Open Letter to “Our Principles PAC”

RE: Why Anti-Trump Groups are Failing

Dear Ms. Packer;

You are failing for the simple reason that you represent the establishment (the system of career politicians that accumulates absolute power that is sold to the highest bidder). The anti-establishment trend that is  sweeping the globe from the US and Britain, to France, Germany, Spain, Austria, and beyond, are the result of career politicians supporting their self-interest (job, perks, and power) at the expense of our freedoms and rights, which are essential for a robust economy.  Govt only consumes. It pretends to care, but is dependent on the economy and debt, whose Ponzi scheme has come to an end.

Your belief that anyone is better than Trump, assumes the White Knight that would magically arise from a brokered (fraudulent) convention would not be an establishment pawn. If you put forth a real non-establishment candidate, then you might have a chance of defeating Trump. However, since your objective is to support an establishment system that is responsible for the destruction of our economy and society, such action would be antithetical to your goals and success. As a result, the voter is expected to choose between a “useful idiot“, like Sanders, and two establishment criminals and bankster pawns, like Clinton and Cruz, who must collude with Kasich to even have a wet dream.

The global anti-establishment movement is a cyclical trend that repeats just like everything else in the universe. History rhymes because the business cycle oscillates like all energy. Be it the way sound and light moves through space, a beating heart, or the pulsing energy of our sun that effects the cyclical nature of our climate; the pulse of the business cycle is rooted in human nature, that consists of man’s passions that have not changed since the dawn of man.

Some call this unseen force the invisible hand or the silent majority, which is nothing more than individuals pursuing their own self-interest. Since govt is also made up of individuals with self-interest, abuses have historically gotten out of control because, left unchecked, govt accumulates too much absolute power, and we know that absolute power corrupts, absolutely. Our Founding Fathers understood this issue, which included moving away from a citizenry govt, and warned us that we must be vigilant to hold on to our Republic.

The establishment that you represent has accumulated too much power, which is a valuable asset that can be sold to the highest bidder to protect the self-interest of bureaucrats, which includes perks and exceptions from laws that everyone else is forced to live by, like insider trading, cheap full-coverage health insurance, low-interest loans, tax-payer issued credit cards that are never scrutinized, etc., etc.

The people put up with this necessary evil as long as it doesn’t noticeably impact their wallet and liberties. Fortunately, fraud, abuse, and neglect, just like the exponential growth in govt spending on healthcare and defense, is unsustainble, and therefore has limits, which starts the trend in the opposite direction, repeating the cycle.

I don’t know if you simply skipped the 5th grade math class on exponents, or maybe it was the ethics class, but you should know that you are fighting the laws of nature and thermodynamics. You are also subjecting yourself, along with the hacks in the media that ride the establishment coattails, to another passion of man – the revenge of justice.

The world economy is stagnant and rolling over again, due to the weight of govt largess and unsustainable debt, that the GOP markets as a big concern, but never addresses. The bubble in govt, and the debt that finances it, is on the verge of popping, as witnessed by the fact that rates are near zero, and negative in Japan and Europe. Those that purchase bonds understand that the value of a bond moves in the opposite direction of interest rates. Interest rates have been trending down since the Volcker highs in June, 1981. This 35-year bubble in govt bonds has been blown by CONgress, made up of self-interested Democrats and Republicans, that continuously rolled the nation’s debt with even more debt, without increasing the interest expense – as long as rates trended downward. This irresponsible breach of trust that passes the buck to the next self-interested sucker is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme that comes to an end when rates stop declining.

Since 40% of our GDP from the early 80’s has been nothing more than debt, which pulls incomes and demand forward, the economy stagnates when debt stops growing. If rates are flat at the zero bound, then the debt can’t increase without increasing the interest expense, which will rise dramatically when rates rise. Even at the current manipulated low rates, accumulated interest is almost 50% of total debt.

I hope you are beginning to understand how afraid the Fed is to raise rates, and how mad the silent majority is about to become, especially when they realize the establishment is preparing to rob their retirement funds to save govt pensions – as if looting Social Security was not bad enough.

If you still don’t understand the fear and anger level, then you should talk to a manager of a pension or insurance fund that is going bankrupt due to ZIRP and NIRP. You could also have a conversation with the elderly, who can’t live on fixed income, and must take part-time jobs away from our youth, who are expected to pay the price for the establishment’s abuse, neglect, and mismanagement.

It is understandable that self-interested bureaucrats, full of hubris accumulated over decades of hiding behind the facade of theories based on zero practical experience, may be inclined to believe they can manipulate the business cycle, human nature, and mother nature. However, history has proven repeatedly that it is a devastating waste of time and money.  You ignore this reality for the same reason career politicians don’t look in the mirror and admit their mistakes so real reform can get started – it is directly opposite to your self-interest.

I am not a mindless Trump supporter, but a realist who has worked through and researched the fundamental reasons for the financial collapse of 2008 and the popping of the tech bubble in 2000, and discovered the main reason great societies have collapsed throughout history – debt. The foundation for the 2008 financial crisis goes back to the take-over of govt by Goldman Sachs in the late 90’s, which produced the Clinton-Reuben duo that eliminated Glass-Steagall and ushered in the era of “transactional banking”. Goldman and the other big banks, and corporations in the healthcare and defense industries continue to impose their will on all of the establishment candidates, including Bernie, who is a convenient “useful idiot” for the Fabian Socialist.

CONgress’s banksters, which have benefited from financing political promises and wars, and from the resulting explosion of debt, will also get to witness the establishment’s wrath as the economy deflates and sovereign nations default on their unsustainable debt. Trump supporters are growing for the simple reason we fear him less than the establishment, which will dig in their heels as their funding source declines when the economy is sucked into the black hole of govt largess. As fraudulent as the banks are, we would be in the dark ages without them, which is exactly where the establishment will take us if it believes it is necessary to save themselves.

We are mad as hell and refuse to take it anymore. Trump is certainly not our ideal candidate, but he is what you get when you refuse to address our issues, that first surfaced with the real TEA Party. If you and your band of sick brothers are as sick as I think you are, Trump better up is security detail.

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