Obama’s (Establishment’s) Soviet-style Propaganda

In this week’s edition of “Need to Know News“, Mr. Griffin discusses the propaganda surrounding the ALLEGED Russian hacking of the already corrupt DNC. He also reminds us of his interview with Soviet KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov, who knows first hand how the propaganda game is played. Bezmenov participated in the subversion techniques that the Collectivist Left continue to employ. (You don’t have to pay to see the interview, it is here, and I highly recommend it, as it will explain much of the upside down thinking and policies that our country is saddled with).

When I shared Mr. Griffin’s comments with my wife, she said, duh – everybody knows this is BS. To which I said, the mainstream media would not continue pushing the propaganda of DNC hacking by the Russians, if there were not plenty of “useful idiots”.

The false narrative by the establishment continued on the Sunday shows, as their talking points were Obama did not act sooner or tougher. Bypassing the fact that there is no evidence of Russian hacking and assuming the Russians did it, is right out of the propagandist handbook. They did it with WMD’s in Iraq. They did it in Ukraine with lies about a Russian invasion and the downing of a passenger plane. They did it in Syria with the lie that Assad used mustard gas on his own people, when it was really the “rebels” (ISIS), which the US is arming.


If you don’t yet know what our involvement in Ukraine and Syria is all about, it’s all about energy and expanding our military surrogate, NATO, so our energy interests can be protected or expanded. You can search this site to find the facts about Ukraine and Syria being gas pipeline hubs for Russian gas supplies to Europe, and the US support of Qatar and Saudi Arabia to replace those pipelines with their own gas pipelines.

Here is another good summary of these facts, which has destroyed lives and families in Ukraine and the Middle East, not to mention the sacrifices of our military families, and forced millions of refugees into Europe, which is collapsing the welfare states of Europe and giving ISIS easy entry and opportunity to commit terrorist acts. Sounds like the NSA and DOD need more money to fight (fund) those terrorist. FBI whistle-blower and purveyor of the Boiling Frogs Post has an excellent synopsis on the real story in Syria.

All of this carnage and destruction of innocent lives is so career politicians can secure political donations from big corporations that seek more business without having to compete. The same thing is happening in healthcare, which is a bigger problem because it is taking too much money directly out of consumers pockets.

To protect these sociopathic, self-interested acts, the govt and their presstitutes in the media cloak it all in a barrage of propaganda that a naïve public swallows hook, line and sinker. A critical first step to solving this money in politics problem is to eliminate the career politician by installing short term-limits. I hope Trump keeps this campaign promise front and center, but since it is highly unlikely career politicians will do what is best for the country, voters must install de facto term-limits by voting out EVERY incumbent, EVERY election.

What the Corporatist and naïve public do not appreciate is all of these fraudulent and repressive actions hurts the global economy, which ultimately ends up in civil unrest and politicians getting tossed out on their ears. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if bureaucrats would take proactive actions, instead of dragging society through another crisis?

Just as civil unrest in a shopping mall reduces economic activity, either by banning teenage consumers or keeping fearful consumers away, all activity that causes capital to hide and not flow freely, reduces economic activity and opportunity. This includes the NSA sucking up everyone’s personal data and hunting down every penny for a inefficient broke govt.

Some people do not understand these complex interactions, because it’s hard for humans to see how everything is connected. We like to think linearly – if this, than that. But the world is non-linear. Citizens also do not want to believe that their precious govt, on which they have become dependent, is capable of being so sinister. It’s like finding out a family member is a serial killer, which you would have seen if you were objective and didn’t have your head buried in denial.

The solution for understanding all of this can be found in history, which is why George Washington University just eliminated US History from their history degree program. If you can’t rewrite history, discourage people from reading it, which is making astute students less naïve, as they realize that the education industrial complex is ripping them off.

To understand why maximum liberty and freedom maximizes economic activity, simply study communist China or how the Stasi made the citizens of East Berlin paranoid to even talk to their neighbor, much less collaborate on a new business idea. The more sand the govt throws into an economic engine, the worse it performs. The sand can be excessive taxes and regulations, or oppressive govt paranoia for fear of losing perks and power.

The Snowden movie provides a good glimpse into the mindset of our Stasi-like govt. The only thing the movie didn’t do was address the consequences presented by Snowden’s girlfriend, who argued she didn’t have anything to hide so who cares if the govt was viewing her personal life through her laptop and smartphone. Forgetting the naiveté of this thought process for the moment, the additional benefit of Snowden’s selfless, patriotic whistle-blowing is it exposes the establishment that still condemns him, including spokes models like Kimberly Guilfoyle, who thinks he should be prosecuted for exposing the govt’s constitutional abuses. Before watching the Snowden movie, you may want to read through this background.

The NSA is tracking money for taxes, which is also the real reason for moving to electronic money. If their goal was thwarting terrorist, they could easily do it with the hundreds of millions being spent tracking everything. The reality, which was testified to under oath by General Alexander, is all the data gathering on the unsuspecting public has not stopped even one act of terrorism. Since the CIA is actually supporting terrorist, it would be a conflict of interest for them to kill whom they support. It would be like the Corporatist being in favor of term-limits after spending so much bribing politicians.

These freedom-killing actions are draining the oil from the economic engine, which can be verified by the fact that the velocity of money is back at 1970’s level. Instead of allowing money and ideas to flow freely, producing more entrepreneurs, jobs, economic prosperity, and a higher standard of living; govt largess has been keeping capital on the sidelines, because it is afraid of poking it’s head up, much less investing.

Ever since the over-reaction after the Great Depression, govt has been throwing increasing amounts of sand in the engine of prosperity, and unlike businesses that must reform or die, govt never admits its mistakes and just drags society down the black hole of largess. It’s time to put high octane fuel in the engine of entrepreneurs, which is the secret sauce of prosperity. This includes significantly reducing all taxes, equally enforcing the rule of law, enacting short term-limits, and restructuring govt debt, which can NEVER be paid off and only acts as a giant anchor on the economy for the benefit of banksters. Equally important, error on the side of more freedom, not less! Last, but certainly not least, stay on your toes. As a new USC study shows, the mind is easy to manipulate, and the Globalist are using Artificial Intelligence to control the public.


Our forecast on how to best navigate the markets during these unprecedented times will follow at the end of January. The longer-term outlook is global capital flows will accelerate into dollar-based assets, as defaults ripple across Europe (Italy or Greece should blow-up by April), and spread to Japan. The French and German elections this year will continue the anti-establishment movements started with Brexit and Trump’s election, which means the establishments will get increasingly desperate to hold on to their jobs, perks, and power.

I need to wait until the end of January to see if we have a two-year pull back, as occurred after Reagan’s election, before making new highs; or do stocks keep marching higher? If the DOW breaks through 23K, then it will be on its way over 40K. Remember, the move into stocks is the result of turmoil abroad, and the ultimate popping of the govt bond bubble due to a collapse in govt trust and confidence. There is no other market deep enough for global capital to park, and blue chip stocks are at least backed by real assets. Also remember, it will be the rising US dollar that forces the economic reset, as rising rates and a rising dollar will reek havoc on bloated balance sheets, stuffed with dollar-based debts, especially those in countries with a declining currency.

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