Renzi, like Clinton, Pitchforked

Another one bites the dust!

While Democrats continue to lament the loss of their infamous leader, clinging to the belief that California voters gave Hillary the popular vote (like that matters), the rest of the world continues to scream at the top of their lungs – CENTRALIZED PLANNING DOES NOT WORK!  Never ending taxes and regulations eventually kill an economy, but CAREER politicians never look in the mirror because that is their lifeblood.

Most Democrats don’t understand what the EU and euro project was even all about, and why it is failing. So, how can they understand the anti-establishment messages sent by Brexit, the concession of Hollande, and now the trouncing of Renzi. The only support still standing is Merkel, and she may beat the refugees out of town that she plans deport.

Dems are still stuck in an anti-Trump time machine. They still think that if only Comey had not come out with the truth, Clinton could have slithered into office. If only they they didn’t railroaded Socialist Sanders, they could have kept their grip on the crony system that made them so wealthy.

As we have documented for years, the worm officially turned against big govt last year. The biggest bubble in human history is popping, and instead of govt preparing their citizens for the coming aftermath, they are trying to get their food and jewels from the safe into their lifeboat. The irony is most of these sociopathic insiders don’t even understand what’s taking place right in front of them, and their lifeboat will be useless in the debt tsunami.

While US stocks are likely to take a hit on the news, as they were over-bought and needed to take a breather, rest assured, the coming collapse of the euro will only send more capital into the only game in town. Yes, the Japanese yen will be bought too, but their day is coming soon, as Japan’s debt problems are even worse. The US dollar, stocks and gold/silver coins should be bought on the pullback, that could last into 2017.

Dems should check their beliefs and biases at the door, and sharpen their pitchforks, as their precious govt will be coming for them, their pensions, and other promises as the math takes center stage. Simply look at the recent announcements in Dallas and Cali. Pensions are a pyramid scheme that cannot be paid, and property taxes can only be increased so much before the people say, f*ck this, and move. They should be asking for independent audits of their muni’s CAFR, but that might give them the idea that the govt’s assets belong to them, instead of all citizens.

Dems are simply on the wrong side of the math, and history. The sooner they realize it’s govt against the rest of us, the sooner they can start preparing for the storm ahead. And no, it wasn’t Trump, just like it was not Bernie Madoff, that made promises that were mathematically impossible to deliver from the very beginning. It was your dearly beloved career politician, which is why term-limit should be priority one. Until we actually get it, keep voting out every incumbent, every election. The lobbyist will hate the return on their investment (bribe).

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