Government Self-Interest is Destroying the World

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” –Albert Einstein

Peggy Noonan made some very good points in yesterday’s WSJ article, but I think she intentionally ignores the most important points. It’s not only Americans saying no on Syria. It’s the world saying no to government self-interest. Allow me to explain.  First, she ignores the same thing the others have conveniently ignored, even those opposed to military intervention in Syria – where is the proof that Assad used the chemical weapons? More graphic pictures only prove that chemical weapons were used, not who used them. Even the President’s Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough, who was making sales calls on all the Sunday shows, could not directly answer the question of how he knows that Assad is responsible. All he could say is that he is convinced in “his mind”. This response does demonstrate why there is a disconnect between Washington and American citizens. We don’t trust what’s in the mind of sociopaths, whether they are in the Middle East, mainstream media, or DC.

devil we know


If it is clear that Assad used the weapons, then why can’t the evidence be presented to Congress and the UN that proves it? So far, world leaders have not seen convincing evidence, and the only country that was on our side (Socialist France) has now said they want to wait on the UN report. Our Representatives that received the confidential briefing said they didn’t see evidence that Assad did it. The only people who say the evidence is “clear” are the war mongers and Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the two countries that are aiding the rebels due to their gas pipeline interest in Syria. BTW, isn’t it odd or coincidental that NO ONE in Congress or the mainstream media is even discussing the biggest factor driving the “civil war” and our potential involvement – energy?  The energy angle was never discussed prior to invading Iraq either, and now Russia and China are benefiting the most from Iraqi energy.


If the sh*t does hit the fan in Syria, energy prices would shoot up, and who benefits? Russia being a net exporter of oil would enjoy a windfall and the US would see its economy back at the bottom of the toilet. Russia wins either way, so once again, what are we doing? We are playing tiddlywinks and the Russians are kicking our ass in checkers and chess. At least we excel at lobbying, as the military industrial complex and the banksters who make reconstruction loans will profit.

Of course Russia is allied with Syria. Syria is a strategic partner for Russia being able to sell energy to Europe. It’s the same as the USA being allied with Saudi Arabia. Both Saudi Arabia and Qatar have their own pipeline interest for selling natural gas to Europe, which is dependent on going through Syria. Naturally, Russia likes its monopoly position, the same way our healthcare companies lobby Congress to maintain their monopolies that keep healthcare cost increasing. The US also wants to be able to sell its excess Nat Gas to Europe, and this is why we don’t want Russia controlling Syria. What should be discussed is why do we have excess gas to export? If we weren’t importing so much energy from places like Saudi Arabia, would we still have excess natural gas? If our insane monetary and fiscal policy did not drive manufacturing offshore and hollow out our economy, then maybe we would need the “excess” energy at home. Could it be that the reason we purchase Saudi oil is because we need OPEC to continue buying our debt and dollars?

September 7, 2013

Speaking of countries that buy our debt – China and Russia purchase 25% of our debt. China has come down on the side of Russia regarding Syria (also due to their own energy interest). How much sense does it make for us to go to war with our bankers? What the people of the US and the rest of the world are tired of is the govt using its military hammer in this inept game of wackamole, which is the result of one failed policy after another – starting with Kissinger’s deal with the devil (House of Saud) to buy our debt if we buy Saudi oil. We have huge economic and trust issues at home, and the military is also tired of being cannon fodder for the mistakes of politicians.

During the Senate hearing this past week, when Secretary Kerry was finished with his long-winded case for bombing Syria he turned to General Dempsey and asked if he had anything to add. Dempsey said “No, not really Secretary, thank you for offering.” Dempsey’s response comes at the end of this video, which you can also hear Kerry say under his breath, “thanks for pulling the rug out from under me”.

The American people must exercise their voice and pull the rug out from under the political class, which acts in their own self-interest (like any other entity). The difference between government and the general public is government thinks it can enforce their self-interest, whereas Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” (the market) determines the outcome of the public’s self-interest.   I like the idea of another blogger – send our President, his Cabinet, and Congress to Syria (you could also include the Banksters).


The other point Ms. Noonan deliberately misses is people all over the world are fighting against government’s that are trying to pursue their “self-interest”, which necessarily results in the suppression of citizens to confiscate more and more money in order for government to fulfill their selfish goals. You can be certain that governments around the world agree on one thing – the maintenance of jobs, perks and power of those in government…and they will do whatever is necessary to achieve their goal, including, but not limited to: confiscating pensions (outright and through municipal bankruptcy), turning your personal IRA and 401K into a government-administered fund that they can raid like Social Security, bailing-in your bank deposits, confiscating your safe deposit box, and using all surveillance technology available to find and extract money from the private sector.

The G20 may not have reached a consensus on Syria, but they did agree they will crack down on anyone not paying what they think is their fair share to government. No doubt that all the G20 countries will exploit class envy to target the “wealthy”, instead of simply enforcing the rule of law, which would reign in the banksters and themselves. Since most in the political class have never so much as managed a lemonade stand, they will also ignore the destruction of capital and deflation that their self-serving actions will cause. If people have less money in their pockets to spend and tax receipt’s decline, what do yo think government will do? The same thing they’ve done in the past – take more out of your pocket in taxes and print money (which devalues the money left in your pocket).

If you’re dependent on the government now and you don’t think it can get much worse, I’ve got news for you. There are different levels of broke, and if we don’t get our head out of our collective asses, over the next ten years we are going to discover levels not seen since before the Great Depression.

If you want to send a message to Congress, then follow Denninger’s advise and cancel all planned purchases next week around 9/11, and make sure your representatives know (as this guy did to McCain) that military action in Syria, which will aid a sworn enemy of the US, is treasonous. You can also let them know that STEP-1 will commence next year when de facto term-limits are initiated.

Syria 2

If Obama gives Congress election cover, by allowing them to vote against military action, and then bombs Syria anyway because he doesn’t need to worry about re-election; the American people should be in the streets demanding his impeachment and prosecution for treason and war crimes. If nothing happens to Obama, then we deserve what we get (which will include the acceleration of economic decline, because after all, who wants to buy the bonds of an irrational, rogue country).

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