perks, and power.

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