Take the Blue Pill if You Suffer from Conspiracy Theoritus

Labeling something a conspiracy is a common tactic to discredit a truth, and it’s especially effective on those that choose to take the Red Pill to remain in wonderland, and need an excuse for being massively uninformed.

Fast & Furious was labeled a conspiracy to protect the Obama administration from their gun running to bad guys in Mexico, which resulted in border agent Brian Terry getting murdered by one of those guns. As award winning investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson documents, Fast & Furious was true, and if the rule of law still existed, Holder and Obama would be f*ck buddies in some small prison cell.

Benghazi is another “conspiracy” that also got Americans murdered as a result of gun running – this time the guns were being run from Libyan rebels, that we armed to take down Kadafi, to Syrian rebels, that we hoped would overthrow Assad, so Qatar and Saudi gas lines could displace the Russian gas that is the main source of energy for Europe. An anti-Russia, Israel-tolerant puppet in Syria might also make it easier for the Sociopath-led Genie Energy to extract the black gold from the Golan Heights, which looks to be 10 times the size of the oil discover in Saudia Arabia.

If the military industrial complex hasn’t been thrilled with the chaos they created in the Middle East since 9/11 and the WMD propaganda, they must be creaming in their khakis over the war-provoking actions that the Saudi coalition just laid on QISR (Qatar-Iran-Syria-Russia). Since the propaganda and war to overthrow Assad is not going as planned, it looks like Plan B was needed.

The conflicts in the Middle East, and other resource-rich regions, are never about spreading freedom, democracy, or fighting terrorism, and the isolation of Qatar is no different. I urge you to read the articles by Zero Hedge and Armstrong on this topic, as the BS being shoveled by the establishment has consequences far beyond the normal economy-killing tax increases and freedom abuses. I’m sure the propagandists and ignorant alike will be calling WWIII a conspiracy, even after it starts.

The Saudi coalition, and funders of terrorism, have essentially imposed a blockade on the import-dependent Qatar for funding terrorists. The Saudi-led hypocrisy is thicker than the vomit projected from Comey’s mouth during his testimony on Thursday.  Qatar could retaliate by cutting off gas supplies to countries supporting the Saudi’s, which would dramatically increase the pain for everyone. Adding to the chaos, our largest military base in the Middle East is in Qatar, and we just signed a multi-year arms deal with the Saudi’s. Qatar, along with the US, was supporting terrorist against Assad and Russia in Syria. Since we could not run enough arms to the “good” terrorists to overthrow Assad, Qatar looks to be aligning with Russia and Iran to expand the market for their huge gas reserves.

This foreign policy crisis was hatched somewhere between strange bedfellows and the enemy of my enemy. The predictable screw-up will have consequences for everyone, which the perpetrators will scapegoat and label a conspiracy. While the Comey Show could give the Truman Show a run at the box office, the consequences of the testimony of a pathological career political hack pales in comparison to a World War.

If you haven’t taken the “red pill” yet, you may want to attend the Red Pill Expo in Bozeman, MT. You can start with this interview with the host, and author of “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, G. Edward Griffin.

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