Seasons, Guns, Terrorism, and the Middle East

According to the media, you should feel nervous and jittery about the terrorist attacks? I don’t know about you, but the only things I feel nervous and jittery about are the incompetent clowns who claim they know how to fix our economy, say they are vacuuming up all our personal data to protect us, and are arming Syrian rebels (ISIS and al Qaeda) so oil and gas from Saudi Arabia and Qatar can replace supplies from Russia.

The French have data collection policies that are many times more invasive than the NSA (and it’s getting worse), which has not stopped one terrorist attack, including the horrific attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, even though the Jihadist were using cell phones and social media to communicate. Why has the data collection not worked? What you will find hard to believe, likely because you don’t want to believe it, is the French and US Govt’s do not care about stopping terrorism. If they did, they certainly would not be arming and funding the terrorist organizations, which is exactly what they have been doing. The fact is the French have been trying to reestablish its colonial power in Syria for many years, and the US has leveraged its paranoia over Russia to keep its boot on the neck of the Middle East and satisfy the lobby of the military industrial complex, that already has a budget that is bigger than the next 10 countries, combined.

What the French and US govt’s have in common is they are both broke, and are doing ANYTHING they can to hold on to their precious jobs, perks, and power. What they do care about is gathering data on their citizens to track and collect money under the façade of stopping terrorism. It’s the fear of terrorism that has given govt the excuse to take away our rights and freedoms, which keep us safe from robbers and terrorist carrying guns, as well as oppressive govt’s, which our Founding Fathers warned us about so unambiguously. There is a reason that non-establishment candidates are leading in the poles in the US, France, and many other broke govt’s that are digging in their heels to save their bacon. Sorry Mr. President, you and Hollande have failed your people economically and failed to protect them from terrorist because your wasting all of your vast assets hunting money instead of terrorist.

The goals of the Patriot Act, NSA, FATCA, and other freedom-killing policies, that have been created and expanded under the propaganda of fear, is to grow the size of govt for the sake of govt. Since prosperity is directly linked to freedom, the oppressive tactics of govt to protect themselves is in fact shooting themselves in the foot and the economy in the head.

“Gun-control laws do not control crime because crimes are not committed by guns; they are committed by criminals. Criminals will always have guns because they do not obey laws, including anti-gun laws. Those without guns are easy prey for criminals with guns. Gun control encourages crime. The right to bear arms was included in the Bill of Rights, not to deter crime, but to deter oppressive government. Just governments honor and protect the right to bear arms. Oppressive governments fear and prohibit the right to bear arms. Guns are dangerous. The only thing more dangerous is not having them.” – G. Edward Griffin

 I apologize in advance for my inflammatory language, but the time for politically-correct language needs to be thrown in the dust bin of history. Anyone that actually believes that criminals/terrorists will obey gun control laws needs to be committed to insure they are never allowed to own a gun or vote. Luckily, it appears more people are waking up.

Based on the record number of background checks on Black Friday, it would appear that an increasing number of people are figuring out that the only way to not be a sitting duck when crazies go on a shooting spree is to have a gun in your possession. Just as an alcoholic could always find a drink during prohibition, or a druggy can find an illegal fix anywhere in America, criminals and crazies will always get their hands on guns – no matter how many laws are written.

Is it that hard to figure out that the places where guns are banned or heavily restricted (like movie theaters, schools, Chicago, and France), the inhabitants of these locations are turned into sitting ducks. As Denninger elaborates, the cops are always 2nd responders. How many shots can these crazies get off, even if it is only a few minutes before police show up? The same problem holds true if an armed intruder enters your house. The cops will most likely show up just in time to draw a chalk outline of your dead body.

If you have seen the videos of scared citizens scrambling for their lives trying to find a hiding place or depending on the shooters gun to jam so they can breath another breath, then you have to be insane to not think those people would be better off if they had a gun to protect themselves. If the nutjobs know that an unknown number of citizens are carrying, do you think they would be so brazen in their attacks? The fact is the countries and cities with the most restrictive gun laws have the most mass shootings per capita. The simple truth is less people would be dead today if only a handful of people were carrying. Why doesn’t the President ask his security detail to turn in their guns? What’s the difference if a sociopath is trying to shoot the President, or a Parisian, or Christmas party goer?


