Remembering the 4th of July

As we look forward to the celebration of our INDEPENDENCE from the British Empire, I hope people will contemplate what it means to NOT be free. Would we be willing to sacrifice everything, as the Founders did, to maintain our freedom?

The American Revolution was about No Taxation Without Representation, which is also violated by having to pay income-killing taxes for past public debt that we never had a chance to vote on. Young people are being stuck with high taxes and a lower standard of living because past govt’s could not live within their means. Over 50% of our accumulated debts are from accumulated interest payments on the debt. We are being taxed for the past — not the present, and the youth need to get political active if they hope to have a free future.

Americans voted with their guns to get out from under the oppressive taxes of Britain. It’s ironic that the UK just voted to get out from under the unrepresented taxes, fees, and regulations of the EU (what goes around comes around). If America had chosen to stay under the control of Britain, it would have collapsed before it even got started, as the British Empire collapsed under its own weight and debt. The same thing would happen to the UK if it stayed in the EU. Just as with the recent Brexit vote, a large percentage of American colonists thought the perceived safety of govt was worth surrendering their freedoms. The same is true today, with the added fodder coming from the clueless class.

There will always be people that like being told what to do and enjoy being followers. Both political party’s rely on fear and greed to manipulate the sheeple to get them to fall in line. The ability to speak truth to power is increasingly coming under attack, and anyone that doesn’t know it, is simply not paying attention.

We’ve already seen the right to peacefully protest get destroyed, now that protestors can be arrested if they are within 50 feet of any govt official with a Secret Service detail. Last week we had a group of people violently attack another group for voicing their 1st Amendment rights, without any legal consequences. Now we have the Democratic Party Platform Calling For Prosecuting Climate Change Skeptics. You heard me right. If you dare question the propaganda of globull warming, you could be prosecuted. Who are they going to prosecute when the earth goes into a mini ice age in a decade – the sun, manufacturer’s of ice makers?

Everyone knows the attacks on the 2nd Amendment have reached an illogical fever pitch, while the majority don’t even understand why the founders said the right to bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Standing armies will always be employed.

The latest infringement bans FOR LIFE anyone convicted domestic violence. The issue that the SCOTUS ignores is not the barring of someone to bear arms while in the punishment phase. The abuse of the Constitution is preventing the right of anyone to protect themselves, beyond the punishment phase – for the rest of their life. No chance for abuse here.

The proposed destruction of due process being proposed so unelected bureaucrats can put whom ever they want on a no fly list, is another example of where we are headed, and how ignorant we have become of our history. Was the IRS targeting of conservatives, without any consequences, not evidence enough of govt’s ability to abuse power.

It should be telling that the MSM never reports on the lives saved by citizens with permits to carry, or how our govt has been responsible for providing weapons to terrorist – most recently in the Paris attack, where it was found that one of the guns used came from the Fast & Furious scam.

The imperative for replacing the establishment has been documented for years. Our election is the first chance for the west, and next year the French and German’s get their chance to throw out the establishment on their ears. The alternative is guaranteed civil and world wars. Now is our a chance to put our stamp on the Declaration of Independence.

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