So Much for GloBull Warming and Rising Oceans

The Ice Age 2050’s: Certainty video takes into account the latest data gathered from the ice core drilling projects in Greenland and Antarctica, which started in 1990, and the Ulysses satellite that orbited the sun three times, also launched in 1990, and ended 2009. This new data, virtually unreported in the mainstream media, shows (along with articles found here and here) that it’s the coming ice age and falling ocean levels that we need to prepare for, not melting ice caps that will flood our coastlines. The global warming propagandist will have their work cut out for them trying to garner support from anyone living north of Florida. However, it will not thwart govt’s taxing schemes. I fully expect broke govt’s to start taxing ice. After all, the world knows the over-consuming Americans use way more than their fair share of ice.

Whether it will be the earth’s polarity that flips or the suns, weather volatility will continue to increase, which might explain the two feet of snow reported in Columbia a couple of days ago.

Finally, our biggest Redwoods tell us that man is not more powerful than nature, nor should we meddle with it.

Those anti frack anti drilling KEEP IT IN THE GROUND type of idiots need to freeze their toes off in some realy cold winterets see then having to burn Greenpeace,Seirra Club news letters to stay warming t hat mindless young zombies

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