Politicians Exploit Genuine Patriotic Emotions

After watching a great patriotic speech by Ronald Reagan, one cannot help but think of the hypocrisy of modern-day politicians. The sacrifices made by veterans during the great wars continue to be exploited to drum up support for illegitimate, undeclared wars.  Pretending to honor the sacrifices of those who served with honorable intentions, while being fully aware of the asset stripping tactics that “force” our military into action, is the only thing more deplorable than sacrificing the lives of veterans so VA administrators can get bonuses.

I apologize to the veterans and families of fallen hero’s who view these facts as disrespectful on Memorial Day. This is not only a day to honor those who have sacrificed for our freedoms, but to reflect on realities, like the govt crime syndicate that is destroying our freedoms in the name of patriotism … and Ron Paul seems to agree.

Future soldiers should be aware of who the real enemy is and have a grasp of the facts before deciding to lay down their lives. They could start by visiting a VA hospital or research the Benghazi and Navy Seal scandals, or the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11 disasters before enlisting to better understand what your govt thinks of you and the rest of the serfs. Ideally, all citizens would read and investigate how our captured politicians have used the CIA, NSA, and other govt employees to do the bidding of multinational corporations. If they read the first hand accounts from John Perkins, Greg Palast, Pepe Escobar, and others who have relentlessly documented the tactics of US paid Economic Hitmen, Jackals, DOD contractors, and military enforcers, then those that go to Arlington Cemetery would also camp on the National Lawn until the abuses of military families ended.

Military personnel solemnly swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The citizens of Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Chad, and the other countries that are inconveniently on the wrong side of the resource wars are not our enemy, nor are they a threat to the Constitution. The people most responsible for destroying the Constitution are also our biggest enemies, and they reside in Washington DC and the boardrooms of large multinationals that will place profits, power, and perks above all else.

Undoubtedly, politicians in need of a distraction will once again make the case for war as the economy turns down again in 2016. Will the voters demand honest answers and a formal declaration of war from Congress as demanded by the Constitution, or will they role over again and send our brave sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters into harms way solely at the whim of a president and his influential donors?

As we remember and honor the fallen, I hope we will also not forget the politicians that put them in harm’s way for false pretense’s. I also hope that those still serving, and veterans alike, will remember that defending the Constitution comes before any man, even the President. When the time comes in the not too distant future to choose between freedom or tyranny, I pray the military and law enforcement will side with the citizens and not govt.

Breaking News: The citizens of Britain have made their voices heard, and rejected the establishment for the first time in history. UKIP has beat Labour and Conservatives. Unfortunately, we don’t have a charismatic leader like Nigel Farage, but hope springs eternal. A third-party will gain significant strength by 2016. Let’s pray it can produce the same results as UKIP. Ejecting the establishment and implementing term limits is the ONLY way to start the process of real reform that’s required to get this country back on the right track.

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