Obama to Make Refugee Crisis Worse

The Syrian refugee crisis, made worse by career politicians like Merkel, will never be solved by career politicians, no matter how much the citizens disagree with the bureaucrats. The problem will also not be solved in a non-violent way by pushing the European economy off the cliff, which is being done by the influx of refugees, economic immigrants, and radical Muslims that have an explicit Caliphate strategy of making Muslims a majority through all mean necessary, including rape.

Obama putting more boots on the ground in Syria to support his “no boots on the ground” promises is only going to make Europe’s refugee crisis worse, as well as ours. The irony, or should I say propaganda, is that the troops we are providing are going to help overthrow Assad, not fight ISIS, so Russian gas lines can be replaced with lines from our buddies and 9/11 co-conspirators, Saudi Arabia. I guess the previously abandoned project, which costs $500 million and netted only a handful of trained soldiers, was not a big enough boondoggle.

BTW, is anyone asking why the undisclosed 28-pages in the 9/11 report was being dangled over the Saudi’s heads a couple of weeks ago, even though Saudi involvement in 9/11 has been known from 9/11/01, when the only planes permitted in the air where those carrying Saudi’s back to Saudi Arabia? The threat of releasing the 28-pages couldn’t have anything to do with the major oil players meeting in Doha, Qatar back on April 17th, could it? A meeting that was supposed to be discussing freezing production levels to stop the decline in oil prices, which is killing the economies in big oil producing countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia, Canada, etc., not to mention the bankrupt fracking projects in the US.

You see, the US wants to tighten the economic noose around Russia (for antiquated cold war reasons) at the expense of the other big producers. While Saudi Arabia does have a little more leeway, they are still needing to borrow money for the first time in decades at these low oil prices to meet budget requirements that were locked in when oil was over $100 per barrel. Like China, the last thing oppressive Saudi rulers need is to make the natives restless by not keeping their bellies full. Since civil unrest in Saudi Arabia is a bubbling cauldron, don’t be surprised if the Royal family cranks up production and hides the proceeds in offshore bank accounts just in case things bubble over and they need to skip town.

The Saudi’s have already alienated Russia with their US-led assault on Assad to clear the way for replacing Russian gas supplies that run through Syria, with supplies from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. So, Saudi Arabia could care less about hurting Russia further, other than it might not like it if Russia diverts more of its energy supplies to Iran. The biggest reason Saudi Arabia wants to freeze, and possible cut production, is they are equally desperate to increase oil revenues, and they don’t like being used as a military pawn by the US – although they certainly don’t mind using the US as a pawn. The problem for all the big oil dependent economies is the world is in recession, and the developed world is bankrupt, which means western govt’s are going to dig in their heels (increase taxes, fees, civil asset forfeitures, etc.), which is going to decelerate the economy even faster, and thus the demand for oil.

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