The Big Election Losers: Colleges, Polls, & Corruption

The pundits couldn’t say it enough – Clinton leads among college-educated voters, and Trumps only supporters are uneducated whites. We have known for a long time that test scores have been declining for decades. We now have further proof that our captured, establishment education system is a complete failure. To believe that Hillary should even be a candidate takes huge hubris-filled cojones, or the curiosity of a gnat.

I compared the pollsters to the captured ratings agencies leading into the financial crisis, who rated baskets of subprime mortgages AAA. The polls were an extension of the captured, propaganda media, and both deserve the same fate – bankruptcy.

The biggest Loser was corruption. No matter how much collusion existed between the political establishment, big money on Wall Street, Big Pharma, and the military industrial complex they could not Trump the American spirit.

After the Brexit vote I said I would bet all comers a steak dinner that Trump would win. People around the world are tapped out and tired of funding self-centered, inept, and corrupt career politicians. Needless to say Ruth’s Chris and Bern’s will be seeing me often.

Unexpected setbacks can serve as great learning experiences. It was the financial crisis that caught me totally off guard and caused me to do the deep dive into the causes. The investigation opened my eyes to the level of systemic fraud and corruption between govt, Wall Street, ratings agencies, and regulators. The deeper I dug, the more corruption was uncovered, including within my beloved Republican Party.

It took a couple of years to finally realize that the Republican Party was really the establishment party. I hope Democrats will use this experience to do their deep dive. I know it might be harder for a Democrat to reject the establishment, since they tend to depend on govt for cradle to grave support. However, the sooner you learn that the political promises were lies the faster you can move through the stages of grief. You will also learn a great deal about history, what once made America great, and why Hillary had no chance.

The big winner – common sense.

The big concern -Trump’s life. The desperate establishment and their dependents are the true crazies. Trump needs to lay low and beef up his security. The other concern is a preemptive war. Anything is possible when the establishment has so much to lose.

The next losers – Merkel, Hollande, the euro, and EU bureaucrats. Brexit was the first shot across the bow of the establishment. Trump has scored a direct hit, and based on the immigration crisis that Merkel enabled and Hollande’s socialistic policies that are destroying the French economy, both leaders could easily go down in their respective elections next year. Europe’s debt problems will eventually destroy the euro in the next couple of years, and the bureaucrats in Brussels should follow suit. The global elites will not give up their dream of ruling the world, so diligence is still necessary.

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