The latest tactic to take your guns is to strip you of your 2nd Amendment right if your name is on a no-fly list, which we know the govt will never make a mistake adding innocent people to the list. Just like with the mental illness tact, where every veteran would be required to turn in their gun, the govt’s objective is to get the guns out of the hands of people that will object to govt’s oppressive policies, which have not even begun to take place. If the President wants to make sure guns stay out of the hands of the mentally ill, he would ban himself and clamp down on the pharmaceutical industrial complex.

If we wanted to be sympathetic, we could permit the gun deniers to play in their padded cells with all the people that think man-made global warming is real. Bernie would have to be the first companion, as he has gone full nut job, by claiming climate change is directly related to the rise in terrorism. Obama, Kerry, and Hillary will be content playing with themselves.

Obama has said that climate change is a serious threat to global security, and Kerry blamed the crisis in Syria on climate change. Now all they need to do is tie guns to climate change and Democrats would have the ultimate campaign issue. Wait, don’t guns produce smoke? Since the insanity of the Left has demonizing flatulent cows as one of the biggest causes of global warming, maybe they will attempt to ban guns because they emit smoke and just for spite destroy Matt Dillion’s image for promoting Gunsmoke?


I am convinced there is nothing that career politicians won’t do to keep their jobs, perks, and power. They could not get global warming to stick because people figured out the earth does not continuously warm. They then resorted to calling the natural climate cycles ‘Climate Change’, and try to brand anyone that believes in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall as a denier. Sorry, but some of us did listen to Expose’.

Hillary says we need to keep guns out of the hands of terrorist, as if freedom-loving people want to donate their guns to them. If Hillary wants to keep guns out of the hands of terrorist, why was she directly responsible for arming the rebels in Syria that became ISIS? Why has this Administration been opposed to bombing the miles of ISIS oil supply lines that are being sold through NATA member Turkey? Why doesn’t the US condemn and withdraw funding from all countries that are buying this illegal source of oil, including Israel? Why can’t Obama even acknowledge that there is a war against Islamic Fundamentalism? Terrorism is just a tool they use, and we will never defeat what we cannot face. Since a “war on terrorism” is not a war against a country or army, it is a perfect recipe for the war mongers that want a never-ending war.

This Administration actually said they haven’t taken out the caravan of oil trucks because they were concerned about harming the environment. I guess this is the same psychotic rationale that was used in permitting Turkey to shoot down a Russian jet and rescue helicopter. It’s the same twisted logic that was exposed by Snowden-leaked documents from the NSA that disclosed Israel’s MOSSAD had trained ISIS leader, al-Baghdadi, for a year. This is not a surprise for those that understand the origin of ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Mujaheddin, and al-Qaeda. Taking out Assad in Syria will only give ISIS more territory to roam. Didn’t we learn anything in Iraq and Libya? Apparently they did, as the destabilization plan appears to be working flawlessly.

Russia, who actually does want to destroy ISIS, gets shot at and villainized because they try to destroy the ISIS’s oil supply lines. Quite frankly, I don’t know why the US govt is upset over Russia disrupting ISIS’s oil routes, as it is driving them into the equally profitable drug trade, where their bankster donors are well-accomplished money launderers for drug cartels. Why isn’t Turkey, France and the US collaborating with Russia to destroy ISIS? The fact is, if they wanted to stop terrorism, they would start by not participating in it, and funding it. The sick reality is ISIS is viewed as just another group of “useful idiots” that facilitate the chaos required to reshape the world into one controlled by sociopathic career politicians that couldn’t run a taco stand profitably. Many of these bureaucrats, that dream of lifetime employment in a One World Govt, are unelected, like the ones sitting in Brussels running the EU into the ground, and will likely place them on the front lines of another World War.

