Media Perpetuates the Myth that Fed is Part of Govt

Open Letter to the Media:

In light of all the recent lies being told by government officials (i.e. Obamacare, Benghazi, NSA, manipulation of the unemployment rate prior to 2012 election, etc, etc, etc.); I thought it would be appropriate to ask the question about the biggest lie of all: Why do you perpetuate the fraud that the Fed is a part of the govt?

With the 100-year anniversary of the Federal Reserve fraud upon us, I thought I would pose this simple question to see if you are with us or against us. Don’t you think it would be worthwhile for the general public to know that the Federal Reserve, which so many seem to rely on for our economic salvation, is NOT part of government?  Do you think that if the general public knew that the Fed is nothing more than a banking cartel, it might explain the ineffectiveness of policies like QE?

I suppose since you never breathed a word about the NSA vacuuming up every bit of data on “free” people, even though you knew it was happening years before Snowden pulled back the curtain, I have little confidence in you even so much as parting your lips on this topic, except when you drop to your knees in front of your banker or boss.

You have not exposed this fraud at every opportunity. Therefore, one can only assume you’re against us. I hope you will prove me wrong, because without a free press, the needed reforms will only come after we crash and burn. Even if your only benefit from remaining mum is keeping your job, this proves your ethics are no better than the banksters that sold the dog sh*t that credit rating agencies knew was not AAA (yea, that would be the fraud that just caused JPM to get hit with the largest fine ever – $13 billion, but once again resulted in NO jail time and NO claw-back of bonuses).

Paying the govt back with govt printed money that’s been handed over to JPM, is the same MO as the much hyped payback of govt bailout funds to GM that were paid back with additional “loans” from the govt. $4 billion of the $13 billion fine against JPM was alloted for injured homeowners, and is to be paid in “communittee service like” credits. I would love to see the list of tasks that qualify as credits. I can see it now, a $100,000 credit for returning the phone call of a homeowner seeking a mortgage modification…but I digress.

The banking cartel, known as the Federal Reserve, finances the health care cartel, the defense industry cartel, drug cartels, derivative cartels, and anything else they can make a buck off of, while Congress promises it will continue, and you in the media fan the flames of an economic wildfire that will consume everything, including you.

If you think that capital around the globe does not monitor all of this fraud, then you either don’t know your history, the drivers behind capital flows, or both. Worldwide capital is already finding safer jurisdictions in places like Singapore. As this trend ramps over the next decade, our govt, along with those in Europe and Japan, will become ever more desperate for money, resulting in the confiscation of pensions, IRA’s, 401K’s, safety deposit boxes, and demand deposits. Do you think you will escape govt’s hunt for cash to keep their jobs, perks, and power? Do you not understand that this hunt for cash will create a deflationary death spiral? Did you not read the outcome from the G20 meeting in Russia?

It was quite interesting that on Monday, US legislators held their first-ever congressional hearing on virtual currencies, in particular bitcoin – the controversial crypto-currency. The vast majority of people have never heard of Bitcoin, just like they never knew the Fed was private. However, don’t you think your listeners would find it odd that the Fed is holding hearings on this subject?

All of the excerpts in the above link are informative, but I found the following statement from Bernanke quite revealing.

In general, the Federal Reserve would only have authority to regulate a virtual currency product if it is issued by, or cleared or settled through, a banking organization that we supervise.”

A naive public that doesn’t know the real motivations behind the Fed (or NSA) might not find anything wrong with moving to a TOTAL electronic currency. After all, we’ve already reduced our largest bill to $100 and increased the percentage of debit card transactions significantly. Why not just make the leap to only electronic transactions? Just think, no one would be able to hide any of their money, and just think how easy it would be to collect taxes?! Unfortunately, I’m confident you in the mainstream media will not educate the masses on this subject…just as you promote the lie that the NSA is all about stopping terrorism, instead of it true charter – tracking and confiscating money for the govt.

Since govt will never allow Bitcoin to exist outside the banking cartel’s control, the only reason to have a hearing on the subject is to pave the way for govt to implement its own all electronic system – run by its partner in crime, the Fed. Hopefully, sooner rather than later you will realize that Govt will get their money, or destroy everything trying. It always does! Just as Cloward and Piven theorized, govt will collapse under its own weight. This is what the coming sovereign debt crisis is all about. The pivotal question is, what do you want in its place?

Free-market capitalism is dependent on trust, confidence, and the rule of law being equally applied. We no longer have any of these, and we are accelerating in the wrong direction. As capital flees our fraudulent system, interest rates will have to rise in an attempt to keep and attract capital. The rise in rates, that the Fed is desperately trying to prevent, will blow up the Fed’s balance sheet and the bond market, which is the largest market on the planet. All of those leveraged derivative bets (i.e. Credit Default Swaps) will blow sky-high, as counter-parties will never be able to fulfill their obligations – just like with AIG and Lehman.

When the overnight lending market, that our leveraged system is so dependent, goes bone dry again, like in 2008, where is the money going to come from to keep the insolvency of the banks hidden from view? This is where the largest remaining cash hoards parked in retirement accounts comes into play (around $17 trillion), along with cash deposits (as Cyprus displayed for the world to see). Do bail-ins become much easier in an all electronic system? I suppose you want the public to believe this will not happen in the US, because the Fed has our back, right? Or, do you prefer to promote the even more fraudulent notion that govt will be there to help!?!

As Rick Santelli said today“media, you can do better”.

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