Papa Bush to vote for Crooked Hillary

This Politico article, which documents Bush Sr.’s intent to vote for Hillary, is only news to the people that are clueless, and the remainder that want to believe that the democrat and republican establishments are different, when in fact their objectives are exactly the same – enhance their own jobs, perks, and power. Of course, the clueless propagandist will report the news like it’s a reason not to vote for Trump, when it’s one of the main reasons the silent majority are voting for Trump. They are totally fed up with the establishment. Didn’t they learn anything from the primaries?

The pathological desires of those in power are the same flaws that have brought down all great, and not so great societies throughout history, that can be appeased with bread and circus’s. The obvious problem is that bread is getting increasingly more difficult to put on the table in many parts of the world, because govt’s “need” more money to sustain their largess, which results in civil unrest, wars, and easier recruitment for terrorist organizations and gangs.

There are those that believed (but didn’t understand the Bush finance and oil dynasty) that papa Bush was a good guy, just like many believe bubba Clinton was a likeable guy (despite rescinding Glass-Steagal, unleashing unregulated derivatives, and a host of other destructive policies). Who thought the establishment would put forth unlikable candidates (until now)?

The Republican establishment relied on papa Bush’s crafted image to get Jr elected. Now, the establishment is so desperate to hang on to their lucrative rigged game that they are trying to ride Slick Willy’s coattails to pull Lyin’, Sleezy Hillary across the finish line, even though they know she has Parkinson’s.

How sick, lame, and desperate does the establishment have to be?  The answer – very sick, and getting increasingly desperate.

The Bush’s, Clinton’s, Neocons, 99% of Dem’s, Ryan, McCain, Graham, Kasich, and the others that leech off the establishment’s rigged gambit must be eliminated from political office. The solution, until we get short term-limits, is to simply vote out EVERY incumbent, EVERY election.

The only real question is, how ignorant is the average Democratic voter? A June poll said 71% of Democrats think Hillary should still run for president IF INDICTED. They probably wouldn’t care if she has Parkinson’s. What if an insider in Haiti said the Clinton’s ripped them off and didn’t allow aid to get to earthquake survivors? Would it make a difference to immoral, self-interested voters? Will it even be reported by the unethical, self-interested media?


Totally agree with your points. Great post.

What people like you and I don’t get is that “The Left” knows nothing, sees nothing, understands nothing. Logic and facts are nearly completely irrelevant. As I’m sure you know, you can’t argue with the Left. Even if you corner them with logic, then they’ll counter with an accusation that you’re a racist or something emotional like that.

Even if their world is crashing around them, Leftists will never see cause and effect. Blacks are suffering more than ever under Obama with higher poverty, collapsed families (a long term trend), huge youth unemployment but will never make the mental connection that who they voted for is responsible. These people are hopeless because, for 60 years, blacks in Detroit voted time after time for black Democrats—right off the cliff. No hope whatsoever.

Leftists are emotional, irrational and unfit to govern:

Take care! Keep up the good fight!

Thank you. Many thing in like are hard to understand, many because they are emotion-based, like why so many of my capitalistic Jewish friends vote for Democrats out of guilt.

I have tried to address the illogical thinking of those on the left (, but we have to accept this is what makes the world go round (cycles of the universe). It’s also what creates a market. There has to be a buyer for every seller.

The believers in govt are going to learn a very hard lesson in the coming years, whether they are buying govt bonds for safety, or relying on a govt pension or social security, or simply believing FDIC is going to protect their savings from bail-ins. The coming transition from public to private is going to once again turn the world upside-down for many.


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