Maybe, Democrats should listen to their own Congresswoman, who understands what’s truly happening in Turkey and Syria. At the end of this post, I have provided a logical argument against US military policy in the Middle East from retired Circuit Court Judge and USMCR Captain, C. Brett Bode.

For those of you who may be on the fence with Trump, I suggest you listen to a recent interview he did with Alex Jones.  Info Wars has been at the forefront of reporting govt fraud and abuses, and often gets labeled as conspiracy central. One of the conspiracy theories has been that Trump is only in the election to help Hillary get elected. Alex asks Trump point blank if that is his intention. After listening to Trump in this interview, and his spokesman on the CNN show, Reliable Source, I am convinced that Trump understands what is going on behind the curtain, which is why he better have the world’s best security detail.

Additional References:

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Note: Each paragraph in this rather long argument is followed by a summary of points represented to be fact or opinion in order to make it easier to follow the reasoning.

A “Political State” is the only social entity legally authorized to use coercion & violence to compel compliance with its rules. This is precisely why the founders of the American Republic were so keen on limiting the jurisdiction of the U.S. Federal Government-the scope of its authority & power-over the several states & the People.

Fact: States alone possess legal coercive power; therefore, scope of state power needs to be limited to preserve liberty.

In the modern, post Christian era, religion’s social role has largely been restricted to proposing truths (dogma/rules) which may be embraced or no by citizens without temporal consequence. Personal conscience & choice over a very wide range of human interactions is preserved. We call his “Liberty” and it is so important that we are willing to sacrifice all we have, our sacred honor, and our very lives to preserve it.

Fact: Religious power to coerce is non-existent in modern western states- Liberty of conscience & choice expansive. Opinion: Humans thrive best in atmosphere which maximizes freedom)

While Historic Christianity has had ts “fling” with theocratic government, or at least, “State Religion”, modern nation states are predominantly secular- All religions, in their individual relationships to the secular State, are relegated to the role of the State’s “conscious” without portfolio (power) -except in so far as religion may influence the conscience of a voter or one wielding political power.

Fact: Judeo/Christianity has retreated from idea of coercive authority- and toward Temple & Church acting as the “conscious” of the State and proponent of state policy and action without power to impose.)

Islam, unlike Christianity & Judaism necessarily conflates Mosque & State into a single universal authority possessing religious & political power both to propose and impose its truth. Islamic Theocracy uses coercion o force its religious rules/dogma upon its subjects over the whole range of human relationships without jurisdictional limitation. It s by nature totalitarian – all encompassing.

Fact: Nature of Islam is to use State power to impose dictates of Theocracy over entire scope of human interaction thereby severely limiting jurisdiction of individual conscious & choice)

Social life has every where and always been about who decides -what & how? I propose that persons of good will, from various back grounds and cultural experiences, may reasonably differ as to which of competing social systems is superior to others in the production of human well being.

Principle: Peaceful, healthy life in community necessitates rules of order & persons seeking that common good may differ on the rules & how determined)

Respect for others who follow a different “Way” is critical to peace between Nation-States. Violent encroachment on a society which poses no imminent threat to your own because they have chosen a different way, even if you believe hey would be better served by your own social ideas, has serious moral implications & may reasonably be expected to arouse fierce resistance. Further, common sense dictates that if a People internally disagree among themselves how they should organize their society, foreign governments, especially those having a history of exploitation and violence toward the People, would be wise to exercise restraint in intervening in the People’s internal affairs and respect their right to determine for themselves the way they chose to live.

Principle: Peace necessary requires mutual respect. (Live and let live, agree to disagree) If a People is in the process of determining or redetermining it’s rules of order, outsiders should avoid meddling, especially if geographically remote or having a history of enmity between them.

Argument (part Two)

A great many Muslims believe the policies & actions of the USG which they see & have experienced threaten Islamic culture, religion, lands, seas; interfere with self determination; and exert unjustified control over their natural resources. Reasonable people may, on the facts, agree or disagree with this perception. What matters is that very substantial numbers of the peoples comprising the Muslim world believe it- and desire its end.

