The Brownshirts are Back in Germany

Just in time for the final sprint to Germany’s September election, Merkel and her band of establishment Brownshirts have passed a law banning “hate speech”. Since there is NO due process or definition of criminal “hate speech”, the law will certainly be interpreted as anything that is critical of govt. Congress must be so jealous.

Like all politicians that get drunk on power, Merkel is not letting the immigration crisis, that she started, go to waste. What started as an attempt to soften her image, after suffocating Greece’s economy under a blanket of austerity that produced record suicides, Merkel unleashed a crisis by unilaterally opening the immigrant floodgates to demonstrate her compassion for the refugees. It should be noted that the immigration crisis was created by the US-led efforts to remove Assad, so natural gas provided by Russia could be replaced with gas from US-puppets, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The military industrial complex also insured the ISIS false flag was waved by providing weapons to desperate nut jobs, in an operation popularly called the “war on terror”.

In typical govt fashion, where the ends justify the means and blow-back is never considered, the consequences of no boarders are having a compounding impact on European citizens. Not only are their cultures being destroyed by immigrants that are 70% young men with no intension of assimilating, but citizens that dare voice their concern over this insane policy are now being silenced. Open borders are an insane policy for sovereign countries. However, as we are witnessing and history has taught us, govt insanity is directly proportional to debt levels. The more indebted govt becomes, the more desperate they get to get money from their citizens.

The war on drugs and poverty should have been clues that govt was losing it, as both so-called wars have produced more of what they claim to be fighting. The war on terror was another certified false-flag that has “mysteriously” failed, even though we have a military budget that’s bigger than the next 10 countries combined and our enemy would have slingshot if not for us giving them weapons. Now that the “coincidences” have been stacked higher than the pile of innocent lives sacrificed for establishment rule, people around the world are having a collective aha moment, called the anti-establishment movement.

Since the sovereign debt reset is just getting started, one should expect the level of craziness to go full retard, as broke govt’s have their collective “dee dee dee” moment. The need for money will cause govt’s to hit the panic button to save their jobs, perks, and power. Expect the gloBull warming propaganda machine to go into warp drive to impose a carbon tax, even though 31,000 scientists have joined together against the global warming fraud. While I’m sure it was just a coincidence that no one that questioned the junk (paid for) science was permitted to speak at the Paris climate meeting, it’s not a coincidence that the earth’s climate has been changing since the first pulse of the universe, and the current lower-high temperature is simply a blip in time that will give way to a lower-low as we head into another mini ice age in 10-15 years.

Since halting free speech will not be enough, expect countries that haven’t already confiscated guns from their citizens to get more desperate to do so, while those that already disarmed their citizens will continue to see terrorist go unimpeded.

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