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One of the obscene frauds that must be targeted is the misinformation, and intentional neglect by the mainstream media, which is why it’s the focus of one of the 5-Steps. If the public truly understood the depths of the various forms of propaganda that have been perpetrated against them, I would like to believe that outrage would shortly ensue. The problem is, most people are totally unaware of how they’ve been duped, a testament to the effectiveness of the managed deceit.

Most people don’t like being the brunt of a joke, although some of the people interviewed in the Jay Leno “Jay Walking” clips seem to wear their ignorance as a badge of honor in a society that achieves bliss through ignorance. However, the massive coordinated fraud between the media and the perpetrators in government and corporate America provides a legitimate excuse for people to be ill-informed. I hope the anger people feel once they realize they’ve been horrifically duped will be channeled at the perpetrators instead of being suppressed out of embarrassment.

There are many sources that have been documenting the propaganda, but two articles I read over the weekend will summarize some of the more egregious cases. The first comes from The American Conservative, and is titled, “Our American Pravda“. It documents the silence and misleading reporting around stories that should be on the front page, like the Bernie Madoff Ponzi, WMD’s, the Vioxx scandal, the Bernard Kerik nomination as Intelligence Czar, the anthrax mailing scare after 9/11, the Vietnam POW cover-up, and many more stories you may or may not remember. One of the more important stories and references was to Sibel Edmonds, the FBI whistle-blower who fought and won her case, and now writes the popular blog, Boiling Frogs. You can read her story and see interviews on her site that I promise will open your eyes to the world of deceit that has been constructed by the media, corporate boardrooms, and alimentary canals of government. All of the linked references in The American Conservative article are well worth your time.

The other story I wanted to highlight involves the manipulation of the silver market, which has been under investigation by the CFTC for almost five years, and even though they have been provided meticulous records of the fraud by experts and whistle-blowers, the CFTC has yet to publish a report. I have been following this case for over three years and the documentation collected by GATATed Butler, and many others is undeniable. This case is similar to the Bernie Madoff case were investigators and regulators ignored clear evidence for a decade. The implications of this case are much larger than the Bernie Madoff case, and I hope the GAO does conduct a thorough review and finally resolves this fraud before untold precious metals investors get wiped out by a market-induced resolution.

Many people already know the documented frauds by major corporations and governments, which have resulted in NO jail time, and cost-of-doing-business fines that amount to days and sometimes only hours worth of profits. Minimally publicized cases like the collusion on interest rates for municipal bond offerings, LIBOR-gate, credit ratings on subprime mortgage securities, money-laundering for drug cartels, and Monsanto-gate should be more than enough justification to know who should NOT receive the benefit of the doubt. While most of the major corporations in banking, healthcare, and food processing should all be trusted less than you can toss a boulder, the industry that is complicit in all the frauds is the mainstream media.

One of the Five-Steps to take back our country is to find an alternative online source and turn off the mainstream media to cut off their lifeblood of ratings that drive advertising revenue. These Steps don’t require taking off from work to participate in protest in DC or writing endless letters to CONgress that will be swept under the carpet. No amount of rhetoric will ever change the corrupt ways of sociopaths. The only way to get their attention is to hit them in the wallet and eliminate their source of power.


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