Newsflash: The Media is Biased and Corrupt

One of the remaining honest journalist, Sharyl Attkinson, documents the obvious, with the meat provided by WikiLeaks, in her piece titled, “Newsgate 2016“.  Sharyl lists some of the emails released by WikiLeaks that shows the mainstream media’s (MSM) collusion in this election. There have been many more damning emails released, like the ILLEGAL actions by the FBI and State Dept regarding changing the classification of some of Hillary’s State Dept emails, but if you want to read an email string that tells you what Hillary is all about, the discussion by team Hillary over how they can take donations from “Foreign Registered Agents” without raising attention is classic, especially Hillary’s answer:

“Marc made a convincing case to me this am that these sorts of restrictions don’t really get you anything…that Obama actually got judged MORE harshly as a result. He convinced me. So…in a complete U-turn, I’m ok just taking the money and dealing with any attacks. Are you guys ok with that?”


The real newsflash should be, “The Sheeple Cling to their Beliefs and Biases – Ignore the Facts”. Independent thinkers have known for a long time that the presstitutes in the MSM have been captured by the establishment, and it’s a big reason why Trump has been so successful. The reason the media has been able to get away with their fraudulent antics for so long is they never had to go against someone outside the establishment in a Presidential election. They were able to railroad the previous anti-establishment candidates (Perot, Paul, Carson, and even Bernie) in the primaries. Now, with the real risk of their crony world being turned upside-down, their desperation is so off the charts they are willing to risk war with Russia.

I wonder if Chris Wallace will ask Hillary, WHY ARE WE EVEN IN SYRIA, AND WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT TO OVERTHROW ASSAD? WHERE IS THE PROOF OF RUSSIAN HACKING, AND IS THE LACK OF PROOF JUSTIFICATION FOR WAR? Only the infinite hubris of a career politician would try the same tactic after the WMD lie…but I digress.

As the former KGB agent and Soviet defector, Yuri Bezmenov, disclosed, successful subversion will result in people not accepting the truth even if you put it right in front of their face. I would say the govt’s subversion has been fairly successful, as many will deny the collusion between the MSM and the establishment (or blame it on Russia with no proof), even though it’s documented in their own words.

Since this is an obvious dirty election, there is no better person to comment on the problems with this election, than Dirty Jobs host, and general no-nonsense guy, Mike Rowe. Shortly after the last debate, a fan asked the following question of Mike, “…Can you please encourage your huge following to go out and vote this election?…”. Mike’s answer is certainly worth the read.

Trump’s response to the huge void left by an imploding, untrusted media, is also classic. Trump may get the last laugh after all.

Great post as usual. I wish Trump started his TV channel 6 months ago.

If Hillary wins, I’m seriously thinking of moving abroad on a retirement visa. She’s still leading in the (rigged?) polls. The power of the corrupt media is huge.

We’re living right now in a Coup d’etat in this country orchestrated by the horrible media, crony capitalists/cartels who benefit from remaining to corrupt politicians and lying scumbag Democrats. Where’s my pitchfork?

Totally agree. What are your top spots abroad?

Regardless of who wins, there’s going to be chaos, as pentioner’s will be going to war with those of us who pay for their unsustainable promises (lies).

I’m still holding out hope for the silent majority, although a Trump win will give the establishment an opportunity to pin the economic reset that’s coming on conservatives.

My biggest fear if Trump looks like he could win is the war card gets played, which is already being tee’d up –

I’ve lived on a retirement visa in Thailand several times for several years as recently as 2012. I’m sort of tired of Thailand however after 15 years of visiting there.

I was thinking about Mexico since their retirement visa is easy-peasy. But safety and quality of life is my concern there. My problem is that I would want to stay in Mexico City if I lived there since it’s such a great cultural spot and perfect climate. I don’t think they have good internet anywhere in Mexico however and I would be relying on a good connection for TV (SlingTV, Hulu, Netflix). Costa Rica might be OK, but I don’t like all the rules of their retirement visa.

So, I was thinking about spending next year traveling around the world again. I would buy a BUPA medical policy or similar or even traveler health insurance. Anyway, I can get 6 months tourist visa in the Philippines; visit there for 6 months and hang out in Palawan and enjoy life. Then 1 month in Thailand, 3 months in the EU (Greece?, Croatia?).

What do you think??

the Mossad could well be playing the Wikileaks game… after all elements of the USG are guilty of messing in the Israeli elections…
payback is a m0tha…

Russian strategic doctrine has long called for the use of nuclear weapons in a major conflict with the United States… the real question is how stupid are the decision makers in the U.S.? are they so ignorant that they would risk annihilation in order to enhance granny Clinton’s presidential campaign?

dam……………. I hope not…….


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