(Fact: Muslims believe USG is encroaching on Islam & interfering with Muslim’s right of self-determination. Whether true or not true, does not matter.)

Proponents of Islamic Theocracy -Islamic Insurgents/terrorists have demonstrated a willingness to self sacrifice in the defense of that way of life. They are pledging their property, honor, and lives in waging protracted asymmetrical (guerrilla) war against powerful foreign states (U.S.) & their local agents. Islamic insurgents have defeated one world super power, the USSR, and are viewed as Holy Warriors waging a defensive Jihad against the “Great Satan” (USG) by the masses of the world’s Muslims.

(Fact: Islamic Insurgents, at great personal sacrifice, have waged guerrilla war, they call a defensive jihad, against the USSR & USG to end foreign military encroachment upon their people, religion, & lands.- Muslim masses view them as Heroes.)

We, citizens of the U.S., should possess a clear understanding of what, exactly, our USG’s objectives are in the Middle East and vis a vis Islamic Theocracy. For decades the USG has aggressively intervened in Middle Eastern affairs, sent our children in harms way to kill & be killed, and engaged in perpetual covert actions and wars against people’s who cannot be deemed a credible threat to the U.S. To this date, the USG has not clearly defined it’s objectives.

(Fact: USG has long encroached militarily in the Middle East at great cost in blood & treasure… Mideast State could be considered a credible threat to the U.S……principle: A moral state should not encroach on any other state without a justifiable reason of self defense.)

Why is the USG continually intervening in the affairs of the Middle East? Is it because it has ASSUMED THE IMPERIALIST ROLE OF THE UK which began with the end of the Ottoman Empire? If so, let’s stop? IS IT FOR OIL? If so, let’s promote oil exploration & production, alternative forms of energy, energy conservation & become energy independent….Let the Europeans find their own oil. What are the Muslims going to do with their oil? They can’t eat it. IS IT TO SPREAD U.S. STYLE DEMOCRACY? To give Muslim women the right to drivers licenses, abortions, and schooling? If so, foolish to try to impose a “way of life” – it must be desired.

( Speculation: Suppositions of various USG rationales for encroaching on People’s of Middle East)

I do not believe the American people to be imperialist. On the contrary, they believe in “liberty for all” and desire that America be an shining example of liberty to the world- as depicted by Lady Liberty, standing tall in NY City Harbor, holding up the light of Liberty, an example to the world. I do not believe the American People have signed on to spend our kids blood & bankrupt our national treasury to save the people of the world from bad choices that do not threaten us. Nor did they vote to impose democracy, the American way of life, capitalism, feminism , gay rights or anything else on the world.

(Opinion/Suggested Fact: American People would not endorse USG imperial designs, forcible acquisition of Mid-East oil, or imposition of democracy against will of people of Mideast)

America endured 45 years of cold & hot war to defend our way of life from the encroachment of Communism. Our way of life became secure in 1989 with the fall of Soviet hegemony. It will take some time for the consequences of the end of the Russian, British, & European Empires to work themselves out in the world. Peoples long encroached upon by foreign powers, having thrown off their oppressors, need time to work out how they wish to organize their own societies. The Reformation of the 16th Century resulted in a hundred years of war before exhaustion set in. American style representative democracy evolved over centuries, starting with the Magna Carta. A People have to be ready for American style citizenship & government… cannot be imposed.

(Fact: America secure from foreign domination. Current wars in world are largely result of end of imperialism. Principle: Wisdom is in knowing what of all things possible are within ones power to do. Opinion: Not within USG power to impose American Way on world.)

Islamic Theocracy is resurgent in the Middle East because Russian, British & European Imperialism is ending and but for the USG’s intervention, would likely have ended. Bin Laden may be dead, but his mission in life was successful. He has ignited a resurgence of militant religious fervor for a Islamic Theocratic State….which, unfortunately, post the USG’s invasion of Iraq, has attained a life of its own. It’s going to take some time to de-colonialize the Middle East & Eastern Europe. Military conflicts will likely go on for many years.

(Opinion: Resurgent Islam is result of withdrawal of former imperialistic powers, delayed by U.S. support of its remaining agents. USG’s policies & actions -seen by Muslim world as inimical to Islamic interests-invited radical Islamic Insurgent attacks on the U.S.)

The USG needs to cease its own imperialist agendas, and get out of the way. Self determination is a messy business & takes some time. Not our business. There are more than enough problems at home for the USG to resolve… to balance its own budget, for starters. Our own relatively recent history of revolution to overthrow British domination and self determine our own destiny should be recalled. It too was messy & violent and took years. It will be difficult to watch the chaos. Innocents will suffer because in war innocents always suffer. Friends will beg for our intervention to save them. Temporary international efforts to provide sanctuary, maybe; military intervention no. Absent a direct threat to our survival, we must let the fires burn to a conclusion. The wars of self determination will end only if we do not prolong & expand them.

(Fact: De-colonialism takes time, produces regional wars of self-determination, kills innocents, produces refugees & pleads for other states to get involved. These wars end or spread. Opinion: There being no imminent threat to U.S., USG should stay out; U.S. involvement will prolong & may spread the conflict.

Argument (part Three)

America sits between two giant moats- the preeminent military power in the world. No foreign state is going to offensively attack and defeat us. We should be enjoying some peace & prosperity, not getting ourselves bogged down in a quagmire of ancient animosities & religious differences we do not begin to understand.

(Fact: War, not peace, is the normal state of Mideast & Europe. Opinion: Impossible to understand let alone resolve complex of ancient hatreds related to clan, sect, race, tribe, historic grievances, revenge, land disputes, etc.)

If the USG insists on continuing down its present path, Americans should expect more 9/11’s and escalations of guerrilla style attacks on our homeland. The USG, in order to protect us from these attacks, will further curtail our liberties. It will demand our guns, make soldiers of our police, invade our privacy, restrict our travel, incarcerate innocents as “suspects” for long periods, impede our free economic exchanges, imperil our money, and the USG’s jurisdiction over our lives & its power will grow and grow. We will wake up one day in a different Amerika, with a very different way of life.

(Fact: Terrorist attacks will continue if USG present policy & actions in Mideast continue. Opinion: USG will severely curtail civil liberties of Americans “to protect us”. Jurisdiction of USG will expand toward totalitarian extreme away from the liberty we are accustomed to.)

How has this happened? The USG appears to have succumbed to the Roman disease….the desire to impose a “new world order” run by Western elites & enforced by the U.S. Military as the world’s policemen. Power is addictive. Throughout human history those wielding political power have tended to view their subjects primarily as a source of money with which to buy weapons & a source of soldiers to send to far away lands to kill & die for King & Country- unfortunately, mostly Kings,; Caesars seeking “Pax Romana”- peace through domination & subjugation.

(Principle: Uncontrolled: Political Power corrupts. Political Power is addictive. Political Power kills and enslaves. Political Power is Evil. Fact: perpetual interventions & offensive war has become default position of U.S. Leadership.)

We, the American People, must reign in our political power addicts. A century of involvement in never ending foreign wars of the Old World should have cured us….alas, we in the New World , infected with Hubris, have become addicted to power -exactly what our founders feared. The American way of life is indeed threatened, but not by a foreign power, rather by the hubris & power addiction of our own leaders who cannot resist using their taxpayer funded arsenal of offensive power to impose their will on non-citizens, and increasingly, even on citizens.

(Principle: USG originally to serve People, not visa versa. Opinion: a reversal of this Principle is occurring)


(What is to be done? Opinion: Change policy & conduct- Recall the troops – get out of The Mideast and let the fires of self determination burn out)

C. Brett Bode, Captain, USMCR and Associate Judge, 10th Judicial Circuit of IL, retired

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